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  1. Reduced asking price £3000. Must sell as new car has arrived!
  2. Thanks John. We'll see. Yes, it's the 3 litre straight 6 - a beautiful engine. Full spec below if you're interested! Cheers William 3.0 litre engine VVT-i – Variable Valve Timing – intelligent (electronically controlled) ETCS-i – Electronic Throttle Control System – intelligent: advanced computerised engine management system 5-speed automatic Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT-i) with intelligent computer control AI shift system Dual stainless steel exhaust system with catalytic converters Cylinders/valves in line 6/24 Cap
  3. My Lexus IS300 SportCross - Navigator option - now uploaded for listing in the For Sale section on this site. Thanks for commenting on this post earlier. Kind regards William
  4. For sale: Lexus IS300 SportCross - Navigator option - 2003 Item Condition: Excellent mechanically, very good body and interior Price and price conditions: £3,500 Extra Info: Current owner over 6 years. 2 former keepers. 110k miles Full Lexus history to 17/03/14 at 50381 miles Independent Toyotatech since. This Spring the car has been treated to a new cambelt and radiator. No known faults. Full MOT (no advisories) to 06/05/22. Fully refurbished wheels and matching 215/45ZR17 Falken tyres all round (not spare). Everythin
  5. Thanks. I won't be putting it up for sale for a couple of days. It's on wedding duty tomorrow as my eldest daughter is getting married and I'm driving her to the registry office!
  6. Happy to oblige! I think it's a good looking car/wagon. After 6 years I'll be sorry to see it go but we've decided we only need one car now we're sort-of retired.
  7. Thanks for all your advice and comments @Linas.P @Phil xxkr @royoftherovers @rich1068 Much appreciated. I'm not in a vulnerable group and will put the car up for sale shortly as planned. As always, a bit of commonsense goes a long way. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the advice and the link. I agree there seem to be plenty of grey areas. The way I read it was that we are not allowed to meet people from another household indoors before 17th May and I think that applies to giving lifts in cars. The easing for driving instructors and examiners is for social/economic needs. I'm not sure it applies to private car sales like mine but I will press on with advertising the Lexus. I've had it a number of years so feel a little out of touch with the best way to proceed. I appreciate you taking the time to write back. Cheers.
  9. I'm not sure how to go about selling my car privately while observing social distancing rules. As I understand it we shouldn't go for test drives even if wearing masks but I'm wary about letting a prospective purchaser out on their own. Who has sold a car recently? What's 'best practice' with Covid19 around? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys for the tips and links. Plenty to think about. Will post pics when I've done the calipers - probably not for a few weeks yet.
  11. Thanks. That's the encouragement I need to go ahead and buy the caliper paint. Good point about having 4 axle stands.
  12. I've just had the bodywork of my IS300 Sportcross sorted and it looks amazing.... but it's let down by the wheels and calipers. My plan is to have the wheels professionally refurbished and while they are away being done I will clean and paint the calipers on the car. So what I want to know, please, is: How best to jack the car up so I can remove all 4 wheels and support the car for a couple of days. I've got the Lexus jack, a heavy duty scissor jack, a smallish trolley jack, and 2 axle stands. Where are the safe jacking and support points? Has anyone got experience of F
  13. @normski2Wise words - thanks. I was disappointed that the Lexus owners manual doesn't give maximum battery dimensions nor recommended battery capacity/ performance. I felt I didn't have much choice but to accept the ECP recommendation.
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