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  1. That was me. When Lexus had the car in bits doing the fuel pump recall they spotted it was worn where it shouldn't have been and decided to replace it. None in stock in the UK, Germany (where there's apparently a large Lexus parts bin) nor Japan. They had make/assemble one for me. I would have thought they would have made a batch but I don't know. Took 2 weeks. TBH if the car was out of warranty then there are some other ways of getting one (probably cheaper too) but that won't be the case for other parts.
  2. Chuckie478

    Airbag recall

    Yeah. It might work. Maybe I was too subtle.
  3. Chuckie478

    Airbag recall

    Wouldn't hold your breath. I didn't get any fuel and the car was pretty much empty
  4. Chuckie478

    Airbag recall

    I'm feeling left out. I didn't get any free fuel At least they washed it. Saved me a job! Which dealers have you tried? I managed to get mine in within 2 weeks.
  5. Probably because there's more of a demand for the performance model to have all the toys as well as the performance. It seems a shame more don't do what Porsche does with the GT3 but I guess they'll sell more the way they are doing it. As a percentage how many people are going to care that their car is 200kgs lighter when for example they have to give up electric/heated seats/air con etc? Unfortunately probably not many.
  6. Chuckie478

    Could it be time?!

    Guess it depends on what you call high mileage. There's a 2010 one on Autotrader for £21k with 66k. There's 5 or 6 which are under the £20k budget (with some slight man maths involved).
  7. Chuckie478

    Airbag recall

    Got mine booked in for the 17th. Sounds like they could have done next week but it's not very convenient for me.
  8. Chuckie478

    Could it be time?!

    You can't convince yourself to work overtime this once? It's for a good cause Excellent thread digression as normal for this place For the OP what's the budget?
  9. Chuckie478

    Airbag recall

    I'm another that's just got the letter. Be interesting to see how long it takes to order the parts and get it booked in.
  10. I've just seen that bit and thought similar. The problem is that he wants a car to do everything. The ISF (or even the Camaro he's gone to) are relatively heavy for track cars because they're really road cars. What he should have done is got something like a Caterham for the trackdays (if such a thing exists in the US) and kept a road car. I've seen a couple of reviews of the Camaro and it seems like it's generally well liked. In the end you buy the car that suits you. Having had a look at the Lexus offering, I'm not sure I'd stick with the brand simply because there isn't currently anything that meets my requirements. Another interesting video I've seen is Chris Harris comparing the GSF to the M5 (below). While the big 3 German manufacturers seem to be chasing numbers, with the GSF Lexus seem to have gone in a different direction and for road use it seems to be plenty (not that I've driven either).
  11. Chuckie478

    DVSA Recall Check

    I had that one done quite a while ago. I was the first IS-F the garage had done and they slightly underestimated how long it would take them to do it.
  12. Chuckie478

    Got my final photos!

    Haha, no. Not sure I can get drunk on Coke either
  13. There are some fantastic roads in Scotland. If you're allowed a route rather than a specific road then the NC500 is great fun. I did 4/5ths of it a few years ago and it's well worth a go. One of my favourite roads isn't on the route but the A830 between Fort William and Mallaig. A great mix of tight twisty and open flowing roads. The views all around the highlands are great too. That being said there are some great roads in Wales too. I did south coast up to Anglesey and although I can't remember the exact route I know we went through Builth Wells and then up to Rhayader and up and that was good. You've always got the Evo Triangle if you can avoid the cops. Bit further afield how about the Alps or the Transfăgărășan that was on Top Gear a few years ago?
  14. Chuckie478

    Got my final photos!

    Cool pics. For some weird reason my favourite is the 2nd one.
  15. There was an official Lexus LSD for sale on ebay a few months ago but I don't remember what it was on for. There are a few from Japan/US on there now but they're quite expensive. Not sure whether you'd have to make any other changes for the car to get the maximum benefit from it.