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  1. First time I've seen this mentioned. Does the valve open automatically because it's disconnected? Or how do you make sure it's open?
  2. I'm going to spray my car, so thought I'd kit it also. Problem is, I can't find anywhere that does a decent kit for reasonable money. Any ideas? I don't want mad lines or big chins or vents, as close to trd as possible. Is the states the best option? If So, how does the import/import dodge work? Please help
  3. What he says... U have to do the lock bolts ... Don't worry it fits straight back. Even though the bolts are awkward, make sure u tighten them right up again because your in car boot lever won't work if you don't P.s there are nice led units on eBay to replace them with, if there is dirt inside your units as I know the standard aren't too well sealed
  4. Absolutely stunning! You have me convinced to go down the paint job route now!
  5. Does the is200 box fit it though? I wouldn't be drifting and am interested in this conversion too
  6. I'm tempted to paint the whole thing myself if I can get a hold of a nice subtle kit for it
  7. Is urs the burnt orange colour like the one above I did the lights on?? If so I think there was someone breaking that colour on Derry buy sell swap cars on Facebook if ur stuck
  8. Well, yesterday I managed to replace the damaged studs and clean the inside of the wheels, turns out there was 5 wheel studs I wasn't happy with... And I put all my new wheel nuts on. Also cleaned the seats and put my new covers on! Once I get a break in the weather I'll go to town on the discs and some more detailing
  9. My problem is resisting the urge to turn traction control off and clutch kicking roundabouts in 2nd!
  10. Thanks Hoodrich! Not much development over the past wee while, 2 new front tyres and 2 ruined wheel studs that the last owner never informed me about, so in the next few days I will be doing a few things 1) into the garage, wet vac seats, put heater through window 2) remove wheels and superclean inside 3) remove discs and paint drum part and calipers 4) change any studs 5) put new wheel nuts on 6) put new seat covers on 7 ) have a cup of tea