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  1. Hi. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an Rx300. 2004. ? In particular I’m looking for the wire that feeds the climate control panel Thanks
  2. Hi. So we travelled 125 miles and as usual no issues. Stopped the car. Got back in. Car fired on the button as ever but the climate control screen and the surrounding heater controls have all gone ‘dead’. A nice cold ride all the way back !! Next day went through all the fuses under the glove box and all test good. Any ideas folks ?? Thanks John
  3. jackzx10


    After 8 years of P38 Range Rovers I finally gave up with ongoing repairs and issues .The car is mainly the wifes transport and a spate of breakdowns lately pushed me over the edge..Looking for a reliable affordable alternative prompted me toward a 2004 Lexus RX300,,so here I am,So far so good,Lovely drive well equipped ...fits the bill. Hope ive bought a good un !! Happy New Year to you all,(do dream of an LS430 and a Soarer for Sundays!!)
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums jackzx10 :)

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