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  1. You don't have to be an engineer to replace the bottom arms, just be able to use a spanner and socket set.
  2. You can get both bottom arms and ball joints from e-bay for about £150 delivered.
  3. I'd have the Outlander in a heartbeat but it wont tow my caravan (too heavy) the RX will. I can't wait till Toyota/Lexus get out of the stone age and start to produce a descent PHEV, after all they did it with the Prius a good while ago. I've given up waiting for an all electric model.
  4. I've only ever found one reservoir so I'd say yes to Q1. When the level is low on my 400h I get a warning message on the small display in the speedo saying appropriately washer level low. It takes just under a gallon (4.5 l for the young ones) to fill it. I don't think the jets are heated but I use ready mixed screen wash. Hope this helps.
  5. No all electric version though, They're still pursuing the fuel cell. No H2 infrastructure, my nearest is well over 50 miles away so to fill up it's a 100 mile round trip.
  6. Try eBay, you want something like this
  7. Fitted my tow myself which was easy, apart from the electrics, one connection is above the roof lining and it's not easy identifying the correct wires as a lot of them are white so which one do you chose. When it came to running the 12v power to the rear I just put three wires, one for the fridge power and one for the permanent 12v and the other for the sense wire, down a black plastic conduit and went from the battery to the rear under the car and cable tied it on.
  8. I tow a 1700Kg caravan with my 400h and have had no overheating problems or needed an additional cooling fan. It just drinks fuel but that's the price you pay for towing with a petrol car that gives a reasonable fuel consumption when not towing (28 to 32 mpg). I fitted the tow bar myself and there was a need to cut a small section out of the rear bumper. If you go for the Wesfalia detachable bar it's the one that Lexus fit as original equipment. The electrical wiring is a bit of a faf as you need to get the special wiring kit for the car. To get at the various connection points is not easy and identifying the correct wires for the lights is not easy as there is no connecting plug socket fitted to the loom. one of the connections is above the roof lining!
  9. Just had a right royal battle with the rear wiper motor, the wiper blade had been juddering and noisy for some time so I took the arm off and ran the motor, what a racket. I removed the motor which took some effort as the window bush had rusted too but I finally freed it. That little motor is really powerful, I removed the cover to expose the gears and I couldn't turn the spindle. I finally removed it and cleaned off all the rust and then rebuilt and fitted the motor with a liberal coating of marine grease. The moral of this story is that if your rear wiper is noisy and judders don't leave it too long before giving it a coat of looking at, it may save you pounds as a new motor will not be cheap.
  10. At 100K miles the cam belt will need replacing, had mine done at Lexus Bolton, it's a fixed price £295. You'll find all prices here.
  11. Strange e-mail

    I keep getting a scam e-mail from smithamandez offering me various official documents, does anyone else get them and how can I stop them?
  12. Had to change all discs and pads when I got my 08 400H, got them from Eurocarparts, they are fine. Also on other cars I've used Brake Parts Superstore. All were much cheaper than main dealer prices.
  13. RX400H DVD Music

    Having read the Nav manual which covers the player too, it appears that the format of the DVD has to be DVD-Audio so not MP3, pity there is no aux input on the head unit that can be used as 6 CDs full of MP3s wont hold my collection.
  14. Has anyone on here successfully created an mp3 DVD? I've managed CDs but not DVDs