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  1. I went for a dedicated electrics kit and 13 pin, it wasn't cheap Circ £800 fitted. The under bumper is cut to access the tow-bar socket and fold down electric socket. Does yours have air suspension as the kit for without air is cheaper. The cut is in the under tray and as mine is silver it is visible but it is tolerable, you can only see it if you are crouching down or more than 6 feet away from the rear of the car.
  2. I've noticed that the bottom half of the chrome grill has a cover behind it. It's separate and plastic tabs have been melted over to fix it in place. I tow a large caravan so would it be prudent to remove this to allow more flow across the radiator. There was no mention of this in the Wesfalia fitting instructions, which seem comprehensive. Any wise words of wisdom would be appreciated. Peter.
  3. Have you tried PF Jones, they are in Manchester, they fitted mine on my drive, electrics and all. The 400H I had was a bit of a phaff as there was a connection above the roof lining to make. RX Towbar electrics.pdf
  4. As you say the beep is a legal requirement, the beep tells you that the indicator light on the connected unit is working, it's part of the 7pin electrics kit. If the MOT tester is doing his job correctly he should test the towing electrics and if the unit doesn't beep it may be a fail, it was before they changed the categories.
  5. I've towed my 1700Kg twin axle caravan with both my earlier 400h and now my 450h with no problems at all.
  6. When I got my 450h it came with both sets of mats, the rubber were over the top of the carpet ones. I've never bothered taking the rubber ones out except to clean them.
  7. I fitted one from PF Jones to my 400H, no problems with the spare wheel.
  8. I have HUD on my car, can't say I've noticed a film where the HUD displays. The wipers will be handed so if they are heated in that area then there will be a different part no.
  9. DAB reception in my Lexus is rubbish when compared to my misses Yaris. I put it down to the aerial also, I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if a solution comes up.
  10. There was a button on my old 400h and if the mirror was knocked, you just folded it into the park position and then cycled them with the button and they clicked into sync. There was no auto function on my car but after you had switched off the car you could release the button and they would open on powerup.
  11. It's so bad I never use it. Until it's like a Tesla system the it's just an annoyance to me.
  12. Quite a while ago on eBay. Just looked now £100 to £130 from the US
  13. You can cut the outer thin flimsy bit off just leaving the thicker bit that supports the hand brake mechanism and save all that money and hassle of changing them. They are not required to pass the MOT, as I found out before shelling out loads of money. By the way in the US they are about $50 each.
  14. Colin is correct the 5mph increments works in adaptive (radar) cruise. If you have it, when you switch cruise on it will say radar ready in the centre display. To change to normal you need to push the cruise stalk forward when stationary. As an aside when the wipers go into high speed it disables the radar cruise. This fooled me for a time.
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