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  1. What did the likes of we buy any car value it as that is what you would likely get as a px
  2. What did the likes of we buy anycar quote as that is the price you would likely get at trade in
  3. I had a new NX for a full weekend test drive. Was really taken aback how noisy it was. The road roar through the vehicle was totally unacceptable in my opinion. Make sure you take it for a motorway run (ask for a 24hr test drive) I had really convinced myself it was the car for me so was very dissapointed. When I gave it back the guys in the showroom said its a common complaint. Pity as it's such a good looking vehicle and really nice place to be on the inside
  4. Your right Lexus service costs are ridiculous when you look at what actually gets done. In most cases it's an oil change and visual checks for £269 the next service is £449 and is you've guessed it an oil change and a few more visual checks.
  5. My current car is diesel when on motorway there isn't any engine noise (though there wasn't in the NX either) it was the road and wind noise that I found excessive in NX my own car was substantially quiter
  6. Did the same trip after the test drive in my own car which is diesel. My car was so much quieter with road noise. You also can't hear the engine in mine though the NX engine was also very quite it was the road and wind noise that was dissapointing
  7. Just had the latest NX300 on 24hr test drive. The road noise was truly terrible. Really started to wear you out. When I took it back the dealer said the previous model was even worse!
  8. Hi All, I had a 24hr test drive of the latest NX300 over the weekend. The road noise was awful when I took it back the people in the showroom said the previous one was worse! Has anyone tried the NX300 v RX450 and if so is it less noisy? Thanks
  9. Went to look at a mk3 RX450 but made the mistake of sitting in the MK 4. It's such a nice please to be. Only thing is it will be a while till one falls into my price range😤
  10. Intermediate service is just a oil change and visual checks. Main service is just a oil change and a few more visual checks. If your lucky they may change the brake fluid and not charge you. When it reaches a certain mileage filters and spark plugs are changed at an extra cost. £260 for a oil change (intermediate service) £460 for oil change and a few visual checks (main service) if your car is out of warranty buy the correct oil and filter and get someone else to do it. Also an mot actually checks more things than they do on a service for £40.
  11. Says 58% of claims where suspension and 17% air con no issues really with engine or gearbox
  12. Was looking on reliability index website before and was very surprised to see that they rate the RX450 as poor for reliability. This is based on the amount of issues after the three year warranty?
  13. What car review points out wind noise is excessive
  14. The servicing price for Lexus is truly shocking when you look at what actually gets done. It's even worse when you look at what is actually changed. Apart from the oil and filter everything else is just a visual check. Air filter and pollen filter is very rarely changed so how can the second service be £460 when I asked I was told they 'inspect' more items 😄 I think if people actually knew what was done for these prices they would be horrified
  15. Yes I thought the Is300h drove much better than the GS300h. Also felt more screwed together than the GS