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  1. Not quite true, there are in fact two motor generators at the front of the car, a larger one drives the wheels and is permanently engaged and a smaller one which is used to start he Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and mix the power between the ICE and the Motor connected to the front wheels. So when the "Brain" calls for the ICE to start the second motor turns to start the ICE and the reaction of the ICE starting is transferred to the wheels but because it is in Park they can not turn so play in the transmission is taken up and this feels like a jerk. Even our Yaris HSD does this.
  2. I just use Windows 10 software to burn MP3 CDs but make sure you burn it so that a CD/DVD can play it NOT like a USB Drive. Worked every time for me on my old 400h.
  3. Not into the majority of cities that will ban ICE cars in the future.
  4. Toyota/Lexus have so for been way ahead of the rest of the bunch but lately IMO have dropped the ball. They could have easily brought out PHEV versions of all their cars not just the Prius, which proved they could do it. They will get left behind. They are behind, even Ford get it with the new Mustang Mach-e.
  5. I don't think there are any sensors etc. for a rear end collision, just front and side impact sensors.
  6. My 61 450h have these flaps to fully cover the rear area also.
  7. Not necessarily silly but the regen braking on the 450h is much more pronounced than the 400h as more regen is used and the hydraulics don't cut in as soon. I had an 08 400h before so as Herbie said a comparison is not relevant, just try to adapt your driving to slow down a bit sooner, you'll soon get into it being the norm. If you have to stop quickly though it will.
  8. I had a towbar fitted in July which needed the battery disconnecting and when all the work was done and the battery was reconnected I didn't need to reset anything, all worked as before, so perhaps there is another fault somewhere.
  9. If the car is a hybrid then the A/C comp is also electric.
  10. The only thing is the maps are out of date even if you upgrade to the latest for your car, and they are prohibitively expensive too. My map was upgraded to the 17/18 version by the previous owner at its service and it cost him £175 for Lexus to do it. Google maps on a phone or tablet is free and up to date all the time.
  11. We also have a 68 plate Yaris and the satnav in that although not as good as Google maps or Waze etc is a giant leap from my 2011 RX.
  12. By safe I hope you mean in a shielded container well away from an outside wall to prevent relay type thefts.
  13. There are no problems carrying both the card and the fob. I keep the card in my wallet all the time and the fob in my pocket so that I can open the boot remotely if required.