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  1. the std pads on RCF/GSF are well known to create significant amounts of Brake dust and in a number of cases brake squeal, which can be very annoying. They’re also expensive for what they are. Toyota have in the past issued service notices to change from the OEM brake compound to softer pads on their cars before due to brake squeal. So as a manufacturer they’re altering pad material from std, so it can’t create that much of an problem. We had exactly this on my sons GT86. Changing from OEM, on the front of my car has significantly reduced dusting, I’ve had zero squeal and I think initial bite from the brakes is better. The GSF brakes are good, but it’s far from having the best brakes of a car I’ve had or driven. Also as every car has a bias towards the front brakes anyway, having a bit more at the front isn’t a bad thing is it?
  2. Seriously thought about one before the GSF, car was fantastic. Beautiful, extremely quick, great to drive, however the local dealer didn’t really inspire confidence….. and when it went wrong and it would go wrong, when it comes to my cars and spending my hard earned cash on them, I don’t suffer fools gladly at the best of times, so incompetent dealers are a big no, so it was quickly of the list. Both lexus havent gone wrong, the local dealers were great, both have recently been taken over by stoneacre, so haven’t experienced the pleasure of dealing with them yet. But then again, you can’t really make a mess of a plug, fliter, oil change and a once over. That’s all they do, and long may it continue.
  3. GR Yaris. You run out of superlatives for that. My son is 3 months into a circuit pack equipped car, after a gt86 that saw him through uni….. (I wanted one) the gt86 was a brilliant steer, with sufficient performance, l loved it. The Yaris however is on another level. Epic little car. If you don’t need the space - and you can get one, it’s a no brainer. as for what’s after a GSF. For me, for a new daily driver God only knows. I want a new car, I’d like it to be comfortable to chew some miles if necessary. But don’t know which way to jump. Don’t want the hassle of a Merc or bmw. Been there before. They break. JLR absolutely no chance. We have an ipace company car, it took 9 weeks to get it into the garage for a battery fault, they’ve had it 3 weeks now, and want it for at least another 2!!! Never again. My old defender has been more reliable than that POS. Newcastle Jaguar have been absolute rubbish, customer service has been non existent. had thought about going to an 991 Carrera T, but have a older 911 which might not be as quick, but will wipe the floor for driver involvement compared to a newer one. So while changing the ISF to the GSF was an easy decision, the next change is a tough one. Might keep it and supercharge it…….
  4. I ran these with Bridgestone blizzaks for a couple of winters. Worked great in the snow and cold wet weather. Haven’t put them on the GSF. linea corsa 818 10x19 255/35 all round. still have them - drop me a message if you’re interested.
  5. It’s a known problem on the ISF. The bottom arm bushes can wear and soften causing the inside edge of the tyre to wear more. Usually cured by replacing the bush or going to RRR UPRS. I’ve eventually got round to changing the hankooks on my gsf, that the dealer had put on when I bought the car, with pilot 4s. (Difference is unbelievable - that’s another story ) fronts were evenly worn across the tyre. my ISF didn’t suffer from the issue either. GSF has 44k miles on it, ISF had 50k when I sold it. Guess it’s luck of the draw
  6. So, beautiful day, at a bit of loose end, thought I’d change the rear disks and pads on the car this morning. I’ve had a set of both sitting waiting for the right moment. Car has 44,000 miles on so thought it must be ready. Wheel off, pads out - bearly half worn. I even measured them. the rear pads have a chamfer on the trailing edge, which flattens out at the wear indicator level. It’s way above there. Both pads and both sides were the same. new pad was 17,5 mm thick (including the back plate) one I took out was 13,6mm thick. Hence they’ve gone back in. I bought the car with 28,000 miles on. I have the printed service history of the car - no pad replacement on it. They are Lexus pads on the car, question is what are other owners seeing mileage wise on pads and disk wear or replacement?? I replaced the front pads at 33,000 and the ones I took off had loads of life left in them. Hadn’t even scratched the wear indicator. Maybe should have left them a bit longer……. guarentee when it goes in for a service - needs rear disks and pads sir…….
  7. Kylescu hotel and restaurant on the south side of the bridge. Really good.
  8. Must admit with the prices that are being achieved at the moment, I'm thinking about selling my car as its not being used, wait for the market to normalise, then replace it. Question is what with?
  9. I used my ISF as my daily for 2 1/2 years, and 27k miles ish. Used to do a bi-weekly trip to Leeds from Newcastle, keeping up with the traffic 70-80mph over 30mpg was easily achieved. used to go to Inverness probably every 6 weeks, longer run, slower average speed saw up to 35mpg regularly. on the school run, 2 miles there and back was in late teens mpg. mine was a 2011 facelift - utterly reliable, apart from regular servicing, it had a set of brakes and a wiper blades. cracking cars. But due to their age now buy condition and history- not colour, age or spec.
  10. He’s got his order in at the metro centre branch. Black circuit pack. He’s had a gt86 for the past 3 and a bit years, has been brilliant, a cracking steer and as I said prices for the right car are strong - stoneacre are offering nearly what I paid for it in dec 17 for it against the Yaris. The Yaris was amazing, grip, handling and the grunt were fantastic for a little car. Only thing I wasn’t keen on was the front passenger seat sat very high, but that’s minor. Whatever you decide you’ll have a cracking car - Yaris or isf. hopefully we get some finer weather so you can get your 2002 out. It’s a special thing, love it. This is my ‘70s guilty pleasure. Bored +40, dms2 Kent cam, bottom end lightened and balanced, 45’s. About 170hp And a pioneer kex cassette player with a graphic equaliser and the obligatory shelf speakers.
  11. Yaris Gr by any chance.....!!!??? We had the demo car you had a couple of weeks back as my son ordered one. Epic. market for performance cars seems to be strong at the moment. Prices holding if not increasing for the right car. good luck with the sale of the ISF
  12. Plus gas used to swear by it- years of skinned knuckles and bruised hands working on old minis and dolly sprints attest to its effectiveness.
  13. Black on black GSF 65 plate for sale on Autotrader F&page=1&make=LEXUS&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertClassification=standard&sort=relevance not mine!! Very similar though!! will be interesting to see how quickly it sells at that advertised price.
  14. Big rat did the same to his a couple of years ago. Had his local dealer do them for him. They cocked it up if I remember and replaced them for new FOC. I’m sure he’ll be along soon to confirm. There’s been a number of threads over the years to discuss colour changes. Have a search and I’m sure you’ll find them. ive use BCS near Nottingham before for my painting and refurbish my porsche callipers. Good service and quality is spot on. No peeling as they’re done properly.
  15. It’s at the local Nissan dealers. They are a Nissan performance centre so sell the GTR and the old 370z. They seem to have to take a new GTR as a showroom model / demo every change of regs-‘d they’ve had a couple of bronze GTRs hanging round for a while. Wouldn’t be surprised if the RCF was chipped in against one. Will be interesting to see how long it hangs around at that price.......
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