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  1. Luckily not, that would be a difficult one to solve..;) In other news it turns out it was low on power steering fluid. Topped it up with atf fluid and flushed it through a fee times and it's quiet now. I need to find out where it has leaked out from which is the hard part.
  2. Waterpump is new.... Gates brand. I will check out the pulleys and see
  3. Noise doesn't stop when I turn ac off.. I thought it was alternator but it seems to be coming from the opposite side (driver side engine bay area). Aircon works well so don't think it's the compressor.
  4. Hi guys Just started my LS400 MK4 1999 and it now makes an extremely loud whining noise. This occurred quite randomly as it was not making noise the other day. Any ideas what it could be? The noise gets worse as the RPMs increase and the pitch gets higher. Power steering seems to be working fine and have not had battery issues as of yet.
  5. You forgot to mention that the LS430 is ugly in comparison to the mk4 LS400
  6. ;) I actually bought Meyle upper arms and blueprint lower ball joints, so not exactly the cheapest **** you can buy but not the best either.
  7. I think my pads are doing the same thing, I had them changed from blueprint to pagid, same issue. Could be balljoints though (I did however change ALL ball joints 6 months ago)
  8. I appreciate some people do not like lowering a Lexus and putting on nice wheels (which may I add are from a LEXUS GS SPORT and not a random bloody universal wheel brand) but there's no need to suggest I buy a corsa. God forbid you take a look at the USA site, where there's at least 100 cars that are similar to what I have done, you may go bat**** crazy and tell them all to buy a corsa too, LOL: I'm not putting a body kit on it's hardly tarting up the car, in fact it looks quite outdated with stock wheels these days.
  9. I've currently got the following wheels (car is lowered): 18x8.5 et40 (so et25 with spacers?) 18x10 et45 (so et30 with spacers?) Does anyone have experience of getting similar spec wheels to fit under the arches? I don't want to touch the arches if I can get them to fit without rolling, but good quality hubcentric spacers are not cheap either.
  10. Lowering Ls400

    A small update for anyone that is interested: I installed the 10kg/6kg kit, lowered it and messed with the stiffness of the shocks. I can give a quick review and compare it to my old 180k mile DHP springs/shocks which were well past their use by date: • BC coilovers are MUCH stiffer, they handle well but you will obviously feel the road much more. I would compare it to the way a stock sport BMW 3/5 series rides. They feel very smooth, I can tell that the shocks are valved correctly to the springs, I've had experience of cheap coilovers and these are miles ahead. • With low profile tyres, expect more stiffness • Rubber top mounts, so more comfortable than pillow ball mounts • Steering shake during braking has completely gone. I believe this was due to the top mounts being dead on my old suspension, but my old shocks were not doing anything at the front either so it could be combination of both. • Much less tramlining • Looks pretty cool under the car • You can probably almost get the LS to touch the floor if you lower it to the max, mine is lowered until you can only fit one finger between the tyre and arch • Installation is easy, just remove old, bolt in new and make sure the preload is adjusted properly on the springs (search youtube for BC preload setting) That is all folks, let me know if anyone has any questions on these.
  11. The toyota V8 can take any decent 5w30 or similar oil tbh, no need to use lexus branded oil at all. Just get a decent synthetic oil (valvoline, castrol, mobil, comma etcetc) and change it twice a year, you'll never have issues then since the additives will always be renewed after 6 months with new oil.
  12. Does anyone know what size spanner i'll need? I need to make sure I have the right tools this weekend to do it (99' LS400)
  13. the wheels are these: 10j rear & 8.5j front I just want to cover the centre bore tbh, I'm not fussed about covering bolts etc. I also would rather not leave centre caps on as they may get stolen where I live (I think they're worth around £50 each new)
  14. Hi I have fitted some very nice Lexus GS MK1 Sport wheels on my car, but I want to stick some centre caps to cover the centre bore area (it came with caps to cover the whole bolt area, but i'd rather leave them off. My DHP wheels came with centre caps to do the same thing, but are not the correct colour. Does anyone know what size I would need?
  15. That looks nasty. I feel sorry for the Lexus. it would have looked so much better with airbag suspension, flared arches and those wheels.