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  1. Thanks very much - hadn't thought of that route, but it seems a very sensible one! Shall brace myself for yet more expense... :)
  2. Hi all, My MK3 GS300 has been having some issues recently, off the back of some cold weather and installation of a telematics box... Initially, it failed to start following a couple of weeks of not being used in cold weather - before that, I'd probably taken it on a few quite short trips with heated seats, windows etc.. Following that, I used a battery pack jump-starter to get it running and took it on a 1hr+ circuit to get some proper charge back into the battery On a subsequent drive, a whining sound developed, along with burning smell and a hazy smoke came through the A/C vents Took it to a garage, who told me the alternator was shot and replaced it (at great expense) All seemed fine following that - two non eventful 2hr+ drives, until I tried to start it yesterday, after leaving for a week - same ticking and failure to start that I had at the very beginning of this process... ...which is just a little upsetting. Does anyone have any tips on resolving / probable cause. If there's a problem that is, for instance, draining my battery and causing alternator damage, I'm not all that keen to repeat the above steps...! Battery is only a year old, btw - so shouldn't really be draining after a week... Many thanks in advance..!
  3. Hi all, I wondered if anyone knows how to go about replacing an individual LED bulb in the GS300 MK3’s third brake light assembly? Lots of vids on YouTube about the MK2 but can’t find any relating to the MK3. Would be v grateful of any pointers :)
  4. Ha, I've found similar, though all my issues to date have been with wheels / running gear - would be OK apart from the fact that the price is obviously multiplied by up to four (depending on how many corners are affected). Have had TPMS x3, shocks x4, brake pads x2, tyres x3 (x1 of those being to replace a brand new one, punctured by a nail). All ultimately wear and tear but never cheap!
  5. Would love to be of more comfort, but TPMS valves have also been both tedious and expensive for me too. Got some replaced by Lexus (expensively) after some corrosion on the stems and tried to get another replaced by a branch of National Tyres on a separate occasion - they used a third party (fractionally less expensive) replacement which failed to work, so had to take that to Lexus to resolve too...! One of those things you just need to grin and bear I think - you will, at least, get rid of the warning light! :)
  6. Pretty sure you will have TPMS. Deflate one of your tyres below 30psi or thereabouts and you'll find out :) I'd transfer your sensors to your new wheels - TPMS is obviously handy, and you'll probably have an ever-present warning without them...
  7. Based on my own experiences with my 123k mileage '06 model, have a look at / enquire about the shocks and tyre valves (TPMS means they're expensive and a pain to get anyone apart from Lexus to replace properly!).
  8. Remote Key Fob

    Batteries. If your fobs are anything like mine this'll help: https://youtu.be/_xXE0mdOcGI Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Check the tyre valves too. Mine all went in quick succession recently - circa £90 a pop...
  10. Euro Car Parts seem expensive. Use RockAuto.com to import aftermarket parts from the U.S. (probably £50ish each before shipping & taxes) or identify the OEM part numbers you need with toyodiy.com and source from amayama.com (although they tried to charge me a fortune in shipping costs). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Shock Absorbers Lexus Gs300 Mk3 2005

    No problem. Wish your garage good luck - mine apparently had a nightmare with a seized bolt they ended up having to cut off :).
  12. Shock Absorbers Lexus Gs300 Mk3 2005

    Yep. Got parts from RockAuto.com - just navigate through their online parts catalogue (remembering that they call shock absorbers, 'struts') and you'll arrive on the KYB shocks - part numbers 551106, 551107, 551108 for a MK3 GS. I confirmed with KYB in the UK that U.S. parts would be fine for a UK car. They'll apparently be selling the same parts in the UK soon but haven't gotten round to it yet... Totalled about £215 for parts, £115 for delivery and VAT and took about 5 days to come (with great tracking all the way through). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Shock Absorbers Lexus Gs300 Mk3 2005

    Haven't driven a huge amount since (only an hour-ish of town driving) but got shocks fitted yesterday. Seem very good - perhaps slightly firmer through pot-holes but that could well be because they're brand new. No regrets not going with OEM (got KYB parts for about £320 delivered). Garage that fitted them (MC Autos in Croydon) was also very good so will likely use again - even though it's a little way from where I am. And MOT now passed with no advisories, so all is well :). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Shock Absorbers Lexus Gs300 Mk3 2005

    Should have said I'm getting all four done... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Shock Absorbers Lexus Gs300 Mk3 2005

    The joys of new shock absorbers :) I'm currently in the same situation. My state of play is as follows: - Have an order inquiry in with Amayama. Currently totalling circa £200 for OEM parts, but £230 for shipping (not including VAT / duty). - KYB parts, on the other hand, can be sourced for slightly more from the U.S., but with dramatically lower shipping. Have also read that the ride will be slightly firmer, but this is my favoured route. - Will likely get parts fitted by a local garage - getting quotes ranging from £200-£400 via autobutler.com So though I'd love to source OEM parts, I'm probably going KYB. Overall cost could end up being less than Lexus's cost to source and fit one front shock - £495, apparently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk