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  1. Thanks guys for the tips and links. Plenty to think about. Will post pics when I've done the calipers - probably not for a few weeks yet.
  2. Thanks. That's the encouragement I need to go ahead and buy the caliper paint. Good point about having 4 axle stands.
  3. I've just had the bodywork of my IS300 Sportcross sorted and it looks amazing.... but it's let down by the wheels and calipers. My plan is to have the wheels professionally refurbished and while they are away being done I will clean and paint the calipers on the car. So what I want to know, please, is: How best to jack the car up so I can remove all 4 wheels and support the car for a couple of days. I've got the Lexus jack, a heavy duty scissor jack, a smallish trolley jack, and 2 axle stands. Where are the safe jacking and support points? Has anyone got experience of Foliatec Brake Calliper Paint? I prefer to brush paint and plan to use the Carbon Metallic colour, but has anyone got tips how to get the best result? Thanks!
  4. @normski2Wise words - thanks. I was disappointed that the Lexus owners manual doesn't give maximum battery dimensions nor recommended battery capacity/ performance. I felt I didn't have much choice but to accept the ECP recommendation.
  5. Thanks John. I hadn't even considered the MOT failure aspect. I'll take it back tomorrow.
  6. Had to get a replacement battery in a hurry today for my 2003 IS 300 Sportcross, so went on-line. Eurocarparts website was easy to use and had a tasty discount offer. They had a choice of 2 so I selected the more expensive one with 70Ah, CCA 540A, rating and ordered it 'click and collect'. £67.40 inc vat and 3 year g'tee which I didn't think was bad. Now I've got it home I can see it doesn't fit the battery tray properly. The base area is too big to fit deep in the tray so it sits quite high. Also, the new battery is 10mm taller than my knackered battery. As a result, the standard battery clamp won't fit (the rods aren't long enough) and the terminals are worryingly close to the closed bonnet. Is this a common issue? Is there a work around or will I have to return it to eurocarparts? Is there a generally recommended/ easily available battery that fits? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  7. My mechanic saved the day - thanks Paul at Toyotatech in Guildford 07833 456051 He had a spare glass from (I think) an IS200 which he supplied and fitted for £20. So no anti-glare or heating but it will do for now while I track down an all-singing IS300 mirror. So, the Sportcross has a new MOT and I'm looking forward to driving it up to North Norfolk for a few days this weekend. I've just worked out that Toyotatech did the 60,000 mile service, including new spark plugs and MOT, for only a little bit more than Lexus wanted for a new mirror glass!!
  8. I was quoted £250-ish today! The glass was smashed by a man in lycra yesterday and I've got the MOT tomorrow - so it's the cheap stick-on solution for now. But I dearly want to replace it with the correct anti-glare glass. But not at £250.... So I'll be trawling my local scrappies over the coming weeks. Good luck.
  9. Thanks Jomo. Have sent a message via Facebook as suggested.
  10. Ashamed to say it took me until today to pluck up the courage to change the fuse! (after guessing it was labelled TV). It now works beautifully! But the map data DVD is dated 2002. How easy it is to change/ upgrade? Any recommendations where to get the correct up to date DVD? Thanks, as always, for your answers. Cheers.
  11. Hi Farl I haven't found a beige one yet but there's a guy on eBay who says he's got black luggage covers for £60 + postage or you can pick up in Birmingham, His number is 07866104047. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/lexus-is300-sportcross-wheel-nut-Lights-Breaking-Spares-Is200-Sportcross-estate-/271719600999?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f43c01367 Hope this helps! William
  12. Hi Does anyone have a IS300 Sportcross Luggage Load Cover I could buy? Ideally to match the beige trim of my car, but black would be fine too. Is there a Lexus specialist breaker? I've tried Breakeryard.com but nothing's come up yet. Thanks William
  13. Thanks - I'll take a look in the daylight. A couple of days ago I pulled the screen up into its 'on' position (without removing the tab you refer to) but still no good. My next step I think is to pull the fuses out one by one as i don't know which is for the sat nav. Did 300 mile round trip to Somerset today - fantastic car! Cheers Will
  14. Hi Jomo Yes - the stereo is still fitted: 6cd autochanger, cassette and AM/FM. Sounds great! Just done 400 mile round trip and really pleased with the car. I've found a manual online http://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/info/my-lexus/resources/submit-owners-manual-search?section=all&keywords=&searchType=&model=IS300&year=2003&x=47&y=15# But I can't get started as the sat nav doesn't come on. It doesn't flip up/down when you press the switch, nor does the screen come on. May be a fuse? I've studied the diagrams and I can't see a fuse dedicated to the SatNav and everything else is working fine! Do you know which fuse number it might be? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks!