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  1. Mine is getting picked up tomorrow by Lexus coventry so i will update on further developments. It is strange though because it only happens on idle from cold start,if you move off immediately there is no noise. We are selling it soon, not because of this annoyance, because it has been a superb car for the last four years and a pleasure to own but 95% of our driving is now local and its not making sense anymore. We already have a plug in Hybrid countryman which is a great car and we have decided to go to a full EV as well and just a hire a car for the couple of trips to Cornwall every year.
  2. Eame64


    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking ISF.
  3. There is list of Lexus dealerships that will except gold member discount cards in the Gold members section i think. i know lexus Coventry does as i have had some great savings on my services from them, the gold membership fee is easily got back on just one service alone. Also very useful for Halfords discount on polishes or dash cams etc.
  4. Well my Rx will be going back to Lexus again to find the cause of this start up rattle,i've now filled it with premium fuel three times and used toyota injector cleaner as advised but the rattle is still there on start up.Thankfully i have warranty because this could get expensive. I will update on what happens next.
  5. Thanks for the review I-S enjoyed reading that. There seems to be at least six driving about here in stratford upon avon at the moment so i have already seen most colours, and the white interior seems to be the most popular that i've seen so far.
  6. I had this happen to my 2014 RX about a year after i got it, lexus did replace it for me after we found out it had been broken before i purchased it from them and the previous owner had bodged it back together without Lexus noticing. Apparently the kids had broke it being heavy handed with it.
  7. Does anyone on hear own (or have owned) a Post 2010 VW Caravelle as i would be grateful for your thoughts or experiences as its something i'm thinking of having. i know there is endless info on these but it would be good to hear some unbiased thoughts.
  8. Alan its not Lexus Coventry thats the problem they have been very helpful throughout and even had the car for 4 days so they could check for noise each morning.Warranty won't permit any further work until you go through a process which is what we are doing.The service manager even showed me all the correspondance he was having with warranty.
  9. Hi Darren,i have only just refuelled it using premium plus fuel as Lexus asked me to do before they would look into it further.This is what warranty told them to do as a starter. i will give it another couple of days and if its still as bad it will be going back to Lexus again.It does disappear quite quickly and drives without fault but the start up noise is not right and i won't be accepting that its normal.
  10. This is quite relevant at the moment as my RX450H has being doing this for a while, it has been back to the dealers a couple of times for checks but there has been no faults come up in diagnostics or even pending. They actually kept the car for 4 days to check on the noise and do agree it can be quite bad on start up,it even showed signs of random misfires on all the cylinders which was weird. They did change the plugs again without charge even though they were done less than 10,000 miles ago. Warranty would not let them do anymore until i put premium plus fuel in it and see if the problem persists.I agreed i would try this but i know it won't make any difference so it will be going back again pretty soon i'm sure. In fairness Lexus Coventry have been brilliant and changed the plugs at there own cost.Apparently this also has happened on some GS450H's so there is a problem somewhere and i don't think its just the unleaded thats used. The RX does drive as normal and the noise goes away once warmed up.
  11. The sat nav update question comes up all the time but it is mostly a dealer update which is far too expensive and still won't be as good as your phone maps or waze etc. I find the infotainment easy to use and it gives me everything i need including playing dvd's when stationary.
  12. Thats the same colour and spec i once had,and it was a lovely car and very smooth but to be honest i couldn't live with the MPG which was as low as 17 at times.The best i got was 32 on a long run. I only had that particular model for 6 months before selling it but had no problems in that time.
  13. Looks great,I’m sure it’s everything and more than you expected.
  14. Lets see some pics of your new Tesla 3 i-S, I have seen 5 in my area recently including one with a very special matte colour scheme which wasn't to my taste. I went up to take a closer look at this one and when i looked in the window the car took a photo of me which did make me smile.