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  1. In that case I should be fine since I won't be taking the bikes far and since the days are getting longer now it's unlikely I'd end up in the dark with them. Have already thought about a strap to secure the wheel. Thanks for all the help Pete.
  2. I have a 2010 A class Pete and tbh I haven’t considered the fact that it might obscure the rear lights? Am guessing that a tail light plate is another set of tail lights on the front of the bike rack? Maybe the one I got is different to yours?
  3. completely forgot to say goodbye and good luck Nick! (How rude of me lol) Thanks for all the information about the Bones and for warning about the marks. Unfortunately we are going in my car not the Lexus ☹️ so length isn't a worry.
  4. Hi Pete, what is the Saris Bones like? Have recently received mine for Italy road trip next month. Haven't unboxed it yet and am bit nervous it will be difficult to use and assemble (won't assemble it until I get to Italy since it stops you being able to use the boot) It's not going on the Lexus unfortunately. Hopefully the Youtube video they have will explain enough? Thanks Alex
  5. That makes me wonder about our LS, I put loads of effort into waxing and polishing the outside where everyone sees but as for the underneath goes I presume is taking the strain all these years later😟
  6. Funnily enough picked up a brand new Top Gear dvd last weekend in a charity shop for £2, claims it is the complete Top Gear (on 1 disc??!!) so perhaps it's on there somewhere, haven't had time to watch it yet.
  7. Shame about the Achilles heel. Would be great if someone managed to guard against the rust in advance or something and still had a pristine one today. Congratulations on your impressive ownership! The collectible factor would be a factor for me too but if there are so few already then in about 6 years or more i might well be out of luck ☹️ Just remembered that some years ago in a village near where I live was walking along and someone's garage was open on this nice little street and inside was a stunning Bordeaux ls400 non facelift, polished and everything by the look of it (it was just peeping out). Perhaps it was an 89' model. One day I should go and ask.
  8. Great car and nice condition. Are the pillars really that thin? I wouldn't have thought that one would feel "exposed" in any way. At least not in the 430 but then I suppose that this is 13 years even older so perhaps by comparison? Alex
  9. Hi all, was just curious if anyone has a first ever made 1989 LS. This must be incredibly rare now right? If so how is it holding up? Was wondering since have recently started a small infatuation with 400s. Another car I can't afford or get insurance on yet of course😂 I was thinking that it would be quite fun to have a 90s classic car from the 80s! Am I correct to say that these would be on a 'G' reg? Alex
  10. Yeah it was temping some years ago but now the car is only driven very rarely so paying for the conversion would probably just cost more than it pays off. Alex