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  1. I did the replacement on my previous 400h myself after looking into the workshop manual and finding that Lexus say remove the engine and transmission as the very first step. It was not easy and required the engine jacking up once the mounting was loosened and also the subframe dropping to the last few threads on the bolts to get enough clearance to remove the engine mount. Not an easy job.
  2. I've noticed that the cutoff of my headlights is a little low so I don't see much ahead on the road. my 400h had a scroll button to adjust the height of the beam. Is there on on the 450h, as the manual doesn't seem to show it being adjustable?
  3. Just done over 2000 miles on a French holiday and found the fuel gauge to be fairly linear from 90% to 10%, it lies at first and doesn't drop quickly from full and the fuel light seems to come on with about 10 litres left in the tank too. I averaged about 35 mpg as well.
  4. After watching this video there is no way I would even think about changing to plugs.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, just ordered one from PF Jones to be fitted at my home with a dedicated 13 pin wiring loom.
  6. Herbs is right, the satnav is not worth putting a newer Lexus unit in if it will fit. the newest Lexus satnav unit you can fit is still useless and maps are very expensive.
  7. by "self levelling" they mean air suspension, if you've got it you will know, there are no springs visible and there is an adjustment switch low down next to the front door. If you have air suspension then good luck getting a towbar as only the Westfalia detachable bar will fit your model,(this is what Lexus fit) and there are none in the country at the moment. I'm trying to get one for mine from PF Jones but due to a merger or something between Witter and Westfalia there are none available.
  8. Just read the article and if it came from Lexus then they need to get their fact right. Quote "Our free* Lexus Hybrid Health Check is designed to do just that, we first analyse the status and condition of your Lexus “traction” battery. This 400 volt pack is the battery that powers your car’s wheels, and is separate to the 12v starter battery that’s used to start the engine." The 12 volt battery is only there to provide power to the 12v auxiliaries and to "start the hybrid system". The engine is started by the hybrid battery via a separate motor generator.
  9. I'd let Lexus or a trusted specialist do it, Lexus do it for a fixed price unless you want to change the water pump and followers at the same time. and then as the strip down is already done you will only pay for the parts and maybe an extra 1/2 hour. The work will also be guaranteed as well.
  10. Try coming up North, around the Tebay area M6 it's a complete dead spot, (DAB & FM)
  11. I think Bluetooth was included on all newer 400hs but it only does phone only and you have to download the address book manually if you can. (phone may not let you, my iPhone wouldn't)
  12. Got Hybrid assistant, also occasionally if I go over a bump while slowing down the regen stops until I re-apply the brakes. Hybrid assistant is good but it's a pain to use as I have to make sure that I unplug the OBD reader or the car lights up like a Christmas tree when I restart it.
  13. What can cause the intermittent regen when braking, I can put my foot lightly on the brake pedal and nothing happens i.e no regen, re-apply the brakes and then get full regen. There are no faults showing on my reader and hybrid assistant says everything is working OK. Any ideas.
  14. Both mine came loos, sounded like a tin of nuts and bolts rattling round the car. Took them off, cleaned them and refitted them with some penny washers. Been OK for the last two years.