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  1. Hi guys, Came across something today that I couldn't find a solution for so I thought I'd ask the experts. I get that when you are in Drive and you shift over to S on the gearbox you can use the sequential gear shift or the paddles and then when finished move the gearstick back over to drive and carry on. But when you are in drive and you use the paddles it goes into M mode (assume Manual) and you can use the paddles in that way. When you are finished though how do you go back to Drive? do you have to move the gear shifter over to S and back again? That's the only way I can seem to get it to work? did try both paddles at once in case that worked but it didnt. I know its not really a biggie but it seems a little of an oversight if that's the case. Looked in the manual but couldn't find the answer anywhere. Thanks
  2. My Bad, for some reason didnt register that there is 2 positions up, I only thought there was one. Actually ended up finding this video on the Tubes And it was much simpler to achieve, 5 blinks first time. Thanks all
  3. Ok I tried this but I am confused here and wondered if someone could clarify. You have to do all this with the WIPER lever to do the INDICATORS? If so, All the way up on the wiper lever is the 'as needed wipe' thats fine but then down one position is the off or Auto position. Should Auto be disabled to do this? You still have to go through the off position to go down one so when you say down one is that into the off position? or the first continuous wipe speed position? I've tried a number of times with no success at all. Any help appreciated, thanks
  4. Thanks guys, The CD mounts of today dont go all the way in and I have removed all CD's just in case of accident.. I'll post a pic of mine too, just so you can all see what I mean later when I'm home. As is the way you have to post when you think of these things... or you forget :) As for your suggestions sorcerer - This is for single disc CD slots as do most of them seem to be, the bigger opening multi ones seem to not really be catered for. Rich 1068 - Thanks for the link, hadnt thought of that but I have an S9 plus and many people have complained that the magnets are not strong enough for larger phones.
  5. Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I've got fed up with mounting my phone on the windscreen and the vents on my new Mk 4 GS 450h (62 plate) seem too floppy to be able to mount a vent holder as the phone just drags the vents down and I don like that. Decided to go for a CD slot mount one as the GS lends itself very well to that as nothing is in the way, you can see things reasonably well still and get to the buttons.. It also means the cable I need for charging is much shorter as it comes from the center armrest. However.. The shape of the CD slot makes it almost impossible to get a normal CD mount phone holder and use it, as there is kind of a finger cut out in the middle and that's where the lifter goes on all these mounts which don't work as they are basically pushing up into a gap. Most annoying. I've managed to get half a solution with the following mount®-Magnetic-Universal-Samsung/dp/B0177KHDA0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1527672462&sr=8-4&keywords=infernal+innovations+magnetic+phone+mount By turning it upside down and the two bottom arms go either side of the finger hole and as that insn't in the bottom the bottom is help by what was the top arm (hope that makes sense) That leads to the issue of the magnetic head being upside down and so you cant angle the head up enough to point directly at you as it technically down. It holds reasonably well with my S9 plus attached but is a little wobbly and doesn't really look aesthetically pleasing with the bottom on the top. What I want to know is if anyone has successfully done this? and what mount did you use? or how did you alter one to work, I've been looking at ways to span the hole with an extended top bracket arm without success so far. Would be interested to know peoples thoughts or experiences. Thanks.
  6. Lol, Seriously that sounds like a joke.. I may try it but I'm not sure i'll get it right first time. In an update, Car went into Lexus today for a climate re-gas and I asked them to look at it, they said they 'adjusted it' and so far it seems better. Not sure what was adjusted buth ere's hoping its a fix rather than me just thinking it is. Thanks for your inputs
  7. Hi guys, Where can this setting be changed? I havent seen it anywhere I dont think and I've been through the manual..
  8. Hi guys, Weird question maybe, I've just gone from my Mk3 450h to the Mk4 and where I had a charge port int he dash on the old one no problem in the new one there seems to be only a port in the arm rest and in the rear. Can I ask how people use that to charge phones? do you run permanent cables somewhere and leave them plugged in all the time? or get them out as you need? I have a phone which takes Quick charge 3.0 and the chargers are relatively large compared to some of the smaller flush mount ones, I find that if its plugged in it intrudes into the arm rest space with all the stuff I have in there. I realise I could put less in there but was just wondering if anyone had come up with anything ingenious? Thanks
  9. Thanks guys, Its going into Lexus on Thursday so I may ask them to check it and give an opinion.
  10. Hi all, I've recently sold my 2008 GS450h and bought a newer 2012 450h as I love the car so much and so far I have not been disappointed. Love it even more than the old one but although its still the same model there have been new things for me to get to grips with. It's a little rough around the edges but I'm hoping to sort out the things to make it as perfect as I can. My question is simple. When the indicators are on it seems that 50% of the time they dont cancel themselves, it seems that it has to be a fairly severe corner for the indicator to cancel itself otherwise you have to push the indicator stalk the other way to cancel it. Can anyone just confirm if this is normal? or may there be an issue I need to look into? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. It seems kind of a matte finish so I didnt think it had anything on it other than something that gives it a sheen look, its definitely not shiny
  12. Yeah, have thought of that but the actual scratch isnt that deep so I dont think it requires filling, thought of sanding it but then not sure how I would seal it again after..
  13. Hi All, Had my new GS Mk 4 for about a week and loving it. Just have a few issues to try and sort out and I was looking for some advice/help/pointers please Have discovered a scratch in the NSR passenger door on the bamboo wood insert nothing too deep but unsightly to me and I want it gone. I've foolishly enquired at Lexus regarding the cost and its £280 as it has to come all the way from Japan. Have also enquired at furniture restorers with no joy and am currently trying flooring repair people. Has anyone out there done anything like this before on their interior wood? Mine is Bamboo which makes it slightly different maybe but not sure if I should go to a car place? floor place? or some other type of place, would appreciate anyone's inputs. Also the leather is a little grubby and needs a good clean, has anyone else had their leather done? cleaned and repaired.. I live in Norwich in Norfolk so interested if anyone had had any experience and how it went. I've read that the LExus has Aniline leather which makes it a little more difficult to deal with but not sure if that is true or not. There arent any rips in it but theres a scratch I want to get rid off and just a cleant to get rid of what looks to be jean staining. Thanks for your help as always. Wayne
  14. Hi All, As the title suggests, have a few on my new purchase, nothing to bad its just a little rough and not the standard I want it to be. Where I live in Norwich, Norfolk it seems to be a bit of a dead spot for all things car including these types of services. Does anyone have any experience of interior/exterior detailers or paint chips/scuff services in this area I've never had to use any before and like all things recommendation are always better. Want to get the leather cleaned too but nit sure if that's part of an interior detail or not. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  15. Can you please tell me where the setting is? Or do i have to read the book? 😊