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  1. Yesss, gains would be as good as Sikky headers if they are long equal lengths and do away with primary cats. I believe there is one isf out there with secondary cats still in place with Sikky headers, headers were ceramic coated plus wrapped to increase exhaust gas heat so the secondary cats would heat up enough to do the emissions reduction task on there own. Mark.
  2. 1. Reliable V8 performance. 2. Looks and Sound. 3. Practical enough for daily use.
  3. The water pump problem is similar to the valley plate problem, Lexus sealant that they used was crap or wrong type. Steering issue, steering would feel locked in position when a turn was executed but unlocked with normal turning force applied with your arms. If that makes sense.
  4. Had my 2008 isf for 3 and a half years, do all my own work to it, roll it up car ramps every couple of months to clean underneath and only rust I've come across is surface rust to the fuel tank strap, rear subframe just to the edges, diff casing, bolt heads, some small steel brackets for wiring hiding under bumpers. There is no rust anywhere on the body, floor or arches. Now at 127600 miles.
  5. 2008 car with 126200 miles. Owner since August 2016. No faults or failures. Just usual tyres, brakes, oils, filters, plugs. I will say it has all original bushes and it feels as though they could soon be for a replacement.
  6. I stalked for a year until I got a isf back in August 2016, for past 2 years I've been stalking again watching some of you jump from the isf to a rcf or gsf. My favourite stalking is the isf mods, as my isf is a keeper for life it's nice to see other owners enjoying there isf. I've not done any mods to mine yet that are worth talking about, but soon it will be paid for and I'll legally own it outright, I wasn't going to mention it until I started the work next spring but my isf will be a full on "CCSR ISF" copy once it's done. Pic of a real CCSR
  7. This is one from Lexus Edinburgh am I correct, went down for a drive one night about a week ago and seen it parked up at the back. Walked round it salivating, mint condition.
  8. Wasn't brave enough to do enough sanding, but until I get the paint depth measured there will be no more lol
  9. Done some wet sanding to some fine scratches, filled in some stone chips with lacquer then sand flat, wet sanding with 2500 grit paper to do the job. Not bad looking for a 10 year old car and 115670 miles.
  10. Sun was out in Scotland today, well for last 2 weeks it's been sunny, think Scotland must have slid down the side of the earth closer to Spain lol So washed the beast this morning, this is a washed pic. All day today I'm going to wet sand and polish it and post pics tonight as the sun goes down, hope I can cut and buff the paint back up yikes.
  11. The isf is not slow in sport manual mode, locked in a gear anything above 3000 rpm and it will jump forward with a lot of torque when stamping on the throttle.