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  1. Looking nice mate in red. I took them back out the bin and i have decided to give them a good spray and refit them.
  2. Ok took them out the bin as removed them today as there quite scratched. But if there rare could be worth a respray and refit? Hmmm what you all think?
  3. Really cause I have just taken them off as they are scratched to hell? Worth keeping and respraying?
  4. Ok that clears it up more for me, sorry for all the questions, always confused me the xeon kits and then just the bulbs. I think ill go for the kit then, and fit it next week (when it arrives). Going for 5000k kit on dipped, leave the full beam as it is (as its already bright enough, but not white more yellow tint, so might replace them at some point, no rush) and fog lights ill leave too as they never get used anyway (very rare to get fog where we are in Liverpool, uk) Would these be ok? There 35w so use less than the 55w someone else added on a earlier post. Is the lower the wattage the better as im assuming uses less power but the same outcome?
  5. Ok thanks everyone. The ones i have on now are streaky on driver side so if it rains i cant see at all out the window, unless im nearly lying down on seat haha
  6. Ok thanks a lot, clears it up. So the kits, the Xeon kits are they easy to fit? Because I also have a focus and I had the option of Xeon kit or just replace the bulbs, so went with replace bulbs which takes less than 5 minutes. The Xeon kits look like they need wiring etc. So really what I'm wondering is, whether it would be just as effective to replace just the bulbs to say 5000k or fit a Xeon kit? Sorry for all the questions
  7. I'm more worried about price. Don't want to be spending loads on blades when I can get the same cheaper. Just wondering what everyone else had 😊
  8. Hi need new blades and wondering on the best replacement blades. Looked on ebay and the Bosch seem the most expensive so are they the best? Thanks
  9. Those Xeon kits, why fit them? Cant I just fit hid bulbs? Seems a bit of work just to swap out a bulb.
  10. Thanks everyone, the standard ones that came with car are a joke, don't even light the road up.
  11. So to clarify before i order, im best getting the 5000k hid bulbs for the dipped and fog lights? And what about the high beams? Get 5000k for them too or just get standard bulbs?
  12. So, am best getting 5000k bulbs for main and dipped? And yellow bulbs for fog? I just think yellow looks old