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  1. Congrats on your new purchase it looks great and i'm glad they made the hand over a bit special for you.
  2. Eame64

    New Member. Darlington

    As always depends on your budget,facelift was 55 and above and had a lot of changes to previous model and imho is the one to go for.
  3. I wouldn't go for any either,the warranty you have is the only one you need.
  4. Congrats on your purchase,they are nice cars as either a plllarless coupe hardtop or convertible.We have enjoyed plenty of open top driving this year.
  5. It certainly is Phil and a must see for anyone down that neck of the woods.
  6. Making me miss cornwall with all this name dropping of places,we often stay at Praa sands and often go to sennen and have had a few in the old success also.We often do the walk over to the Minnack theatre from sennen which is a great place to visit.Also has the beautiful Porthcurno beach. Beer is also a great place to visit but Salcombe has always been our favourite in Devon.
  7. i had one of these two.
  8. Eame64

    New LS Owner

    Congratulations on your purchase and we are all looking forward to seeing the pics.
  9. You are right about the higher quality,we recently had a look at the top of the range chr hybrid and the interior was very nice quality until you got to the door cards which were awful in my opinion,also no option for a sunroof either. Now we know the new UX is based on this platform so i expect the quality that is missing from the chr and all the other extras will be available on ux.
  10. Eame64


    Welcome and enjoy your Lexus.
  11. I would treat yourself to the RX450H premier which is a superb car and just make sure your LS goes to a good home,then just remember it with fondness and enjoy your new Lexus.
  12. Eame64

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    At least you will get a proper job done in the end and there’s worst cars to be left with than The CT. Hope it all works out well.
  13. Eame64


    Grey with red interior,but hard to beat your original RX with the deep blue exterior and cream interior,that would be my first choice.
  14. Eame64

    Imminent New Lexus owner

    I live at least 30mins from my nearest Lexus dealer and I always just drop the car off,pick up a courtesy car nd then Lexus always drop my car back to me after the service.I”m sure they will even pick it up if you so wish.
  15. Eame64

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    Great bit of work the detail makes all the difference.
  16. Eame64

    New owner...

    Had a little Panda 100HP a few years back it was 6 months old when i got it and it was a great bit of fun,it also had a rare pan roof. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your IS300.
  17. Eame64

    The Photography Thread

    Great photography Stephen and thanks for sharing.
  18. Spotted this morning at Lexus Coventry while waiting to get the RX MOT, The Reg rings a bell and sure it might have been on this Forum.?
  19. Eame64

    IS got side swiped!

    We insure our house and two cars with Direct line and have found they have been good to deal with,sometimes just speaking to the right person can make a big difference. The big test is when you need to claim of course and a few years ago I needed to do this when someone rear ended our Porsche Boxster.They dealt with it well and we didn’t need to pay any excess as non fault.they also sent us a letter to say there would be know increase in premium for the following year.
  20. Money well spent and looks like a job well done.
  21. Eame64

    Tried an NX Today

    Glad you are enjoying the Rx,it actually gets better the longer you have it.
  22. Eame64


    Lovely colour combination and looks like great value for money.
  23. I changed from an NX to a RX and imho the RX is far superior in every way.