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  1. Aikon

    Sat Nav And Dab Radio...

    I gave up on my inbuilt nav, entering favourites was laborious, the maps on a brand new car were seriously out of date & the routing woeful compared to TomTom Go on iPhone, which costs 30 odd pounds for a 3 year subscription with traffic & cameras.
  2. Aikon

    No DAB signal

    I seem to recall from setting mine up in December that you have to select the ensemble before you can then search for stations, it took me a while to figure out. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  3. They can do that!? I'm so doing that, it's exceptionally annoying.
  4. Aikon

    Ct 200 Club

    My company car needed replacing in December, my job is pretty flat out most of the year except for the first few weeks of January so I took the opportunity to take some extended test drives and get an order in.
  5. Aikon

    New CT arrived

    Looks like a lovely car, had mine 2 months and 3500 miles now and have no regrets, handles nicely, love the auto. It has a few shortcomings over the VW it replaced but the CT more than makes up for it in other ways.
  6. Aikon

    Folding Door Mirrors

    Exactly what I do on my 2015 Advance Plus
  7. Ouch, I scratched the glass on my VW removing water with a squeegee, thankfully the lease company didn't notice.
  8. Aikon

    Dealership Or Lexus Service Plan

    My VW TDI has done 101k on long life servicing, the engine feels great, the aircon had a fault around 70k which I had to pay for but apart from 6 tyres and a fog light I've spent nothing else on it, not even brake pads. Sent from my KC-S701 using Tapatalk
  9. Aikon

    Dealership Or Lexus Service Plan

    FWIW I was quoted £2514 for 4 years/100k, my VW TDi has cost £1677 for 100k, plus 6 tyres and a fog lamp, no brake pads yet...
  10. Aikon

    Dealership Or Lexus Service Plan

    Yep mine will be new, I've had a quote from the supplying retailer but will check if it can be transferred to other dealerships as my boss is more likely to go for it if it's transferable or underwritten by Lexus in case of the dealer closing down.
  11. Aikon

    Dealership Or Lexus Service Plan

    I'd be interested in any replies as well, I pick my CT200h up in 3 weeks and will cover 85000 in the 3 years I'll have it. Sent from my KC-S701 using Tapatalk
  12. Aikon

    Ct 200 Club

    I'm waiting semi patiently, ordered my company CT200h at the end of January & its eventually due to be delivered 4 weeks on Tuesday! Sent from my KC-S701 using Tapatalk
  13. I have but as it's a company car & the Advance Plus has everything I want plus the two tone paint, nav & sunroof all within budget I'm fairly settled on it.
  14. A good point about the wheel size, the test vehicle was an Advance with 16's, I'll see if I can get to drive something with 17's before I order. The spare doesn't trouble me too much, I haven't had a spare since my Audi A2 back in 2005!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm going through the motions of ordering my first Lexus for delivery as a company car later this year. I've had a 2hr test drive in a CT200h Advance which was great & it averaged 53mpg over a very mixed route in & around MK on a mix of city, DC & country roads. I'll be the first driver in the company in a hybrid, in fact the first not to have a diesel! I am thinking the Advance Plus will be the model I order, with the optional wifi hotspot option, the only options I've got in my VW that this spec doesn't have is auto parking which I don't use & the auto dim rear view mirror. Are there any options you would recommend I consider before I confirm my order? Thanks in advance