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  1. Blow up. auto is auto. S is sequential, but still sequential of an auto box, you selecting a gear limits the car to that gear as comedian said.
  2. Lumpy idle when cold......

    Sorted...... I have cleaned and sprayed all the induction components with cleaners, there isn't a cleaner induction system in the county. I bit the bullet and took off the throttle body, first disconnected the battery and left it for an hour, I believe you have to let the capacitors lose there charge. The throttle body was sprayed and left to soak for several hours and basted every 30 minutes with the cleaning fluid. It was put back together, battery connected and turned on the ignition. I waited for all the clinking and clunking of the electronics to finish and the car started with a cough, I left it to idle for five minutes and then took it for a drive. A lot better................... the solvent in my plastic container was dirty and there was a lot of grit in the bottom. I may consider taking it off again in the summer and leaving it soaking for longer.
  3. New Mod..

    The OP’s post which I thought was about a new moderator being appointed. Then along cane a random photo of some car parts. I had to get out my worry beads to calm my inner self. I’m still upset.
  4. I would need to know exactly what he means if I was paying the bill.
  5. New Mod..

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.
  6. I didn’t put forward an opinion I just offered information from an American engineer. Take it or leave it.
  7. Parking tickets

    It was ironic, hence the emoticon. FFS. Does everybody see in black and white, missing out the grey scales? My wife’s cousin took part in the Paralympics, she is a blue badge holder and she can jump. :shrug: Frigging snowflakes. Mods please ban me, I can’t take much more.
  8. Parking tickets

    I think Malcolm knew what I meant. I thought everyone on here knew Rayaans was a doctor especially a mod’ If I were in charge of blue badge issue you’d have to jump through a lot of hoops to get one.
  9. Parking tickets

    You completely twisted or didn’t bother to read and understand what Rayaans said on the matter. Tut tut.
  10. Once a year. I did them last week when I did oil and filter on both cars. They were as free as a bird when I checked them, but they were dismantled, cleaned and re-greased. Its such an easy job.
  11. It did a cracking job. Took all the advice I found on the WWW and did it on a cloudy day, and took it very slowly and gently. It certainly beats hand polishing. Chemical Guys on YouTube are the best for advice.
  12. It is a “G”, it’s the poor quality of the still, even worse when enlarged. You can see the gap in the “G”. All you conspiracy theorists can take off your tin foil hats now, nothing else to see here. I always find the simplest explanations are the best. The human brain, the only organ than can the wrong conclusions.