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  1. I've got an official lexus mini disc changer to fit the UK spec IS200. Make me an offer as I'm in two minds whether to sell it or not. E-mail me at
  2. That guy is way too weird not to be guilty. building theme parks in his garden and being best friends with a monkey. There's something not right there.
  3. Mine's dropped about 60mm on 18x8 wheels. Never have any problems.
  4. We should all go and pay a tenner each to "rip a strip" off Aido's legs. VALUE FOR MONEY. If not £25.00 for the sac and £25.00 for the Mr. T. hair doo. RATHER YOU THAN ME KID
  5. The bumper looks like the SARD rear bumper. ALTEZZA SCOTT might be best to id this. He keeps them in stock
  6. Way back in July I purchased some Veilside wing mirrors for my IS200. Phoned NEMESIS and gave them all the details of card (which one I can't remember). The goods arrived a few days later and were painted and fitted by the end of the week. :D YESTERDAY I got a call from NEMESIS saying that they were not sure if I had paid for the mirrors or not They asked me to check on my statements to see if I had paid or not. I as an Area manager of a retail company find this a very unprofessional act. Surely NO company would despatch goods without prior payment, I know MINE wouldn't without someone g
  7. Well my coilovers are screwed right to the bottom, as low as it will go. I think it's about a 55 mm drop. at the back end before the passengers get in it, you struggle to see any of the tyre under the wheel rear wheel arch.
  8. Unfortunately only the LEXUS MD player will fit. Might be one for sale soon.
  9. I don't think it is illegal. Well i hope not anyway. I did my bike test last year and we were taught this by our instructor. As far as I know it is legal up to 30 mph.
  10. Just been looking for the pics to post a link. Maz someone has stole your pictures
  11. Maz has got one in his car, pics in the garage.
  12. B) I'm coming. SteveL, Fancy meeting in town and trekking up together? Gazza2000 are you coming too? Need to get the barnsley MASSIVE going. Come on there's only 3 of us. B)
  13. ASAP please Scott. I had a stroke of luck this weekend. Some idiot on a bike hit me and made a mess of my bumper. Might get him to pay for it. :P
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