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  1. Have sourced a Ls400 manual, so just seeking a Ls430 now.
  2. Thanks indeed. Had car almost 12 months and just found it. It does indeed click, so i will give it a try tomorrow, it was 'switched' off so i never heard anything. Amazing what Lexus has fitted?
  3. I have 'found' a rotary switch, ( very similar to a on/off volume switch for a radio ) under the drivers favia; roughly above where my right knee is when driving. No idea what it does so advice please. Also anyone got a instruction manual for a Ls400 and/or Ls430 please, willing to pay reasonable amount. NOT repair manual and not SatNav manual, but vehicle manual.
  4. Received this from USA, however some good low price parts on offer. Worth a look a recon.
  5. No its neither, was bought by a company boss, ( as his retirement present to himself ) new in the U.K. who had it for nearly 18 years; then lost hos ability to drive properly. Scraped 3 corners and i 'found' it with the boot full of water, the car full of rubbish and a flat battery. Got it started an all seemed to work ok, so had scrapes fixed and now spent two years doing it up, imported chrome grill from USA and wheel arches from China, the bonnet emblem is genuine Toyota and for a 4x4 i believe but as it fold down on impact is perfectly legal. Bst but us imported wood kit for facia and trim from Bulgaria, Been a long and somewhat difficult search but well worth it as i love i t to bits now.
  6. Hi, hope you are as fortunate as i was, a neglected one owner Ls400, boor full of water, car full of rubbish; but got it started and everythingi checked worked. So bought it and two years later, it's a dream. See pics.
  7. Hi, hope you are as fortunate as i was, a neglected one owner Ls400, boor full of water, car full of rubbish; but got it started and everythingi checked worked. So bought it and two years later, it's a dream. See pics.
  8. Hurrah Sunshine, getting ready for outing   Recon must be one of the the best 20 yr old Ls400 in the midlands?  Please send pics of your to compare. Fitted with wood facia etc, Bonnet Emblem, chrome grill and detailed wheel centres, chrome wheel arch trims, drives great no known problems.









  9. Had the same problem, but good advice from this forum solved it, Removed seal. cleaned it thoroughly and refitted with silicon seal, let it dry two days then smeared silicon grease along all parts of seal and boot lip. Did it for me. Hope you get sorted, lovely cars.
  10. Well, it passed.  But with observations.  One tyre near limit ( no prob)  but also some wear on steering column upper bush!!!  not sure what that involves in work and cost for aLs400 1997 model, anyone any idea please.

    Thanks all those who gave tips and support.


  11. MOT tomorrow, Monday 7 Nov. (Ls400) Car polished and cleaned, check over produced no visible faults at all so expecting a total pass, to to be sure put a bottle of Valve and Exhaust cleaner in tank and been for a couple of good runs.
  12. I have two Lexus, a Ls400 (19970 and a Ls430 (2000) both in really nice condition, finding it hard to decide which to store and which to keep in use. Cannot afford to run both, prob store the Ls400 as it will be a classic earlier. I already have beard and pension book so its just a waiting game now.
  13. Which fuel?

    Thanks Chaps for so many active and helpful replies, I have now used a strong dose of Valve/injector Cleaner which helped and then took advice and changed to top quality petrol. Previously i used Super Market petrol but since changing to Super Plus at a Shell/Esso station th pinking is all but gone. I really do treasure my old 1997 Lexus Ls400, having personalised it with Chrome Grill and Wheel Arches and now fitted a Dash Wood Kit, my last effort is to have the wheel centres sprayed to match the lower 'Grey' colour of the car body. Not seen it yet as i am in Germany with the Ls430 which drives like a dream. Lucky old me? Never in my life would i have believed i would own two such wonderful cars, having been a grease monkey in the Army.
  14. See pics of the fitted wood kit.. 1st photo all fitted, 2nd photo no air vent kit, 3rd photo no air vent or air conditioner kit, 4th photo side air vent no kit and 5th photo same vent with kit.  The kit is superb and fits with precision, must be best on market.  Took a long while to find this guy, but well worth the search.  Anyone looking for wood kits, i suggest Simon  via