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  1. ECP held the discs and pads in stock for the ISF, and from what I remember there’s only 180(ish) ISF’s in the UK. I’m pretty sure I received mine in the frozen norf on a next day, so hopefully it won’t be long until they are listed on their website. i did have a look on amazon and the front discs were priced at £94 each from a UK supplier and again with one of ECP ‘sales’ there could be potentially a further saving. Most importantly there’s options available.
  2. My car thankfully doesn’t need brakes at the moment, however initial research seemed to suggest that only Lexus parts were available. just had a look on the Brembo website and it seems that OE discs and pads are now being manufactured for the GSF and RCF. Used the replacement Brembo discs and pads on my isf and never had any problems, so should save a few pennies when the time comes. Happy days. link to the Brembo page:-
  3. Killysprint

    New car - a GSF

    So here we are exactly a year on from this post and I picked up my GSF this morning. Black with black interior, 2016 demo + 1 owner car. Quite taken by it. First impressions are very good, similar in so many ways to the ISF, built like a bank vault, great driving position but in terms of the driver interface and tech. It’s chalk and cheese, it’s amazing how much has changed in a few years. I’ve only driven it 15 or so miles and have the run from Stranraer to Newcastle later to get to know the car a lot better, but the most notable point on the car is the seats. Possibly the best of any car I’ve had, awesome, hold you well, and extremely comfortable. not sure if it’s as quick as the ISF though.... no doubt will get the opportunity to find out later if the weather behaves. As it’s seems with Lexus dealers across the UK - they’ve been easy and a pleasure to deal with, even though they’re part of the lookers group.... and they’ll no doubt have a well loved ISF up for sale in the next week or so. Looking forward to the drive home, just hope it dries up a bit!
  4. Killysprint

    Sad day.

    Might be....
  5. Over the past 30 months and 24000 miles, running costs (ex fuel) on my ISF have been 2 services, a set of brakes and 2 wiper blades. Depreciation - £2000. It hasn’t put a foot wrong. As someone has already said they are over engineered - mine has no squeaks, no rattles nothing. I’ve kept the car longer than I thought, and it’s only because I want to change its going, not because I need to change. fuel has averaged 20.2mpg, ok not the best, but dragged down a little as it’s used on the school run a couple of times a week where the consumption drops through the floor. I ran a new merc e350 diesel for 3 years, and 60000 miles - even though the fuel costs were half of the ISF, and I had free servicing, depreciation was £23000. Ruinous. Buy the right car, at the right price with the right history and because the depreciation is glacial, (there is still a demand for the right car) and as they are so reliable, cost per mile is cheaper than any of the other cars in the market sector.
  6. Killysprint

    Sad day.

    The ferry leaves from Stranraer.... I’ve traded the ISF against the new car.
  7. Killysprint

    Sad day.

    After 2 1/2 years my ISF is going on Saturday...... Has been a brilliant car. Nothing, not even a light bulb has failed or gone wrong. And even at an average of 20.2mpg (on the trip computer) probably the cheapest car per mile, considering all costs, that I’ve ever ran. Last drive will be a quick saunter across to Stranraer Friday afternoon. Hope it’s replacement is as good.
  8. Went to see this at the weekend. has had the rear drivers painted twice (the garage selling it most recently) as the original repair was not a good colour match. The door shuts are still covered with dust from the repair. Don’t know why the initial repair was necessary. there is a slight ding and scuff damage to the rear passenger door and wheel arch - that according to the salesman is recent and wasn’t there yesterday..... serviced on the button, wheels, tyres all in good condition. Interior spot on. Blue looks good, but isnt for me, want a more discreet colour.....
  9. Have ran my isf for the last 2 winter days on Bridgestone blizzaks. All square set up on Corsa linea alloys. Have been great no issues last winter, and we had some proper dumps of snow. Previously ran winter continentals on my M5, and Pirelli’s on my Merc. To be honest all much of a muchness performance wise. All coped well with snow, which would have stopped me on the summer tyres.
  10. Killysprint

    good driving songs

    1. She sells sanctuary - The Cult 2. Purple Rain - Prince 3. Gimme all your lovin - ZZ Top 4. The Unforgettable Fire - U2 5. Just like living in Paradise - David Lee Roth. volume turned up to 11 please, and on a cassette....
  11. Killysprint

