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  1. Have a look through my post mate, I've posted about it. Personally, if it was at £13,500 or even £14,000 it's a good buy maybe.........
  2. yeah tbh, I think it's going to have to be one of the dealers........thank you for that, very interesting! And spot on the new reg also.
  3. Thanks Big Rat, absolutely aware, but they are all traders, and I like buying private especially if it's off a forum member that has good traceable history on it.
  4. Right before I do about 1000 miles criss crossing the country looking at all the USB ISFs for sale at various traders, are there any forum members thinking about selling up? If so, please get in contact with me! Thank you! I will really look after it!
  5. It's not lumbar support, I would say it's the backing of the seat has somehow collapsed in the mid section. I have now seen 6 Lexus ISFs, and this was the only one that had this issue with the seat. In addition, this same seat problem/feel was present in an old IS200 that I looked at many years ago. What was interesting was that the passenger seat exhibited the same issue, but not to the same degree. Yeah was worth a punt at £13.5k. Spend £1k on service and bodyshop and drive it for a year.........and sell for £13k. Which was why I really kicked myself for not buying Stuno's car way back when, as it was mint then.
  6. Also, I went and looked at Tom's ISF last summer and it was immaculate for about 17k......I didn't know about Apexi throttle controllers then, otherwise I would have pulled the trigger and bought that one, instead I said it seemed a bit uninspiring..... doh!
  7. ISF PX value

    well ricky, if you ever move onto the Alfa, let me know about the ISF!!!
  8. For 17k, you're better off buying the black one at 17,999, and they would probably chop a grand off to move it.
  9. I think the main crux was that I felt like I would be settling. I had in my mind a pristine ISF, TBH it won't have been for £13,500! I still think about it now, that I should have bought it. Drive it for a year and move it on at practically the same price......but in the back of my mind - I really wanted the USB colour. So the search continues.....
  10. So guys, I went to see this car at the private sale. I went because it was Stuno's old car, it had Lexus Warranty, full Lexus SH, newish tyres and brakes and was a colour I could live with, the apexi throttle controller and the H&S Exhaust. (Also a flat bottomed steering wheel, which I thought looked quite good, if a bit worn.) I loved the test drive, the mods made a huge difference, and the car was available at £13,500. So, why didn't I buy it. Mainly because of two things: 1. The bonnet and the front wing on the passenger side didn't match, there was a gap, which I thought was odd. In addition, there was quite a bit of orange peel on the front bumper. So it has had a knock, in my opinion. 2. The seats, the mid back section of the seat was terrible, it actually dug into my back, which I thought was odd. This was not the case, with the other 4 Lexis ISF's that I had test driven. (Plus the seats looked knackered) There is a third item, but I was willing to accept that, was that the car is due the major service, £500 odd pounds I think. (Couple of scratches around the bodywork, alloys need a good refurb.) Hope this helps anyone that chooses to go see the car.
  11. I too have been looking a long time. In all honesty, I should have bought Stuno's grey one way back when. But he was miles away and a test drive of a normal one disappointed me greatly. (Didn't go manual mode or sports...but even then in my opinion the ISF needs Apexi Throttle and H&S to make it a car that I would keep) Missed out on Giblet's black one, because I don't want black, otherwise that would have been a great buy. Again, missed out on Tom's because I wasn't convinced by a stock ISF. My problem is, I only like two colours within the isf range, the blue and the grey. The blue ones cost a bomb.....and once you get upto 25k, all sorts of other fancy machinery comes into focus.....
  12. Hello Chaps, I am quite tempted by this car: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201802083537136?logcode=visc&fromSA=true It's USB with a black interior which is my preference along with the mesh alloys, which I love. However the car is an ex Jersey car, and as such have no visibility on history before it, also I am led to understand that Jersey has a 30MPH rule everywhere, so the car has not been driven properly for all of its life..... Any thoughts on buying an ex jersey car? Or am I worrying about nothing.....
  13. Please could you send me the link, I am going to need to buy an apexi controller as well...
  14. I'll be up for this!!! Fingers crossed it happens.