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  1. I forgot all about this, thanks I have just set up a few bits and bobs.
  2. That will be why then, my one is a 2012............ Thanks though............... back to the cake tin!
  3. Press and hold lock button and press the unlock twice. Then tried opening the door while the fob was in my hand. Opened as usual...........??
  4. Just tried several times with my key fob, but unfortunately it still transmits. Must be doing something wrong?
  5. I was told that the OEM tow bars fitted to the RX450h Gen 3 was actually a Westfalia one. So they maybe in the process of making one for your car.
  6. If it needs replacing, it needs replacing. It will not get any better, and what if it lets go when you are miles away from home late at night? The dealer should replace as a preventative measure, and if the warranty claim is refused, it is down to them to fight Lexus, not for you to worry on every journey for the next six months. Take it back and insist it is changed under warranty. If they refuse, advise Lexus of your concerns that the dealer is trying to drum up unnecessary work, until they realised that you were covered by warranty, and Lexus would reject the claim. What will happen in six months? Self healing water pumps, if you have got one, I want one!
  7. Here we go the original post from last year! Posted August 14, 2018 Well I can't say this was easy, but today I replaced the spark plugs on my RX450h. It took me about six hours, having watched a You Tube video on the subject, I could have done it quicker but was having a good clean up as I reassembled it. I think it would be a four hour job if you just got stuck in. 3
  8. I managed to do the plug change on my RX450h. Its not easy, but its also not terrible. I used the video posted as a guide and took my time. No draining of coolant required. It feels like a lot of work when you start taking the wiper motor out, but that is easy and makes so much room, also it seems a bit much to take the inlet manifold off, but again makes the whole job so much easier. I did my one a while back, but I recon first time it will take about four hours total, it took me longer because I messed around cleaning all the inaccessible bits and bobs, like the tart I am! I did post some pictures before, so I will try and find them again. Go on give it a go, if I can manage it, anyone with a bit of spannering skill can!
  9. I read on the forum, somewhere, about a way of resetting the hybrid system that achieves better fuel economy but have searched and searched and now cannot find the post. Could somebody point me in the right direction and also confirm if it works on the RX450H as well as the older versions of the RX. Thanks in anticipation,
  10. I have had the Michelin Cross Climate fitted for about a year, and I was amazed at the way they cut the road noise. So much so, I have had a set fitted to my wife's Yaris with the same effect. Highly recommend!
  11. Could it be that the connector is just on the opposite side of the car, due to left and right hand drive? Obvious I know, but some times its the easy answers that are missed.
  12. 2000kg ain't that small, its the 90kg nose weight you have to be careful of!
  13. I had a Witter tow bar fitted to my 2012 RX450h, I don't know if this is totally different to your model but it may be worth giving Witter a call direct, as they may have one on the way or may even use your car to design and make one for the later model. I did this with a replacement brake line manufacturer for a motorcycle. When I spoke to Witter technical a few years back, they were very helpful. Good luck.
  14. Just to confirm, this was auto high beam, not just auto lights.
  15. Maybe I was doing it wrong but the only way I could get it to set, was to turn the high beam on and then press the auto high beam button that is mounted low down on the right side of the dash. You also had to hold the button for a few seconds before it would set. I have used auto high beam on Mitsubishi Shoguns and you just turn on the system and flash the headlights.....done.