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  1. The parts left are listed above. Again, will try to take pics of wheels. Everything is available at VERY good prices. Every offer considered as I need the space.
  2. I'm out the country at the moment so can't weigh them etc. If you are keen then I can give you first refusal when I return and get it all sorted! Sound fair?
  3. Ok folks, it's a long time since I've been on here. Retired the IS200 about a year ago. Still a great car and I will buy another Lexus one day! Anyway. I have for sale 1 x TTE front bumper. This is painted platinum ice but needs a respray. SOLD 1 x TTE rear apron. This is painted platinum ice but could do with a respray. SOLD 1 x pair TRD sideskirts. Brand new, never painted. Bought through the owners club. SOLD 1 x set angel eyes. Kit never been fitted. 1 x set lowering springs. Eibach I think (out the country at the moment but will confirm!) Never fitted. SOLD 1 x set 19" Zanetti wheels. Went on the IS a treat, looked good. With tyres. Probably would benefit from a refurb. 1 x sports grill (JDM) I think it's painted white. I also think one clip was broken but fitted fine. I need to sell these items to make room in the garage. The items are located in Aberdeen area. Sensible offers considered!
  4. They were my choices when I got my IS. I went for Black. My dad has an Allution (sp) gray RX though and I like that!
  5. Well your situation kind of puts everybodys elses little problems into perspective. Chin up and I bet it all ends up fine - the lex will look even better once repaired too as treating yourself to a few bits will make you feel better!
  6. So do you hve a long list of plans for the GT4 then? I've always liked the look of them and they are quick. Nice choice.
  7. And I have my plate as my Avatar....... Please don't clone it!
  8. It's homeboy gangsta speak for cool. It's probably been adopted by the burberry wearing CHAV scum now.
  9. I loved the comments in the first link. They were all so.... well..... american! Makes great reading putting on the fake texas accent! 'My Is350 is fully loaded y'all. It's sick.....'
  10. None of them will be 'driven' anyway! Most will end up in collections and never be used. Shame, all that potential too......
  11. mini tornados? whirlpool effects? I'll believe it when i see it! The thing is people have left feedback saying they noticed the difference!
  12. Thanks very much! No excuses now. I must get it on!
  13. I like the Infiniti G35. Looks pretty tasty.
  14. OK, I've finally decided to get my kit painted. I have the TTE front bumper and rear valance and the TRD sideskirts. I bought the sideskirts new (Thanks Mr Shipley!) and the front bumper and rear bumper second hand (thanks ebay!) My question is, do I require any additional parts to make this fit and is there a fitting guide? I think it looks an easy swap over but my mate who is painting and fitting it was wondering.
  15. It's amaxing how many times Lexus is mentioned in songs and stuff! Normally the classier ones cause the super bling rap guys loves their Maybachs and Phantoms!