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  1. Very nice Steve the Rx looks great.
  2. I bought a swb toyota land crusier from preston on ebay without seeing it because they were quite rare and i liked the tonka toy look,after getting there i found the air con and sunroof didn't work and he had failed to mention this,but i drove it back anyway and it was really good to drive. Sold it a year later for the same money.
  3. I also thought that was totally unnecessary and it didn't really fit with the review.
  4. Weirdly enough i've just had my Is250c insurance renewal today and its actually gone down £10 this year which they have made sure was made very clear at the top of the page.
  5. I do prefer the look of the RX with the rear pipes on show as with the 200t,should all be like that imho.
  6. Congrats on your new purchase and glad you are enjoying it. i still can't make my mind up about selling my IS250c,i was out in it the other day with the roof down and it was a great place to be, but since we got our Mini Countryman Phev as a second car the IS barely gets used. Good luck with the sale of yours twolexii hope it sells quick.
  7. I would still consider the RX400H as its a step up in my opinion and once you get to grips with the CVT style of driving your'll be fine.
  8. i just got my Denso Hybrid blades for the IS from car parts for less and paid £22 including delivery,also a very straight forward fit as the previous were the same. Ordered saturday morning and arrived yesterday Lunchtime which is good service.
  9. I saw the new Rav outside our local Toyota dealer yesterday but was not impressed with its looks to be honest.The New Corolla was also there which I think is a good looking car.
  10. We don't get the Is350 in the UK which is a shame.
  11. i did enjoy 5th Gear until it started to become just like Top Gear,and has been pointed out, the best reviews seem to be on youtube these days.
  12. Welcome to the forum,hope you are enjoying the RX.