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  1. That’s what I use. It’s my jukebox and a tracker. You have to make sure you use the phone every so often. If you don’t some companies will cancel the SIM card after about six months of inactivity.
  2. Verbout

    Vacuuming query

    Vacuuming the car, what’s that about?
  3. Verbout

    Council damaged my car!

    There is some silly advice and silly opinions being given on this subject. Fill in the form, which you have done, or send a letter outlining your case. Simple as that. If you come up against a brick wall threaten them with the small claims court, and put time limits on when you expect their replies. You don’t need to do FOI Act requests or requests for risk assessments at this point, if you ever will need to. Keep it simple, send them an invoice for repair, tell them you have video evidence, are willing to go to court to recover costs and the matter will find its way to the legal department.
  4. What’s the relevance of “Seller is from Yorkshire”?
  5. You don’t drive a V6 petrol automatic and watch the fuel consumption? surely. PWR all day long, something’s got to get that lump along the road at a decent lick. If I wanted economy I’d take the wife’s SEAT Mii out for a spin. No thanks.
  6. I don’t have a battery in my spare, the battery is still in its blister pack in the key safe.
  7. Verbout

    Petrol ?

    I’m a supermarket fuel user, not knowingly had any issues. But as a test I’m going to try the super “snake oil” some of you recommend. I’m heading to the south coast in a few weeks, a trip that’ll be +600 miles. I’ll fill up with super duper to see if the car runs any better, to satisfy my own curiosity more than anything.
  8. Verbout

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    The one at the top of the screen when viewing on my phone is really getting on my nerves. It hides some of the icons I use and it’s hit and miss as to whether you can slide it out of the way.
  9. I have to admit my local Indy is not averse to going on forums for information. When tracking my 159’s wheels I pointed him in the direction of the Alfa forum. A good old lad had posted information that didn’t agree with the official Alfa output, but was a better setup.
  10. Does your “mechanics” advice stretch to “Don’t put fuel in until it stops”? 😂
  11. I like the marque, daughter has the IX35 diesel, it’s lovely to drive, free revving, roomy in the cabin, nice looking and everything is so accessible for servicing.
  12. Verbout

    Pad wear and other service items

    And what was your question?
  13. The vents on my car are same as the OP. The passenger side top vent points to the window, the drivers side onwards towards the driver, very odd. It doesn’t bother me but I would really like to know the reason.
  14. “Anyone else found this annoying”? No actually, but thanks for pointing it out. I’m sure the next time I get in the car I WILL notice it and it WILL start to annoy me. Again, thanks.
  15. If your replacing the discs give them a good ********* clout.
  16. I’d go by the manual and what everyone on here has advised you. 6.3 litres. But if your not happy with that keep topping it up. Then you can start a thread entitled “All my oil seals are leaking” or “The mechanic says my engine is suffering from windage” or “I wish when I ask questions on the Lexus Forum they’d stop telling me lies” or “Why do I post questions? I don’t listen to the answers” or “Why has my oil foamed up (see windage)”. Have a great day. ;)
  17. Overfilling can cause issues with Are you going to keep adding oil until you are comfortably happy?
  18. They will be on a narrowboat
  19. I believe a lot of garages, painters, plumbers, etc buy from places other than ECP, Wickes, B&Q et al is that they have accounts with these companies so they can order and pay later. One of my relatives. A heating engineer, has accounts with all the popular companies. I can’t believe he uses mass produced below par products.
  20. Is that just hearsay? Or are there any facts to substantiate that? I must admit my local indy doesn’t use them, I must enquire why.
  21. I wasn’t aware you could check the small amount of oil in the AC system without first connecting up to the AC recovery machine, remove the coolant gas, remove the compressor, drain the very small amount of oil and then comparing it to the manufacturers recommended amount required. I think someone has been telling you fibs.
  22. Verbout

    EGR replacement

    Back to what was said about additives, no amount of snake oil will stop your EGR clogging. Block, and delete its use in the software is the only solution. I had mine done on my last car.