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  1. New Alpine is an epic bit of kit. my brother has a basic car on 17’s, and has had the Litchfield map put on it, and it is brilliant. Just brilliant. Quick, low 4’s to 60, handling, steering and ride are sublime. the best car I’ve driven in a long time. if I had the space - there’d be one on the drive. all the praise it has received from the pundits is thoroughly well deserved.
  2. Good to see it again glad you’re enjoying it. Is (was) a cracking car!!
  3. My ISF was sold out of Belfast last Jan. I had contact with him before he bought it, and the car was staying in Ireland.
  4. Must be driving it wrong then 😜 as I’ve got size 13 feet and have no problems.... mines not a tractor.
  5. The missus used to have a 911 convertible as her daily...... just saying. It was black not white as I had to drive it sometimes. we ran 911’s as her car, 993, 2x996, and a 997 for the best part of 10 years. All reliable, all 2wd as they steered better, and costs were as you’d expect of a car in that price bracket. When I used one of the cars for a period, due to the arrival of my daughter- it lunched a set of rear tyres in 4000 miles. You could do that in the rcf. servicing was every 2 years or 20000 I think and always was around the £1k mark. on the 996/7/coxster they eat rads and condensers for fun, they need to be cleaned regularly to stop corrosion from accumulated debris around them. Had a 996 turbo S too, fast, but didn’t fall in love with it. when I sold my 993 for the first 996 - after a couple of days I thought what’ve I done. It was like driving a fast BMW. Had lost its soul. nearly bought a 991 a couple of years ago, but outside the dealer saw a turbo cab with WAG driving it - sort of summed it up. Might be a great car but lost its way and now as easy and forgiving to drive as a shopping cart. so bought a nasty 993 instead. And it’s brilliant, scalpel sharp, fast enough, and sounds like a 3.8 flat 6 chainsaw. Will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t respect it.Love it. Oh and the missus won’t drive it......
  6. My wife merc estate has cross climates on. We fitted this time last year, and have done around 15k miles on them. she works towards consett in Co. Durham, and it can get a bit hairy up there in the snow and she managed to get there no problems in the snow we had last year. during the monsoon like weather we had earlier in the month were confidence inspiring at motorway speeds on soaking wet surfaces. the merc is a petrol hybrid with around 300hp, and clips along quite nicely. But doesn’t get driven hard, so can’t really comment on dry warm weather handling, but they handle the power and torque well in the wet. Would I put them on again - definitely on the merc or her next car. Not sure on a higher performance car.
  7. Ran Bridgestone blizzaks on my ISF for the 3 winters I had the car. For the past 15 yrs or so have always changed to winters on my car. The ability to stop better in the bad weather is worth the cost alone. Still have the wheels and tyres and am undecided whether to change on the GSF, As I have a defender and the kids cars and my wife’s car all have their winter boots on. So if the weather takes a turn for the worst i have other options.
  8. Peak power for the GSF should be 471bhp at 7100rpm and 391lb ft from 4800 to 5600rpm. looking at the graphs above - the dyno run looks like the throttle was shut at just over 6000rpm, so not surprising power is down. the 500nm is about 370 lb ft, torque peak / plateau is where it’s supposed to be, but a little low
  9. There’s been a couple of threads on the club Lexus site talking about dyno runs on the f cars. this one suggests that on the GSF the runs to give the most representative results should be in in 6th gear. May be a similar situation with the LC.
  10. I wanted the larger 4S fitted to my ISF, when they were on offer at Costco. Said they could only fit the manufacturer width spec tyres to the car - company policy. Had to prove to them, by going through the owners handbook, that the rears on my s2000 were wider that the fronts. Wouldn’t change them until I showed them the documents. Don’t have a problem with that, offer a good service and price. As an American company guess they’ve got to cover their backsides every which way due to the litigious nature of life there, and the corporate policy extends to all sites.
  11. Might bring the roads up to date, but as with the ISF, the GSF system couldn’t find its own arse with both hands..... waze is much much better
  12. So cleaning the car yesterday, I noticed Leaf debris building up in the outer side grills of my GSF. Not sure if they’re radiators / AC condensers or oil coolers behind the grill, but there was quite a few leaves / plant debris building up in there. as you can see in the pics even after a trying to get the majority out, there’s still some left. so what you may ask - well in water cooled Porsche’s it’s a big problem. I had both condensers replaced at 2 years and a centre rad at 3 years on one car, due to leak pick up and the debris rotting and causing the rads to corrode and eventually leak. The only way to access the areas was to remove the font bumper. So has anybody else seen the problem? Is there a quick and easy way of removing the grills without removing the bumper to get access to clean??? maybe it’s nothing here.... but on past experience it’s a big expense to fix if left unchecked. As ever any help would be greatly appreciated!