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  1. Some good results from Sonus can be found hereLinky
  2. OK, cheers. I think I will go for the Pinnacle as you are about the 4th person to says its great on black and my car is pearl black.
  3. All, Wax (Pinnacle Souveran or Swissol Onyx) Anyone got any experience of these? Pearl black - which is the better or for the money is there a better alternative. Not really bothered how long it lasts as I wax the car every 3rd wash.
  4. half hour job for you - will be 4 day epic for me! Looks like he gets the car with the knocking then!
  5. Hi all, My car goes next week to it's new owner, I have no issues with selling the car and there is nothing I know about that is a 'issue' except, the damn knocking caused by the pad moving in the shoe (is the right?) When I last had it serviced they copper greased it and it solved it for 3/4 months. Question, can I copper grease the caliper without taking it to bits to solve the problem? Thanks
  6. I think it looks as dull as cheese..
  7. Dont know which model you're getting, wife has new Golf GTi 200bhp which also states needs to be run on Super Unleaded, Sainbury's Meadowhall cheapest Super unleaded in our area only 2p litre more than premium ← Yup same engine mate, A3 2.0T Quattro (quicker than GTi ) Looks like I will be filling up there then.
  8. I'm getting new Audi A3 at the end of the month and it states that I have to run it on 97 or above (i think), just wondered if the premium was 97?
  9. I have a Morrison’s about a 1mile away, just been and filled up, they don't advertise what RON it is, they just say premier/premium, anyone know what that it is?
  10. Hay, don't knock the Audi's I have one on order for the end Oct. :P
  11. I echo that, it is *the* best thing I have ever bought, it crash's and it randomly records things that you did not ask for, but series link is fantastic, wheeler dealers, green button, off it goes and records them all regardless of time or date change.
  12. It is, mine went on the blink and beeped all the time - so it was replaced under warranty
  13. Thanks Aido, like I said you are all top class peeps! And no I never got my arse to any meets :D
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