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  1. What about getting a set of aftermarket springs? Might lower the ride height a little as well (if you'd be happy with that) Probably get 4 new springs for the price of one OEM item from Lexus. .. Alternatively, try sewells in Billingham, they normally have a decent supply of aftermarket springs...
  2. I imagine it's slightly different on the heavier 450 but I'm running 33 all round on my 430 as advised by the door sticker. Do you not have this info on your door?
  3. Yup, go for a 430 :D Much better engines, more power, bettwe reliability and only slightly worse fuel consumption. ..
  4. Yeah the 300 bonet will be the same. Might look at repair options despite what lexus bodyshop said.
  5. To me it sounds like a coil pack. Had the same issue on a previous car, onl y happened when engine warmed up. I would suggest trying to find a second hand one and then go about swapping out coil packs one by one to try and find the offending item
  6. Apparantly after reviewing photos they say the corrosion has been caused due to stone chips. I disagreed Tough Any platinum silver bonnets for sale?
  7. I am having air con issues with mine and after getting a UV die test performed it was discovered that the condenser has a leak... I was quoted £250 which includes new condenser with warranty, fitment, air con service and regass.. I wonder if they maybe over pressurised yours revealing a weak spot in the condenser? £1080 is way too expensive
  8. I have contacted Lexus customer service and they are looking into it further. Said I should here something within 5 working days...
  9. After chasing the body shop up today, Lexus habe denied the claim saying it is based on stone chips even though there is no break in the paint! Need to take this further somehow...
  10. I like the idea of the presurised chamber :) I always check my pressures anyway so the TPMS is pointless for me.
  11. Thanks, also got a message from the last owner confirming it has the system fitted. .. Will swap the sensors over to avoid any annoying warning messages :) These are the wheels in question :)
  12. Actually thinking about it... Do I have TPMS?? I have a spare wheel in the boot... Am I worrying over nothing? :)
  13. Quick question, hope you can help... I am going to be fitting some 19in TOM'S wheels to my GS and wondered what to do about the TPMS... If I leave them in the 18in wheels is there a way of turning off the system so I don't get any warning lights etc? Or am I better just transferring them across as the TOMS wheels are TPMS compatible. ..
  14. I know this is an old thread but from what I have read (and I'm having the same issue) is that there is no rubber disc on top of the the rear spring so you get a bit of noise transfer through the shock. It's not a fault as such just a design isdue of the coilover. I was thinking of cutting a urethane disc to fit on top of the spring to maybe reduce the noise a little...
  15. I have mine to do, have managed to find replacement rear calipers at £80 each and fitting is pretty straight forward it before I do that I'll strip mine and try and refurbish them. Have rebuilt brakes many times on other cars in the past with great results so fingers crossed I have the same good fortune with these