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  1. That's a hell of a lot of money for a 400h. Admittedly my 400h is six months older and 3 times the mileage but WBAC only offered £4000 for it. Naturally I declined.
  2. If you find a good one it's worth the travelling to get it. I got mine from an independent dealer about 50 miles away.
  3. I'd pay a little bit more and go or a 450h, doesn't need a cambelt at 100k miles (cir £500) as it uses a chain and also the engine is more efficient giving better MPG. 2009 was the change over date.
  4. Two MOTs ago my 400h had an advisory that the rear bushes on the front arms were cracked and had excessive movement, which I witnessed for myself during the MOT. I bought a pair of arms and then proceeded to change them which was a right ball ache. It involved jacking the engine up as high as possible to remove the engine support to get at the mounting bolts or the arm. I then looked at the on line workshop manual and noted that the first step was "Remove the engine and transmission complete" glad I didn't get Lexus to quote for it.
  5. Asked at Lexus Bolton about the 100,000 mile service and told that the cambelt is not included in the service.
  6. Not found one on mine but when the low fuel light comes on there is more than 30 miles left in there. It says it's a 65 litre tank and on my last fill-up the needle was over the R and the light had been on a while and I only got 56 L in the tank.
  7. There is a hole in the rear disc for access to the adjuster, there is a special tool as usual but a flat blade screwdriver will do the job.
  8. When I did my discs and pads I didn't disconnect the calipers, just hung them out of the way with a cable tie.
  9. Disks and pads are a piece of cake, just remember to slacken off the parking brake to get the rear disk off. Not done wheel bearing but it looks like they are a complete unit bolted on so not too much trouble. The regen braking is not an issue.
  10. Our Yaris has only one reversing light but it's a LED and it's as bright as the sun on a good day so lights the rear beautifully. One light is good enough if it's up to the task.
  11. I'd keep a very careful eye on it as I've had my 400h for 5 years now and it hasn't lost a cm from either the rad or inverter. I don'y know your cars history but it could be weeping out from the water pump.
  12. I wouldn't go near it. It's a ripoff. Put my 08 plate on WBAC and got a quote of £4k. I think they should give it away.
  13. My guess would be yes as I don't think the battery position has changed since the 400h was first made. Just looked on the Halfords site and they quote the same battery for the 2005 to 2009 model years but you could confirm this with Lexus.
  14. The 400h gearbox is whats known as an e-CVT, there are plenty of videos on YouTube as to there construction. There are no metal belts or slipping clutches in there and in fact there is no reverse gear, reverse is obtained by reversing the traction motor direction and using the battery direct. The traction motor is constantly connected to the front wheels and power is mixed from the battery and ICE via an epicyclic gear unit. The rear wheels are driven by a second traction motor/differential unit. I tow a 1700Kg caravan and have done ever since I got the car 5 years ago and it still performs the same as it did then.
  15. It's a Bosch S4 021 45 Ah. Got mine off eBay, there are plenty for sale there for around £60 to £70. This battery does not have a foot on the bottom so will fit directly into the housing base.