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  1. amoten84

    Question About Amp Bypass

    can you see it here
  2. amoten84

    Question About Amp Bypass

    Hi Guys, I need a lil help. Tried DIY after reading the posts here and tried to install a bluetooth kit. I haven't put everything back because its not working. So I have managed to unplug the two connectors from the back of the AMP and use the big connector to plug the SOT -913 Lead from Autoleads for my kit. I believe the small connector didn't had a use so I plugged it back to the amp. There were two big connectors in the SOT Lead so I plugged the male back to the AMP and the female to the original one that came out of the AMP. I still have few plugs that are not connected. I have taken photos of all the plugs and how it stands.
  3. amoten84

    Is200 Parrot Mki9200 Install 'how To' Pic Heavy

    All of your photos are missing. Trying to install an io play kit this post would have been very helpful
  4. amoten84

    Cd Multichanger Not Working

    I noticed when taking out the heated seat button section, it was scratched quite badly. I'd be more annoyed if it was a newer car. I'm just happy it's working properly. Hi Stuart, I am having the exact same problem. Do you still have the document to remove the stereo?
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