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  1. Programming New Key Fob Help!

    I dont know what other dealers charge but we charge £25 + vat to code. Have you got the correct fob for the car? Andy I dont know what other dealers charge but we charge £25 + vat to code. Have you got the correct fob for the car? Andy Hi would you send me your address and details to have my key fob reprogramed as i cannot start it and cannot close the doors it fits the ignition and turns over but will not start we think it is the imobiliser we hope thank you send it to my Dads EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE as he looks every day on his email thank you hope to hear from you Scott
  2. Car Shut Down Help!

    My mobile number is 07742243342 regards Scott
  3. Car Shut Down Help!

    Hi thanks very much for all of your help I have finally had time to play with the car initially when I bought the vehicle the battery had been connected the wrong way around hence blowing 120amp fuse and 15amp fuse. Today I have managed to get all ignition lights on everything on the vehicle is functioning perfect lights full electrics. My nephew and I decided to tow the car to start it with no joy anyway I went to a friends house who bridged the fuse in the engine bay and the car is turning over but not firing up every fuse and relay have been replaced is there anything anyone could possibly advise me about?? I hope there is someone out there as I don't really want to have to scrap it as the car has got the making of a real nice thing and only done 80k seems a shame
  4. Car Shut Down Help!

    Thanks very much for the advice haven't tried it yet as been busy but I will let you know the outcome.
  5. Car Shut Down Help!

    I have recently purchased a Lexus is 200 the problem that I have is when I connect the battery all I am getting is the four indicators lighting up no ignition lights nothing at all is powering up on the vehicle. Is there anybody at all out there that could possibly give me any advice on what the problem could be??? It would be gratefully appreciated
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