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  1. It seems kind of a matte finish so I didnt think it had anything on it other than something that gives it a sheen look, its definitely not shiny
  2. Yeah, have thought of that but the actual scratch isnt that deep so I dont think it requires filling, thought of sanding it but then not sure how I would seal it again after..
  3. Hi All, Had my new GS Mk 4 for about a week and loving it. Just have a few issues to try and sort out and I was looking for some advice/help/pointers please Have discovered a scratch in the NSR passenger door on the bamboo wood insert nothing too deep but unsightly to me and I want it gone. I've foolishly enquired at Lexus regarding the cost and its £280 as it has to come all the way from Japan. Have also enquired at furniture restorers with no joy and am currently trying flooring repair people. Has anyone out there done anything like this before on their interior wood? Mine is Bamboo which makes it slightly different maybe but not sure if I should go to a car place? floor place? or some other type of place, would appreciate anyone's inputs. Also the leather is a little grubby and needs a good clean, has anyone else had their leather done? cleaned and repaired.. I live in Norwich in Norfolk so interested if anyone had had any experience and how it went. I've read that the LExus has Aniline leather which makes it a little more difficult to deal with but not sure if that is true or not. There arent any rips in it but theres a scratch I want to get rid off and just a cleant to get rid of what looks to be jean staining. Thanks for your help as always. Wayne
  4. Hi All, As the title suggests, have a few on my new purchase, nothing to bad its just a little rough and not the standard I want it to be. Where I live in Norwich, Norfolk it seems to be a bit of a dead spot for all things car including these types of services. Does anyone have any experience of interior/exterior detailers or paint chips/scuff services in this area I've never had to use any before and like all things recommendation are always better. Want to get the leather cleaned too but nit sure if that's part of an interior detail or not. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Can you please tell me where the setting is? Or do i have to read the book? 😊
  6. Called today about the badge Emblem £167.81 inc vat!! thats without my members discount but still a bit of a shock.. This one looks a better deal although used but need to make sure its the correct one.
  7. Oh, And I forgot to mention the front GRille Lexus Blue outlined badge has been smashed by a stone. I'm hoping that it can be replaced on its own. Can anyone confirm and how much they might be before I call on Monday?
  8. Hi everyone, Finally have chopped in my 2008 450h today for a 2012 450h, it was a 500 mile round trip for a cheaper car that I knew needed some work but is mechanically sound, a little cosmetic work needed though which I'm happy to do for the price I paid. Hopefully nothing more than some chips, an interior detail, some tyres and a Lexus badge (Yes you read that right) On the 250 mile round trip home a couple of questions have sprung up which perhaps someone can help with? 1) Mark Levinson audio sounds good but on DAB radio I can get it all the way up to max, dont get me wrong its loud but my old GS was that loud at about 40 or 45 , just wondered if thats the way it is. 2) Auto high beams.. how does that work? got it engaged but it never activated all the way back. (Realise I may have to read the manual) 3) Hold button to the left of the steering wheel? (Realise I may have to read the manual) 4) It has blind spot monitoring that seems really bright at night. Any way to turn the brightness down? 5) When I turn it off it seems to make the drivers seat go back a really long way, i'm only short so was wondering if that's adjustable? 6) Is the only cigarette power socket int he arm rest as that's a pain if you want to charge your phone to the right of the windscreen!? 7) How do you get Google Navigation to come through the car speakers on an Android phone? Please bear with me, there may be more over the coming days but overall really love it and in the 250 miles on the way back I got 44 to the gallon which I am really happy with. Will put up some pics when the bits are done and shes looking nice. Any help greatly appreciated as always, Thanks guys.
  9. Have looked there already but the 300h states 2014 onwards and the gs300 all models has the old style gs as a picture which is really confusing.
  10. Hi All, Hopefully getting a 62 Plate GS450 h and want to look at aftermarket mats especially for WInter. All the normal sites have the 2006-2012 model mats but dont seem to have the others. Thought the GS300 would be the same but most places say that it finishes at 2011 so am unsure of what to look for next. Can any of you guys help please? Thanks
  11. Thanks Colin for the information, it seems then that I am correct in thinking Mark Levinson will always carry the logo above the hazard switch. I appreciate the clarification.
  12. Sorry to resurrect this question but I've just seen a couple of 2014 F sports with large screens without the Mark Levinson logo above the hazard warning switch, So by the Reckoning of this post and it's answers it doesn't have Mark Levinson? if it had Mark Levinson it will always say above the hazard warning switch? Sometimes it hard on Autotrader as the vehicle description doesn't state it either. Cheers.
  13. Hi Ian, Was going to go trade in, it was a little tongue in cheek However its a 2008, Blue with beige interior around 51,500 miles, very reasonable for the year not 100% history but only a small bit missing, been serviced and looked after By Lexus ever since I've had it and not put a foot wrong really. 2Keys all receipts. To be fair theres nothing wrong with it, i'm selling as I came into a bit of money and have always wanted the newer one. Drop me a message if you're serious. Wayne. Steve, I have no issue travelling, the furthest I've seen is Edinburgh in comparative distance ot me, but I need to find the right car first, all of the ones I have seen arent quite what I'm looking for.
  14. Hi All, I've got a 2008 GS450h (for sale if anyone's interested) :) and as I like the car so much all I wanted to get was the newer version 2012 onwards.. Is it me or are they just a rare car? have been looking since the beginning of Jan and can't find one 'that suits my specs and trim and not travelling the whole country to see. My mind has been wandering and have been looking at the Mercedes C350 e but cant decide whether to wait out the Lexus or to start looking at other things. Would appreciate anyone's opinions either if the 350e is even a comparable car (I know its plug in hybrid) but had my heart set on another Lexus. Is there anything else other than potentially the Infiniti that can come close? Thanks Wayne
  15. Brilliant, Thanks guys, always helpful and exactly what I needed.