    Pics of your other car(s)

    Use my isf as my daily all year round switching to winters when the weather gets bad, the warranty is just up and I’m in two minds whether to renew it or change the car. Is a great all rounder, don’t know what I would change it to. Ive got a few other cars below are a selection. The s2000 (very very late 59 plate car 30k miles love it), swmbo merc hybrid and my sons gt86 are missing. the dolly has a group 2 spec motor running 185hp, vented discs fully adjustable suspension and a very high spec period pioneer cassette stereo. the 911 is a c2. But has an 3.8 rs engine, clutch, flywheel, suspension, glass, seats. Essentially a rs without the price. Is a very special car. the landie Has been to twisted and has suspension and the engine mods from them - is 175hp and 480nm torque. Goes off the clock and is quite scary there!!!!
  12. Except my defender, all of the cars we have at the minute are rwd. I enjoy driving, as we probably all do, but my talents are limited. I don’t slither around roundabouts or adjust the tail on the throttle in corners anymore, but appreciate how well the car drives and most importantly feels through the steering. ive had some great fwd cars, 205 gti, integra, accord r which have been lauded by the press as best examples of their type. But none steer as well or as precisely as the cars we have today. Even though s2000 which we have has an early electric power steering system it is way better than any of these. My sons gt86, is leagues ahead of them in how precise the steering feels, and is a cracking drive, yes it has shortcomings but is a brilliant little car. So pleased his mum made me buy it for him..... you don’t have to be going a million miles an hour or driving like you pants are on fire to appreciate great well balanced precise car. And for me, certainly from my experience rwd allows that. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few 911’s over the last 20 or so years, all except the turbo I had have been 2wd. The turbo was a remarkable car, spectacularly fast in any weather, but a blunt instrument. Steering was dull and feedback lacking compared to its contemporaries , I assume down to the drive through the front wheels. I’ve currently got a 993 which is 20+ years old, 2wd, and has a few choice mods (including a 3.8 rs spec motor......). It demands respect, is a proper handfull, a pig to get my fat arse into the recaro hard back seats, but every drive is special, even just nipping to the shops, as the steering is scalpel sharp uncorrupted by not having to deal with delivering power to the road. a colleague drove it recently, who has had a string of Audi s and rs cars and commented on what he’d been missing and how well and how much feel came through the steering compared to the cars he’s got and had. His comments on driving the isf are similar, it’s easier to place the isf than his Audi due to the steering being more precise because that’s all it does when pressing on, that his rs. anyway enough of me blabbing on, just my thoughts. So yes rwd is important to me, and I very much doubt the replacement when I can decide what to do with the isf will be anything else but a front engined rear drive car.
  13. bought my son one at the start of the year - as his mum said he needed a new car....... absolutely brilliant to drive, very focussed, as others have said pointy steering, great gearbox and predictable handling. one of the wits from evo mag once described it as "the slowest fast car you can buy" - very true great piece of kit. and still haven't fired on a gsf.
  14. Killysprint

    New car - a GSF

    So.... Newcastle Lexus have black with black (and white ISF stitching) GSF in their used car stock. Arrived this morning, I've been out in it, quite taken by it. And most importantly they're being sensible with numbers. Anyway a couple of quick questions. The car is a September '16 (66 plate). When were the variable rate dampers fitted to the GSF? And the caliper colour - I thought it was originally bronze metallic - the calipers on this car are a bright chrome orange (like the lotus orange) - is this std or am I mistaken with the bronze colour? My car is going in for a check over by the garage in the morning - so lets see what they have to say then!
  15. All I’ll say is the hunt for a GSF is off for the moment!