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  1. Fifth Gear on TV - Jason Plato did some comparative tests on "cheap" things to improve performance on an old-ish Golf VR6. He started by putting a bottle of fuel cleaning additive in a tankful of gas, after running it for a week it gave him 6 bhp on the dyno, which was more than he subsequently got from oil/filter change, then plug/leads change. I do this on my LS400 Mk 1 about every 8/10 tankfuls and it seems to wake the motor up a bit each time. Can't do any harm, anyway . . . . .
  2. Thanks John! I hadn't got round to that because I imagined (poor old bugger!) that it wouldn't be quite so openly described! Happy Days . . .
  3. Have had this identical problem twice on my Mk1 LS400, and on both occasions it was the rear brake caliper seizing, (first the right, and 12 months later the left) this made everything very hot, and alarming vibration fading when allowed to cool down. Calipers CAN be rebuilt if you, or your repairer, can get the overhaul kits (USA probably - watch the cylinder internal diameter!), but I replaced them on both occasions and complete cure resulted. I can tell you its a bit of a pain getting new calipers cos there are different shape variations, but ebay came up with some from Germany, about 120 quid each time. Lots of photos ensured no mistakes.
  4. Following the failure of my 1991 LS400 Mk1 rev counter (I've had it all to bits - its busted), I am thinking the only solution is to buy a used binnacle unit, and swop 'em over. BUT, as my motor is of unusually low mileage (50,000 now genuine) the question of the used odometer showing probably100k-plus mileage will be an irritation at the very least. I know that "clocking" is naughty, and openly cannot be arranged, but it must have been necessary to replace these binnacles back in the day - how did the trade preserve continuity of mileage then? Is the little mechanical odometer unit detachable in any way to re-fix it to the replacement binnacle unit? Has anyone ANY knowledge of this which may be helpful?
  5. Hi Guys (Especially Malc!) - Found this post on the USA L.O.C. website, and I intend to try this when the weather settles down (my LS400 lives outside!). It was suggested as a cure when the u/s revcounter needle sits BELOW the zero mark, but may work in other circumstances. 1. Remove instrument cluster (and I'm hoping I can leave it connected!) 2. Remove front transparent cover. 3. Gently grasp r/c needle and pull out till a 'pop' is heard, or felt. 4. Rotate needle CLOCKWISE till similar 'pop' is felt, then gently release needle. 5. Push needle ANTICLOCKWISE to align with Zero mark. 6. Test by pushing needle to, say, 3000, and release, and it should return to zero - If it does, HAPPY DAYS, it should now work after reassembly. U.S.A. site feedback from at least one guy indicates this idea is a go-er, but then I guess we have nothing to lose by trying it.
  6. As a postscript to the above - nearly 2 years on they have proved to be absolutely fine, cross-drilling better than standard fit. bearing that in mind, I have just fitted grooved and crossdrilled front discs and they are a considerable improvement on the old ones. The discs and pads were about 150 quid from the U.S.of A. via fleabay. And the old girl sailed through yet another MoT with no hint of problems.
  7. Have been using Tesco Momentum for long enough to let the old girl (LS400 Mk1) get used to it, and she is very happy with the performance over the "cooking" grade. By the way, a week ago I filled up at ASDA in Brighton Marina, being a bit short for the journey home, also out of curiosity, as it was dirt cheap (relatively!) at only £1.10(.9) litre. What the grade was I couldn't see - they only sell the one - but the car runs surprisingly well on it! Not too many ASDA fuel stations where I live but if anyone has one near them, there's money to be saved!
  8. Lexus have never improved (matched?) on the LS400 - my 1991 Mk1 has this week passed its MoT again with NO advisories, and a comment from the tester that he'd not heard a sweeter engine in anything he'd tested recently! I think it may outlast me . . .
  9. Interesting observation for those who may only change their LS400 air filter once a year, or have forgotten about it for longer! I have just changed mine after only about 10 months and the old one looked like someone had swept a chimney with it! The Old Girl audibly heaved a sigh of relief and now goes better. . . . .
  10. I'm now running my LS400 Mk1 on Tesco Momentum, which is considerably cheaper than the other makes of premium fuel (typically only 5p dearer than their "cooking" brew) and it is definitely smoother and peppier at lower revs, ie most of the time. Reckon the mpg improved a little too. I did do an ECU reset before changing to help it learn the different octane rating.
  11. My LS400 Mk 1 suffered from random alarms, but I WAS getting a "door-open" indicator light in the dash. Turned out to be a faulty boot-lid switch which wasn't switching the boot courtesy light out, thus indicating boot open = alarm goes off! Its like the fridge - who knows if the light REALLY goes out . . . . .
  12. This may be a clue to my own, similar, problem (see previous posts) on my low-mileage Mk I. I will investigate for said wire - if its intact, what is the next step?
  13. I am clearly only a beginner with the THUMP technique - One good thump and its finished it off completely, with needle now right at the bottom, motionless! Are rev counters repairable, or am I advised to get a salvage replacement, or is an Auto-electrician likely to be any help? Steve, you mention a "procedure", is it a DIY or a money job? A dead rc is not the end of the world but the rest of the beast is so good its a bit of a shame . . .
  14. I picked up on the middle paragraph here - my 1991 LS400 rev counter is reluctant to register; nothing on tickover, wavers up to about 1500 only during driving! Haven't found anyone with a suggestion - was it a known problem?
  15. Yes, They have this "one-make parking" idea for 20 year model lines, and only charge a fiver for on-site parking for the day including driver and passenger admission. Good value considering normal price is about 15 quid each!