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  1. When I had a 400H road tax was £480 and it averaged about 27mpg. My 450H is £150 tax and averages 30 mpg.
  2. This is normal for the 400H and the 450H too. It only uses the rear drive when needed due to loss of traction, but uses it for regen all the time when braking.
  3. You could go for a 400H, less tax and better economy than a 300. Just check that the cam belt has been done if over 100,000 miles.
  4. From memory my 400h wasn't 1 a week. but if you have the lights on it does wash the headlights too. I think it holds just short of a gallon (5L).
  5. Don't know about that but knowing all motor manufacturers like to get their pound of flesh, probably not.
  6. I like the HUD and now never look at the speedo, and you can change the units to KPH for France etc. It also gives you directions from the satnav. I average 30 mpg but on one long run following friends towing managed 38. The LED headlight take a bit of getting used to as there is no fuzzy edge to the pattern it just draws a line on the road. On my car you can't adjust the height of the beam from the dash (no button). A replacement LED headlight unit is about a grand from Lexus.
  7. All Lexus/Toyota hybrids don't have a rev counter, they have a power display in its place as you can be powering the car just from the traction battery and the ICE will not be running.
  8. The only way to tell if the engine is not running is to have the power flow diagram on in the small LCD display in the centre of the instrument cluster or on the main screen. It is a bit annoying as you can't hear the engine unless it's working hard.
  9. You're out of luck there, no DVD in the boot, my 2011 450h doesn't have a DVD based system and only a dealer can update it. This was done by the previous owner at a cost of about £150. I think it's done via the USB input.
  10. Not quite true, there are in fact two motor generators at the front of the car, a larger one drives the wheels and is permanently engaged and a smaller one which is used to start he Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and mix the power between the ICE and the Motor connected to the front wheels. So when the "Brain" calls for the ICE to start the second motor turns to start the ICE and the reaction of the ICE starting is transferred to the wheels but because it is in Park they can not turn so play in the transmission is taken up and this feels like a jerk. Even our Yaris HSD does this.
  11. I just use Windows 10 software to burn MP3 CDs but make sure you burn it so that a CD/DVD can play it NOT like a USB Drive. Worked every time for me on my old 400h.
  12. Not into the majority of cities that will ban ICE cars in the future.