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  1. Would be interested in the rear centre armrest if the interior is black. Interior is tan and exterior is gold. Far too many good partsleft on the car before it gets crushed :-(
  2. Mike , I am in Fleet and breaking a mark 3 car if you need any parts. All cheap, especially if you remove them yourself as it is goingbtoscrap dealer soon.
  3. I used to think this of my LS400. I considered it to be the crank gently splashing on the oil in the sump........ But whe the revs rise the thumping splash disappears.
  4. Is there any one with a Mark 3 that I could plug my aerial into your cars loom and just see if it works? I live in Fleet, M3 J4a and commute to Hemel Mepstead on M25 to M1 J8, so anywhere local or in between? Many thanks in advance.
  5. There is lots more parts available on the breaker car. It is a Mark 3 car if any one else needs a few parts or more. Happy motoring :-)
  6. I think if you jack the car up, while the suspension is hanging down, you might be able to see up at the springs with a torch. On a previous car, both mine broke about half a coil turn from the top, ...... On both sides.
  7. I am breaking a mk3 ls400 and all of the rear suspension is available. I have an account with UPS too. Most parts cheap, because I want to help and I can't keep the car for ever.
  8. I have broken an LS400, and I am breaking another, getting the rack off is not the end of the world. Not easy, but very do-able. Just takes a bit of time and effort...... which is probably why a stealer would charge a lot of labour to do it. Mine is a MK-3, so I dont know if it would fit your year. Have a look on LEXLS, there could be some good information there.
  9. My mate has a civic type R and he too cant beleive how hard and for how my old LS400 pulls like a train from 30 onwards to quite a high speed. Sometime he cant keep up and other times he cant get away. Tee-Hee And for a luxury barge he is amazed.
  10. I am breaking a MK 1995 car if you need any parts. I am based in Fleet, M3 J4a.
  11. sometimes you can get a little condensation in the engine..... and thats how a little water gets into the oil. I dont know if this is compounded by all the small journeys. As for the MPG, I am not surprised, the car will only be warm for half the time. Just clean the oil filler cap and enjoy happy motoring.