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  1. We were recently going to upgrade to the 4RX from our 2014 3RX but it would of cost us nearly £20,000 to change which we thought was to much at present. Congrats on your RX it looks very nice.
  2. Eame64

    Newbie - Help Required

    I had an NX for a year and to be honest never got much more than the same MPG figures as that,i changed to the RX450H and the MPG is not much different really.
  3. Do you ever take a walk round the coast path to the Minnack from sennen and then to porthcurno,it is a stunning place to be.? Salcombe in devon is another favourite place of ours.
  4. Fantastic looking car and if that’s your garage we’re all jealous.
  5. Eame64

    1st Time lexus owner

    Welcome to LOC and congrats on your purchase.
  6. Welcome to the Forum and congrats on your purchase i'm sure you will enjoy it.
  7. Great looking GS,congrats on your purchase.
  8. Hi there Brian you should be able to fit them yourself its not that hard really. i purchased mine from lexus Birmingham a few years back for £189 which was a good price for genuine rails.Not too sure what there asking at the moment.
  9. First thing i thought when i seen the Ad was that it looked like a Mosesgate car.
  10. Very well presented and a great looking car.
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    New owner of 2006 IS250 SE-L

    Welcome to the forum,as Lee says you have a smart looking IS and I”m sure you will enjoy it.
  12. Same here can get high thirties on a Devon or cornwall run but mostly hover around 30-34 on daily runs which i'm happy with considering the size of the car.
  13. Funny enough passed a red LC a couple of hours ago here in stratford upon avon followed 2 mins later by a RCF,you don't see that very often. if it was a member from here i do apologise for pointing at you as i was showing my son.
  14. Great photo's to go with a great looking car.
  15. Eame64

    Black beast

    Looking to go a bit like this then Graham?
  16. Eame64


    Good little deal on the Nextbase 312GW at halfords as from today£99 but includes card an other accessories,you must ask for the limited edition box or they will give you the basic cam without the extra's.I just bought one and with the gold member discount is a little bargain.
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    Time to detail the Behemoth!

    looking good
  18. A Velar with a 3 litre petrol hybrid engine.
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    New Member - Leicestershire

    Congratulations and enjoy.
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    Hi Chris Mine was for the second family car and i actually returned mine but for no other reason than it didn't have quite the same deign as my 402G professional i have in the RX. I like to hide them behind the rear view mirror,turn the sound off and forget about them until they are needed. I'm sure it would have been fine though.
  21. I renewed recently and did get a prompt.
  22. Halfords discount works fine and have used it many of times.I just recently got £45 knocked off a £295 service with the gold member card at Lexus Coventry,and last year got over £135 knocked off a major service so it does pay for it self easily.
  23. Click on the gold members section and it will show you all the dealerships that have signed up,at present i think it is 41.
  24. Congrats on your new purchase it looks great and i'm glad they made the hand over a bit special for you.