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  1. Hello all, not been on here for ages! I guess that's the point of a reliable Lexus. Question is, I have the opportunity to buy a 2007 Gs300 (exactly the same as mine) only this has done 17800 miles! Trouble is....flat car battery and fob wont detect (I suspect a flat fob battery too). I will take down a new battery and a new set of fob battery's when I buy the car, but if unsuccessful I may tow her home from Surrey to North Wales. Can the GS300 be towed or do I need to re think this and just call recovery? Another question....can the car be started manually without the working fob, ie the old fashioned way? Guessing not if the fob deactivates the immobiliser etc etc
  2. Hello all, had the dreaded VSC light/check engine/traction off lights on my dash for ages. Manually cleared the codes myself by unplugging battery which cleared the warning lights and car ran ok so long as I didn't put it under too much load. I was just putting off the inevitable so when I had the engine serviced this week I got the codes read, which came up with the above diagnosis. Mechanic has fitted a new coil pack on cyl 6 and cleared the code. However I didn't even get to the roundabout in sport mode before the fault came back. I/we are aware it could be injectors, wiring, plugs ( which I didn't do on the service - maybe someone can suggest some good but not horrendously expensive ones.....bearing in mind there are 6!). Is anyone aware of any of the most common issues with this code on this model (57 GS300) without the protracted investigation at silly ££££££££'s? Cheers
  3. Lol I realise hat but given the fact that the tank had probably dredged up the mucky stuff in the bottom I figured it could do with a bit of a clean as it ran.
  4. Ok thanks I've put £30 and some redex in as I suspected the dregs of the tank would upset the engine. VSC still on for now but I'll keep using and see what happens. I've read about resetting the fault using a paper clip to short the circuit on the board...or disconnecting the battery. If it doesn't go by tomorrow I'll try this. I didn't fancy a trip one hour up the coast to see my nearest Lexus dealer and hand over £150 for the pleasure of connecting a diagnostic reader!
  5. Hello all, hoping you can help. After months and months of trouble free and happy motoring, yesterday I let the wife use my Lexus while I used her BMW X3 to take the kids to the beach! Obvious reasons. I hate sand in the car! For some inexplicable and less obvious reasons, she returned the car back with 17 miles in the tank. My son turned the car around on the drive to make room for his car to park and there it sat u tip this morning. The car is now lumpy on idle and the VSC light is on along with the engine sign and the warning exclamation sign as well. I'll get some 98ron in her in the morning (the car not the wife). Any ideas apart from... 1. Divorce 2. Don't lend her my car again
  6. SiWall Lexus GS300

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  8. Hello Marok, yes tried a couple of national chains today in Bangor and Llangefni but neither had the correct connectors/cables so couldnt read the codes properly. One did manage a botched connection and cleared the code before he read it! Doooh, although he was good enough to remember that it stated 'slight misfire on cylinder 5'... but was unsure if this was an old code stored in the system. I hard accelerated once the codes were cleared (and once I was on the slip road) and the same 3 lights temporarily came back on but cleared again minutes later????????? So they appear to be tripping when under hard acceleration. Although without the codes I know you are all in the dark and it is purely supposition. I read that you can buy the cables and software very cheaply and plug in your own laptop. Is this true?
  9. Hi, no it wasnt a private sale but from a 'purveyor of used luxury cars'......basically it was Braunstone Motors in Leicester, I called them today and they informed me the warranty covered engine and gearbox only! I'll deal with them in time as the discs and pads need looking at already and I have only done a couple of hundred miles. I'll get my local to give it a going over and send a report/invoice over to the dealer. Interestingly my old lexus was replaced/totalled due to a front end shunt with a van and since the insurers have not actually paid me yet I still have the car on my drive. Thinking of swiping a few of the O2 sensors or any other bits I may need. Does anyone know if they are the same on the 55 reg as the 57 model? I'll book it in for a diagnostic and see what they say, I'll post on here. Got to love these forums! Never had this 20 years ago when I was razzing about in my Nissan 200SX and wifeys Toyota Supra!
  10. Hi folks, new to the forum but on my second Lexus GS300. I never joined before as the old car was: 1. Already modified to my taste and standard, and 2. Running absolutely perfectly So I have just bought a 57 reg GS300 and changed the alloys over today from my old model, took it for a wash then took it for a sprint up the A55! Accelerating hardish..all 3 of the above warning lights came up on the dash. I initially thought I had upset the stability control system due to changing the alloys over to 19inch ones I had on my older (55) model. Then I noticed it was very cold (1 degree C) so thought it could be the cold and risk of skidding kicking in the VSC. Reading on the other forums, this appears to be a common problem though and not anything to do with the above (except for the hardish acceleration) My nearest dealer is in Chester and no doubt the prices are extortionate! Any suggestions first? I can get a local diagnostic I am sure. Forums suggest oxygen sensors is the most common cause of the dreaded triplet!
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