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  1. Eame64


    Yes it does.
  2. Eame64


    This is the one that is on my RX450H and was fitted by the previous owner(2014) at a cost of £1100 from Lexus,so the one on eBay is a bargain to say the least. I have never actually used mine but have put it on a couple of times to check all was well. By the way they are very heavy.
  3. It Also worked for me when I had my Is250c,the rattle had been the only annoyance in an otherwise lovely car.
  4. You have yourself a beautiful sc430 there Lucille,i'm sure Bob's happy its gone to a good home. Nice to see you on both forums too.
  5. Saga was the same for us, the renewal jumped by nearly £150 so ended up with Lloyds this year for basically the same price as last years premium. Will probably have to do this year on year now as loyalty as obviously disappeared.
  6. We had the NX300H in 2014 when they first came out, but i soon felt after a trip to Cornwall that even though it was very comfortable it was underpowered and after a year we exchanged it for the RX450H Advance which we still have today. More power when needed, more boot space and not a lot of difference in fuel costs. I have had a couple of NX's as courtesy cars since then and certainly don't regret my decision.
  7. Just go for the Advance model with the sunroof in, there was a choice of either.
  8. Welcome to the forum and looking forward to seeing the pics.
  9. Eame64


    Congrats on your new UX, don't forget some pics. Welcome to the forum.
  10. They do work very well but do make sure you put your keys in the lined part of the wallet.