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  1. Have a look on the door pillars, on UK models there is a table with the VIN and the axle weights and all up train weight.
  2. I've found that the Yuasa YBX3068 is compatible with the Panasonic OEM fitted battery. The Panasonic battery is fitted with a vent to the underside of the car, the Yuasa also has a side vent.
  3. Sit down when they tell you, an have smelling salts ready.
  4. When I had my 400h, I had the cam-belt done at Lexus /Bolton, was about £550 fixed price.
  5. PF Jones do a fitting service at the factory in Manchester or at your home, mine was done at home.
  6. Got mine from PF Jones, was about that price fitted on my drive.
  7. All Toyota Lexus hybrid vehicles do not have a mechanical reverse gear, the direction of the electric motor or motors are reversed to go backwards. None of the CVT gearboxes use belts and variable cone pulleys to change the gear ratios. The front transmission unit has two electric motors, one directly connected to the drive wheels and another connected to an epicyclic gear train and has two functions, 1 to start the engine and 2 to vary the ratio of power between the engine and electric motor. There are some very good videos on YouTube which explain this better than I can.
  8. I don't know what you want to customise but do you have these buttons on your stearing wheel? if you do, look at page 617 item 6.2 in your owners manual. If you press and hold the menu button while stopped you may get to the info you require.
  9. But the 12v battery does not start the engine so Cold Cranking Amps is irrelevant. It just has to have a sufficient AmpHour rating.
  10. At the moment solar panels can not produce enough power to charge a large vehicle battery. The amount of energy from the sun at the equator is 1Kw per Square metre and the most efficient panels are less than 30% efficiency so you would need 300 sqm of panels to charge a battery in about 1 hr.
  11. I wasn't talking about a small 12V starter battery, they have quite big Lion batteries too. to assist the fuel cell.
  12. Even fuel cell cars need a battery like a hybrid to assist the fuel cell to get going. Hydrogen should be used for heavy haulage, busses and ferries. Batteries will improve to get the charge time down to an acceptable period.
  13. Me thinks you'd have to wait a long time for that! My nearest fill up station is over 100 miles away.