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  1. I agree Stuart it seems to be the trend at present its the same with bikes and scooters too,i must say i'm not a fan.
  2. Looking to get a RX 450H

    The 60,000 and 100,000 mile services are both big and expensive services,I would really want to know these had been done, plus the hybrid checks.
  3. Well done Phillip I will try this on the Is at the weekend and let you know the results.
  4. So Whats Your Profession?

    last fifteen years i have been a stay at home dad looking after the kids and been a carer for my son, also refurbished two houses in the process. Main careers before that was a Merchant Navy seaman and a long stint as a self employed window fitter and also a few years at Land Rover.
  5. New Owner - RX450h F-Sport

    I got a quote for one of these from Lexus Birmingham and the best they could get it for was £423 which is less than rrp but still expensive for what it is.Its quite rare to see these sport under runs fitted to the RX450 but I do like them. I paid £189 for my rails also from Lexus Birmingham and I got the rear under run for £100 from Lexus Hedge End. Don’t think you will have much look getting a used one i’ve been looking for two years with no joy.
  6. Well if they are as efficient as most lexus dealers it will be fine,it will also be washed and you might even get £25 of fuel put in for your trouble and if there feeling extra generous a bottle of Lexus water in the drinks holder.
  7. This popped up on ebay yesterday and we all know how rare these are.Obviously needs TLC and some money spent on it but could be of interest to someone. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2009-LEXUS-GS-460-4-6-V8-NOT-GS430-SAT-NAV-LEATHER-SUNROOF-REVERSE-CAMERA/122947296326?hash=item1ca03adc46:g:jIwAAOSwkNtabgfw
  8. Hi Philip is it coming from the roof or from the back where the pull out is or parcel shelf?My mrs IS250c has a rattle from the the rear parcel shelf on rough roads but is fine on motorways and dual carriageways.I have tried some small wedges and even some bungee cords but can't seem to stop it.I don't drive it very often but when i do it drives me nuts but the mrs said it doesn't bother her. It is a common problem and people have had the roofs replaced under warranty but still didn't cure it.I think its one of the down sides to a hard top convertible even our previous Merc SLK rattled away on rough roads. In fairness we did know about the rattle issues on these when we bought it but the mrs wanted it and it doesn't seem to bother her.A great car otherwise though.
  9. A guy from the Lexus World Forum bought the GS460.
  10. Does look nice but had a massive advisory list on the last MOT including all tyres.
  11. Ours is 2011 and its the USB /dealer update version.
  12. Just in case anyone was interested the GS460 sold for just under £2600 and had 28 bids.
  13. Bit of a lexus family going on there,congrats on the new purchase.
  14. Just to Add i believe the very outdated cassette tape deck was also finally removed in the 2010 model.
  15. one day to the next

    The GSF at coventry is still there as i seen it yesterday when i took the IS for some work.They sold the RCF but that GSF has been there a while now,i'm sure theres a dent on the rear bumper too.
  16. New Member, WildeRover

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new purchase. Don’t forget to get some pics up.
  17. Also meant to say that the second one has also been around for sale for a while and has been reduced by a £1000 over the time.The colour on this one wasn't for me(purple) and the bodywork didn't look up to scratch.
  18. I was interested in the silver 430 back in september and it was up for £6999 then,but after digging deeper and some conversations with the dealer i found that it needed rear shocks,the service was overdue and the cam belt also needed doing.All the tyres had been changed but were budget tyres. All this was doable and didn't put me off so i offered £6000 for it so i could then get all the other work done properly myself.But they refused saying i Quote"we don't sell cars that need any work doing we will get any work done ourselves".So i obviously let it go and over 5 months later it is still there IMHO a fair price would be £5000 as it is.
  19. Congratulations,not bad going from one cool car to another.Enjoy.
  20. Congratulations on the new purchase, looking forward to seeing some pics when you pick it up.
  21. Hello from West Sussex - new GS430 owner

    Sounds like you've saved it from the jaws of death.Good look with restoring it to its former glory.
  22. F with bike

    They certainly are and climbing in value aswell especially original unmolested ones.
  23. F with bike

    Having those two should ease the pain of not having the F anymore. I’ve had plenty of bikes over the years but I do love my scooters and still have a mint Gilera 180 FXR in the garage and will soon be purchasing a Yamaha T Max 500.
  24. Loving the pic of this Renault Fuego drove a few of these back in the day.A mate of mine had one in the eighties and was always trying to race me in my Granada 3 Litre Ghia but I was never interested as just like Lexus today the Granada was all about cruising in comfort.
  25. I think it’s a great looking car and would love to own one.