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  1. Keep the caliper guide pins lubricated and the brakes will not have a problem. The correct grease is essential not copper grease or red rubber, use a proper guide pin PAG grease like Molykote G3407 specifically designed for caliper guide pins. Ed
  2. The DPF mode overfuels to allow the filter to heat up to burn off the soot. If the engine is stopped before the cycle has completed the excess fuel ends up in the sump. Jag forums have examples about it.
  3. Or buy them from ECP for £50 and be duped into thinking you get a bargain with a "discount" code & pay £25 when other sellers charge less at all times!!
  4. Comparing a modern Lexus that only needs 12v to power the electronics to a old refrigerated diesel lorry interesting but hardly relevant. The Lexus battery is an AGM type so performs well in low temperatures & has low self discharge & can charge at a far higher rate. The Lexus system can output 40A to charge it when required. It isn't just a standard lead acid as found in a lorry. Probably why is costs £250.
  5. Neither of my cars are old both less than 3 years. All the figures are if the battery is fully charged to begin with though. Ed
  6. My other car a pretty new BMW with the latest diesel engine has no such problems with the DPF. If I have done a few short journeys it does an auto regen which makes the exhaust note a little deeper for around 20 mins other than that not noticeable. The 2.7 Jag is an older design pre Euro 6. Diesel technology has moved on since 2003 when Ford announced the 2.7. You are correct in that a unused car will eventually go flat. More likely in a Lexus hybrid with a small 12 battery although my GS quiescent current was 15mA so should last several months assuming the battery is fully charged. My BMW which has a huge 12v battery in comparison, 95Ah should be able to supply the 45Ma current for 20 months. Maths isnt my strong point so may have got a decimal point wrong although a collegue parked his car up while posted overseas and on his return 6 months later it started first click. 45mA = .045A so 95Ah is 87 days before flat so even allowing for only 50% should be good for 10 months. The GS assuming half size battery then 5 months. I measured the GS & the quiescent current was 15mA so well you do the maths. Ed
  7. A set of Bosch for my (other non Lexus car) is still cheaper at even with the 50% discount at ECP. ECP just double everything then offer a discount code don't be fooled.
  8. I measured it and it was 15mA once everything had shut down which took 15 mins iirc. Ed
  9. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dashcam This is the one I have. Neat & small. Good picture quality & links by wifi to your phone for set up & review of footage. Ed
  10. The quiescent current is around 15mA so a 55 amp hour battery should last 3600 hours or 150 days. Dont leave the key fob in or near the car as this will keep the electronics alive. imho if your battery was flat after a 3 week holiday then it is either faulty or was not fully charged. Ed
  11. Later this year they will be if if the proposed changes happen.
  12. At least one fog is required though as that is an MOT check.
  13. I looked into this & can tell you that the LED lights that replace them also have a reflector so would pass an MOT. I never did it as I figured fogs & reversing lights are not used very much!! The cost of a LHD lamp for the extra reversing light was also costly. Thanks Pal!!
  14. Slide the cluster out I bet some wires have been changed. It must be unit from a LHD to give two fogs but no reverse lights. It was a mod i was considering on my previous IS but never actually did it. I was going to have two reversing lights & move the fogs to the reflectors in the bumper.
  15. They did but thank goodness. I drive Ford hire cars and loathe looking through the wire elements which to me are clearly visible. No thanks rather have a fan & a clear glass windscreen!!