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  1. I use these guys it's full of add's but I don't need it a lot.
  2. If you lift your foot off the accelerator the the car will coast with only light retardation. To get more regen braking start lightly pressing the brake pedal and you will see the power dial go fully negative putting about 30 kW into the battery. Pressing harder will apply the mechanical brakes, I try and judge the distance to stop so that I can come to a halt with minimal mechanical braking and get the most regen.
  3. I had a 400h for 5 years and towed a Bailey Senator twin axle at 1700kg with no problems, except for the 18 to the gallon. I now have a 450h which is a little lest thirsty, 22 mpg towing and I've even averaged 38 mpg on a long run from home to Dover. Your caravan is about the same weight at MRO 1534kg and MTPLM of 1740kg, within the 2000kg max towing capacity.
  4. When my kit was fitted to the 450h, only one wire had to be found and cut to splice in the bypass for the fog lights. The electronics unit knows when the trailer or caravan is plugged in and prevents the car rear fog lights from lighting whilst towing. The rest of the wiring was plug and play, down in the bottom of the boot on the passenger side there is a muti-pin connector that is unplugged and then connected to the new towing harness. This plug and socket is behind the Sub Woofer if you have one so that will need to be removed.
  5. I think it was for the reversing lights, as they got to the tailgate. On the 400h the battery is in the front so I ran wires in a plastic conduit to the rear under the car. I didn't use the dedicated wiring kit but the generic one and it worked fine.
  6. I thought that when I got my kit but the Westfalia and Lexus part numbers are the same for 09 to 15 as the kits on PF Jones website and the kit fitted with no problem. Lexus is not plug and play both the car I have now and the 400h I had previously where not equipped with a towing socket wiring already in the loom. the 400h was worse as I had to run cables from the battery in the front to the rear and also a connection had to be made above the roof lining in the rear. It was a swine to do.
  7. You'll find the instructions for the dedicated kit here. it may not be of much help.
  8. Hi I've just had one fitted to my 450 and I was advised to get the dedicated kit and when it was fitted I can see why. Yes it cost a bit more but in all it was far easier to fit. the only wire to cut was the one to both rear fog lights as the bypass electronics cuts out the car fog lights when the trailer is fitted. I had the 13 pin unit and the lighting all went through one connector which had a jumper connector to fit between the plug and socket in the car loom. In my opinion the 13 pin connectors a far superior to the old 12N and 12S plugs. I have a paper copy of the instructions for the fitting of the bypass unit which is an all-in-one box which does the lighting bypass, split charging and sound for indicators. Worth the investment I think.
  9. I got a service plan when I got me Lexus a couple of months ago. I got it from a Toyota garage, so I'm paying just over £20 a month for a 3 year service plan which includes a hybrid health check done by Lexus and 3 MOTs. I also got an 18 month warranty thrown in for free.
  10. There's a button on the steering wheel that pages through the centre display to give you fuel consumption etc. If you press and hold it for a few seconds it brings up a separate menu where you can disable easy access partially or fully. See section 6 of the user manual.
  11. I did the replacement on my previous 400h myself after looking into the workshop manual and finding that Lexus say remove the engine and transmission as the very first step. It was not easy and required the engine jacking up once the mounting was loosened and also the subframe dropping to the last few threads on the bolts to get enough clearance to remove the engine mount. Not an easy job.
  12. I've noticed that the cutoff of my headlights is a little low so I don't see much ahead on the road. my 400h had a scroll button to adjust the height of the beam. Is there on on the 450h, as the manual doesn't seem to show it being adjustable?
  13. Just done over 2000 miles on a French holiday and found the fuel gauge to be fairly linear from 90% to 10%, it lies at first and doesn't drop quickly from full and the fuel light seems to come on with about 10 litres left in the tank too. I averaged about 35 mpg as well.
  14. After watching this video there is no way I would even think about changing to plugs.