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  1. Front Brake Caliper Sliding Pins

    Thanks all, I see various recommendations on the net regarding which grease to use. I guess many will do the anti friction part but damage to the rubber bush looks to be an issue. I know WD40 used to damage o rings and some rubber parts on my Honda motorcycle.
  2. Front Brake Caliper Sliding Pins

    Great, thanks both for replying so quickly. Will try to clean the hole out better now your replies have eased the frustration a bit! If not new pin it is. Out of interest I think I'll try it down the road to see if it rattles.
  3. Evening, Just spent most of the day trying to free a binding nearside front brake (car has been laid up for quite a while). Eased the pistons and the top sliding pin but the lower pin remained stiff despite cleaning and greasing. When pushing the pin in it is a very tight fit and the small rubber bush kept moving up the pin to the taper. Very often the pin would also slide back out on it's own as if something was being compressed as it was pushed in?? Taking the bush off helped the pin move more freely. If left off I assume this could lead to a rattle or knock but has anyone else had any experience of this? Any views if it would be ok to leave this bush off to allow a freer movement? Any help would be welcome. Many thanks, Adrian.
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