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  1. Eame64

    New IS300h Owner

    Welcome Lee and a great introduction.Your IS300H looks great.
  2. Yep i noticed that last night i wonder how long it will take to sell.
  3. I actually had a New NX back in 2014 when they first came out hardly ever saw another one on the road back then, we changed to the RX after a year because we wanted more power and space and never regretted it as the RX is a brilliant car and suits our needs.
  4. i fitted a 402G professional to our RX well over a year ago and basically forgot about it as it can't be seen.i managed to hide it behind the rear view mirror by not using the suction cap and doctoring the top part of the unit which is removable with tiny screws and then securing it to the rear view mirror with the screw that secures the mirror.i also turned off the screen and start up sound and you would never know its there.The Lexus driver returning my car from a service certainly didn't notice as i copt him speeding after checking the footage,which is of good quality by the way.
  5. We have had our 2014 RX450H Advance for just over 3 years now and have been thinking of upgrading to a 2016/17 4RX but the cost to change is at least £17k and that’s quite hard to take for something which is only a couple of years younger and as Paul says drives pretty much the same. last October we were offered £16900 by Lexus coventry against a 2016 premier which was priced at £39000.We thought this was just way too much to change.
  6. Eame64

    New RX owner

    Welcome to the forum and your choice of Lexus.
  7. Eame64


    Hi James, No i haven't advertised it as yet because we are not in a rush to sell.Its been a great car and we really enjoy using it but it has now become a third car since we got our New plug in hybrid for a second car.The better half wants to keep it as we do have the space but to be honest i think i would get a bit stressed looking after three.
  8. Very nice and a good colour combination.
  9. Eame64


    Just giving this a little bump as it will be going on the trader in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Great looking GS450H and of course quite rare unlike BMW's.
  11. I think we all have to shop around these days weather its car,house, home or even boiler cover because as has been pointed out there is definitely no loyalty anymore.This thing about automatic renewal payment also drives me nuts as you know you didn't opt for it but every year it comes back up on any renewal notice and you have to call up and tell them not to do it.
  12. Congrats on your purchase look forward to some pics.
  13. I have also noticed this but i think its due to the current climate of people looking to change to Hybrid vehicles.
  14. Eame64

    Incoming newbies

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your soon to be GS450H. I have got a lot of good information from hanging around the Speak EV forum.