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  1. Eame64

    Tried an NX Today

    You won't regret it they are great cars. When my kids were still in car sats i would bring the seats with me to try in any new car i was buying.
  2. Yes very nice indeed and loving the Lexus footrest which are rare.
  3. Eame64

    Bye Bye Lexus

    Sorry to see you go Paul but it seems the RC just wasn't the right car for you,i think the RX could have been but you seem very happy with your PHEV.
  4. Nearly all of my Irish cousins drive Hyundai,mostly IX35 and Tuscan and they all really rate them.They always tell me that even used Lexus is just way to expensive in Ireland.
  5. Eame64

    Black beast

    Hi Graham followed your progress of your purchase on lexus world and glad to hear your long trip back up north went well.Time to enjoy now.
  6. Eame64

    My first Lexus

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your GS.
  7. Eame64

    Jaguar I pace

    A few more cars including the original toyota truck from top gear North pole.
  8. Eame64

    Jaguar I pace

    Have been at My local annual Stratford on Avon car festival yesterday and got to see the new I pace in the flesh and i must say it is a very impressive looking car,also a lot bigger than i thought. It really looks a good quality vehicle and was attracting a lot of attention,will try and get a couple of decent pics today. Sent from my iPhone
  9. Eame64

    Jaguar I pace

    Couple of pics from today of the I pace. Also my brother was showing his 1958 chevrolet Bel air.
  10. Eame64

    Finally something reasonable

    Good honest and fair review.
  11. Eame64

    Wheel bearing noise

    Sometimes it can be tyre wear noise that is the cause.
  12. Eame64

    Possible new CT ?

    Makes a lot of sense to me and i hope it happens.
  13. Eame64

    New Owner

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  14. Great looking boat and 430,loads of reasons to be a happy bunny.
  15. Eame64

    F with bike

    Quick pic.
  16. Eame64

    F with bike

    To be fair to land rover I did own a Freelander 2 from new for six years and only had 1 warranty issue,(half shaft) it was and has been land rovers my reliable model. l also enjoyed my boxster s for a year but sold it before any problems,and your right the condensers and rads were constant problems. i did enjoy driving it though.
  17. Eame64

    Hi all GS450H newbie here

    Welcome back to the Brand and enjoy your Gs450H.
  18. I used FOLiATIC calliper paint, and mine was also still under warranty at the time but i thought i could do a better job myself.
  19. I had this on my RX when i first purchased it at 18 months old so i rubbed them down and bought some calliper paint of choice and they looked as good as new. If its under warranty you could also try asking lexus to do it.Below is the before and after of mine.
  20. Eame64

    Bit of an interior change

    Excellent job looks professional and refreshes the interior.
  21. Eame64

    Just sold my NX

    Good luck with the Jag.
  22. Totally agree very unprofessional, sort of tells you what there after sales service would of been like if needed. They are probably a bit desperate as car sales are not strong at the moment.
  23. Eame64

    How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    Looks very nice.
  24. Eame64

    Just sold my NX

    Good luck with what ever brand you choose.
  25. Eame64

    New member

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search.