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  1. Have you got any recent photos of the car and the turbo conversion please?
  2. What condition is it in now? If half decent then myself and mates would be up for buying this off you! :)
  3. I went for the 13" x 6" plate size in the end mate and got a local sign company to make them up with full size letters on (they had done me some a few years back that were good). Should also be fixings in the front bumper too but mine werent perfect so i just used screws straight into the plastic in the end. i made a bracket up for the rear one but that was because I didnt want the screw holes to be on the letters. They look like this on mine (my car looks so different now I've painted headlights black and partially tinted thew rear lights! LOL):
  4. Sorry for the delay with this! Only took a couple of snaps on my phone but here they are :)
  5. Great photos guys :) I took a few too and will pop them up later. I completely forgot to take a photo of my car though, so thanks for getting one of it, Mike :) Thanks for blanking the plate just in case, I did used to do the same but generally don't bother now because 1) I figured dodgey people could just see the car out in public with plate and clone it anyway and 2) lazyness! LOL Nice one for organising this, Stu and glad the location worked out well - the car park was bigger than I even remembered it actually! :P Definitely agree that a summer meet here with food outside would be cool :)
  6. Great to meet you all and look forward to future meets too :-)
  7. Shame some of you can't make it now. We are leaving Bedford soon so see the rest of you in a bit :-)
  8. Haha! Ill see what I can do about the nails but 13 hour days working on the car may have made it engrained! :P Not sure how much I can advise on this Suggestible, as I'm new to Toyotas but I can talk you through what is involved in getting engine out of an Altezza and wouldn't think its much different fro the 3SGE as it is for your 1GFE (apart from a bit tighter cos your engine is longer :)
  9. Just noticed it says 11.30am in OP - sorry for my lack of reading skill! :P
  10. All this talk of washing cars and merely fitting a bonnet, I'll raise that! LOL Only kidding of course and I will be washing mine tonight! My engine rebuild is (hopefully) all sorted and my Altezza is running now! :) Did my first journey this morning and got me to work with no issues, so fingers crossed that I don't get any teething problems between now and then. I should be all set to go to my mates in near Bedford tomorrow evening and then head over to from there on Sunday morning! Peoples getting there about noon right? Please excuse my scabby wheels - was part way through starting refurbing them and haven't had time to look at them since for obvious reason! :P
  11. Cheers :) Haha, tell me about it - still got a radiator to seal up, speakers to put up, bath seal to re do, build my garage, convert the loft and sort the small room into a nursery (wife is expecting in October)! So once the car is done, it's still going to be a busy 6 months! :P
  12. Enough with the "Not Long Now!" guys please! LOL Hopefully will be all good though! Got everything bolted back together and the engine dropped into the car over the Easter break :) Just got to finish cleaning up ancillary parts and fit them (might as well while at this stage) - then hopefully all will be ready to turn the key and hope for the best in the next couple of days! :)
  13. Cool, good idea Peter. Maybe best for people to book separate tables or chance it on the day then rather than organise a massive table for lots of us :) I'll put it up on the Lexus IS200 page then as well, shall I? Dont say "Not long to go!" Peter - my crank is only just ready to pick up and still got to fit it, plus a load of other bits and then get the engine back in etc! LOL
  14. Cool :) Only a month today but at least I now know what the issue with my Altezza engine: So fingers crossed it will be sorted or I might be turning up in my wife's Kia Rio :P Is it worth starting a list of names for this so we know where we are and how many. That way we can book a table for the food :) Think this is where we are with who has commented in her so far: 1. Stuno1 2. wendle 3. SiM22 4. Peter P18 5. Sully-K 6. Rey521 7. Dean8788 8. RS Tom-Hundred (+1) 9. RichS11 10. Connoisseur 11. Seafarer 12. suggestable Just need people to confirm and add any extra people/family joining them onto the list for the table number so we can book it, I reckon. Let me know if you're happy to sort this closer to the time Stuno or if you want me to ring them :)