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  1. Parking Sensors Sound While Driving!

    Aha! It seems that wetness may have a bearing on this problem, then. I also shall try electrical cleaner. Please tell us if it recurs after the spray.
  2. My Lexus SC430 parking sensor alarm sounds intermittently while I am driving. (No, I do not tailgate the car in front.) It has happened several times, all but once when it was raining. On that one occasion, the sun was shining. It happened again today while it was raining, and continued to sound after the rain had stopped, but the road was still wet. What could be causing this to happen, and how can it be prevented, please? I have decided to fit an ON-OFF switch, if the problem cannot be solved conventionally.
  3. Under-powered Sc430?

    I disconnected the battery, and, after two weeks' holiday, reconnected it. Lo and behold: the performance has improved dramatically! The previous performance memory settings must have been cleared. What a clever car, to adapt its performance to one's driving style! I shall have to stop driving it economically, and drive like a maniac from now on.​ I have the new plugs, but shall get used to this new-found performance for a few months before I change them. Then I should be able to notice any difference they might make. I'll report the result back here at that time.
  4. Under-powered Sc430?

    Red SC430s are extremely rare, I'm afraid. I paid £20k for my 2006 one with 28k miles. Although it is currently very slow to accelerate, I now know how to solve this problem, thanks to various Lexus fora, and intend to keep it for ever. It is my black SC430 that is for sale, not the red one. Sorry. It is shown in the picture at the left. Sep 2007 with 58,500 miles, and it goes like a rocket. I do not need two SC430s; so, I want only £12,839 for it.
  5. Under-powered Sc430?

    I've already ordered a set; so, I might as well install them. I'll certainly post the result here.
  6. Under-powered Sc430?

    Dave, Although the handbook is stamped throughout by Lexus, there were no invoices. When I asked Cheltenham for them, they provided only very few reports, rather than invoices. It's all to do with privacy, I guess.
  7. Under-powered Sc430?

    Great! I didn't realize it was so easy. I'll do it after the new plugs are installed. I've ordered 8 NGK IRIDIUM IX BKR6EIX-11 3764 SPARK PLUGS. I hope that these are the right ones. Actually, I've been toying with the idea - only toying, because it's so expensive - of getting an expert to upgrade the ECU to one that'll provide more bhp AND more mpg. I don't know if that is even possible, because I haven't investigated the subject yet. Now is a good time to ask, I suppose. Any opinions? Or is it only wishful thinking?
  8. Under-powered Sc430?

    Shall do. I've also just heard that an ECU reset may help. Any opinions on that?
  9. Under-powered Sc430?

    Thank you very much indeed for your advice. I'll act on it imly.
  10. Under-powered Sc430?

    Good idea, Michael. I bought the red SC430 from Lexus, Cheltenham, who had just given the car an 80,000-mile service because it was 8 years old. It has also had a service every year, despite the low mileage. Do you think that the plugs would have been changed recently or not, in one of these services? There is no way that I can find this out from Lexus, Cheltenham.
  11. Under-powered Sc430?

    Here is a mystery. I bought a red & white Sep 2006 SC430 with 28,000 miles to replace my black & tan Sep 2007 SC430 with 56,000 miles (which is now for sale). The black 2007 car with double the mileage is noticeably quicker in acceleration than the red 2006 car with half the mileage. This is so when comparing the two with the ECT off or on. I thought that the SC430 engine and transmission were identical in these two cars. What could be the explanation for this phenomenon?
  12. Battery Drain

    Yes, I heard that, each time a battery drains completely, its capacity to recover fully is reduced. Two weeks of SC430 disuse should be OK, but three weeks is not, apparently. I bought an isolation switch, and took my car to an auto electrician to fit it. He advised that, because of the rarity of my being away for three weeks, I should simply open the bonnet and disconnect a battery terminal. So, that's what I'll do.
  13. Led Fog Lamps

    No, but I plan to combine three arrays together each side: Two of these to total 6W: and one of these, whose wattage I do not know: I am hoping that these three together will provide enough brightness to be useful.
  14. Led Fog Lamps

    Thanks for the clear answer. I've already bought two at 6W each = 12W. I'll find another at 8W, and combine all three to produce 20W each side.
  15. Battery Drain

    You're probably right about not gaining anything. BatteryBrain is not the solution. A battery conditioner would solve the problem, if my car were kept in a locked garage. Unfortunately, it is kept on a driveway; so, I could not leave it plugged in via a cable through an open window to a power socket, with the bonnet open. A solar panel is also not an option, as the car is covered by an opaque car cover. It seems that there is no solution in my case, other than a simple battery isolation switch, which then renders the insurance cover invalid, as you advised. I could, of course, ask a neighbour to start and run the engine for a few minutes every 10 days or so. Not ideal, but it seems to be the only way. As for the problem itself, my local Lexus centre genius mechanic said that the SC430 battery is known to discharge completely after about 3 weeks. It is just a fact of life.