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  1. Welcome to the forum and looking forward to seeing the pics.
  2. Eame64


    Congrats on your new UX, don't forget some pics. Welcome to the forum.
  3. They do work very well but do make sure you put your keys in the lined part of the wallet.
  4. I recently mentioned all about the start up rattle on my 2014 RX450H and that Lexus had it back on three occasions to monitor. The last time they kept it for a week but said the rattle didn’t occur when they checked it each morning.The problem is warranty won’t give them permission to do any work on it because there are no warning lights etc and the car runs perfectly well after the initial lumpy start or quick rattle.Personally I’ve stopped worrying about it as it’s all been recorded with Lexus on more than one occasion and it’s got warranty. Bye the way I’ve had my RX450H for over 4 years and as far as I can remember it’s done this for at least 3 of them years.
  5. Very nice,and a sunroof too.Enjoy.
  6. Earlier this year I sold my 2011 limited edition Is250c with full service history and 65,000 miles for less than £10,000. I think that Advance model even with the low mileage is way overpriced.
  7. I have personally never heard of this being a problem with the RX,i live in a rural area and often go through standing water on B roads and have never had an issue in my four years of ownership.
  8. I also changed all my interior and boot lights to leds and it is well worth it, i bought mine as a complete kit which also included the door mirror lights. The puddle lights were also changed.
  9. Mine is getting picked up tomorrow by Lexus coventry so i will update on further developments. It is strange though because it only happens on idle from cold start,if you move off immediately there is no noise. We are selling it soon, not because of this annoyance, because it has been a superb car for the last four years and a pleasure to own but 95% of our driving is now local and its not making sense anymore. We already have a plug in Hybrid countryman which is a great car and we have decided to go to a full EV as well and just a hire a car for the couple of trips to Cornwall every year.
  10. Eame64


    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking ISF.
  11. There is list of Lexus dealerships that will except gold member discount cards in the Gold members section i think. i know lexus Coventry does as i have had some great savings on my services from them, the gold membership fee is easily got back on just one service alone. Also very useful for Halfords discount on polishes or dash cams etc.