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  1. Looks great,I’m sure it’s everything and more than you expected.
  2. Lets see some pics of your new Tesla 3 i-S, I have seen 5 in my area recently including one with a very special matte colour scheme which wasn't to my taste. I went up to take a closer look at this one and when i looked in the window the car took a photo of me which did make me smile.
  3. What a service the LS gave you though and i hope you will be equally happy with your IS300H. Love the colour combination btw.
  4. Welcome to the forum.lets see some pics when it arrives.
  5. Thanks for that link Alan i will send that to lexus coventry even though they probably know this problem exists.
  6. Welcome to the forum Paul and glad you are enjoying your GS which does look smart.
  7. We have just recently had another 2 year warranty on our RX and have already had 2 rear trailing arms fitted under that warranty which was found when being serviced.I don't think they were that bad but were replaced anyway.Also it is going in again next week to have the'start up rattle' which we know is common on the RX checked out again and they are keeping it for a couple of days to gather info. As usual they will be giving me a car and returning mine to my home when done.The thing is i didn't push for any of this but they are doing it anyway which shows they are doing things right when servicing, so for me the warranty is worth it and remember it now includes the mot fee as well.
  8. Just had my 80,000 mile service(75,000) on my RX450H and got a nice 15% discount as usual using the Gold Member card,they also noticed on the health check that the two trailing arms were starting to wear.Because I have the extended warranty they said they would try and get it done under warranty and luckily Lexus agreed so it was dropped back yesterday after the work was done and they picked up the loaner they had given me. So good service as usual from Lexus Coventry. The UX they loaned me I’ve had before and although it’s better than the CT I certainly wouldn’t have one.
  9. We had a Verso seven seater back in 2006 when our kids were still very small and it turned out to be a great car,being economical and practical as well as reliable.The three individual back seats which moved independently were great as well as all the seats folding flat which was great for trips to the dump and picking up large items. Good luck with your new one and I’m sure there even better these days. This was ours back then.
  10. Welcome to the forum Sam and good luck with the 460.
  11. Welcome to the forum That looks like a very nice LS you have got yourself.
  12. Concentrate on getting well and then there will be plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful LS.
  13. Just caught up on this little story Richard,nice to see you still own it. Is it the longest you have owned a car?