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  1. Gave cukumber a wash and hoover the other day and getting an early MOT done next week, sadly she may be for sale soon as I'm just not using her anymore.
  2. It is just a screw on and off. I have a wooden gear knob that a club member kindly gave me a while back. I do like the idea of the matching steering wheel to complete the look.
  3. If you do FB, Paul is admin on the Lexus owners club uk, you could send him a message. I found Paul very friendly and easy to deal with when he got my centre armrest refurbed recently.
  4. I hope you had a chance for a pint at the Stein Inn and ate at the fish restaurant.
  5. Mines temperamental and has a mind of its own, sometimes it dips when in reverse, sometimes it doesn't, so I adjust it if I need to.
  6. I've tried the cigarette lighter and that needs the ignition on, i was hoping to use that!
  7. I'm not using the LS as much as I should and sovwould like to get a reliable solar trickle charger to keep the battery topped up. I looked at one the AA do but as I believe the MK4 isn't OBDII compliant it won't work. Any recommendations please? Many thanks, Mike
  8. You could try Pipe Dynamics in Leven which may not be too far from you? They repaired the y section on my 400 earlier this year and did a great job.
  9. Have you asked on the HPOC hilux forum? One of those guys will be able to help you if this forum can't. My other vehicle is also a Hilux
  10. That's where mine came from, its a 5 minute job to replace but must admit to not using any glue for the ends as they seem fine. I also bought some of the silica beads which helped dry out the moisture.
  11. I had something similar and it was one of the sensors that needed replacing.
  12. Thanks I'll have a look, it would be good to get it out to dry properly
  13. I'm driving without a spare until it dries out and it did cross my mind the other day what I'd do if I couldn't miss one of our many potholes and got a puncture. 😀
  14. I can't see where it's attached to take it out to let it dry, I've lifted it up from the metal base with a piece of wood to help air circulate and will leave the boot lid open if ever the sun comes out again
  15. I recently replaced the boot seal but now need to get the spare wheel well dry, does anyone know if the carpet in the well comes out or do I need to get a hair dryer to it? I have also noticed that when I open the boot when its wet that a couple of drips run into the boot off the hinges, is that normal?