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  1. Hi all - this maybe an obvious question so apologies up front, but my RX300 which had power this morning is now not doing a thing. When I put key in and turn nothing happens not even a vague light on the dash. Is this just the battery or something else? Thank you!
  2. Hi - I’ve only got the one remote so can verify if mine is faulty. Michael
  3. Hi all. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather? looking for some help as the remote central locking has suddenly stopped working on my 05 RX300. The battery in the remote is new and has been replaced with another new one today - the red light comes on on the fob, but nothing happens when I press any of the 3 fob keys. I can open and close the doors with the key and start the engine as well and all the electrics seem fine. Any clues or help are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi gents. Thanks for the response. Can I ask which fluid level and what belts might be a problem.
  5. Hi all, looking for any pointers. My 05 Lexus RX300 has been doing just fine but I started it last night and noticed that when I turn the wheel especially going left the engine noise seems to increase. The car turns fine without issue but it doesn’t feel quite right. When driving straight all is good. Thanks all!
  6. Hi. The inner battery cover has 2 tiny screws holding the fob together and they are damaged. Wish they weren’t there! :-)
  7. Thanks - Just checking what you mean here - crack open the actual inner case of the fob where the battery is? I can open the outer shell but not the next level down? cheers
  8. Thanks - Just checking what you mean here - crack open the actual inner case of the fob where the battery is? I can open the outer shell but not the next level down? cheers
  9. Hi everyone, looking for some ideas. I need to The the battery in the remote for my RX300. However the genius garage who changed the last battery have really gone to town and not put the tiny screws back in properly. Now when I try to open it with the precision screwdrivers they are just damaging the cross thread. Any ideas on what to do without cracking the casing open? Many thanks!
  10. Hi all. I've got a RX300 and am trying to change the battery in the remote fob. I can open the outer case but can't seem to find a small enough screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Anyone know what size screwdriver I need? Thanks and have a great weekend!
  11. Thanks Sorcerer. That's what I thought but every now and then I can't lock the car with the remote so I have to use the key to lock the doors. When I open the car I again use the key and the engine always starts without a problem. The only time the alarm goes off is if I locked the car with the remote but then open the doors with key and start the engine with the key. The alarm goes off for about 30 seconds and then stops and I can drive the car. Confused? I am :-)
  12. Thanks everyone for all your help. I'm going with the Ebay shop recommended by Sorcerer above. Just one more question. Can the key open and close the doors and start the engine without the electronic remote. I ask as when the battery has run out before I've been able to use the car via the key? Thanks all.
  13. Hi all, looking for some help and apologies if this topic has been covered before but I'm getting lots of different advice from garages near me. my black master key for my RX300 is broken in that the case has cracked and the key and the piece of plastic it sits in has broken away. I've taped the casing up and can use the remote and key but it's not going to last much longer. i have purchased a new uncut key off eBay with the complete plastic case. Is it possible to get the key cut and move the remote element into the new casing and everything work okay. I've been told it's not poosible to do that but why would companies sell the uncut key and plastic casing with the 3 holes if it wasn't possible. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks all!
  14. Hi Sathax - not had chance yet but will be calling him! thanks again for the help.
  15. Hi Sathax - I'm in Cricklewood so very close to Edgware. Can you let me have the name of the workshop please? Many thanks!