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  1. Might bring the roads up to date, but as with the ISF, the GSF system couldn’t find its own arse with both hands..... waze is much much better
  2. So cleaning the car yesterday, I noticed Leaf debris building up in the outer side grills of my GSF. Not sure if they’re radiators / AC condensers or oil coolers behind the grill, but there was quite a few leaves / plant debris building up in there. as you can see in the pics even after a trying to get the majority out, there’s still some left. so what you may ask - well in water cooled Porsche’s it’s a big problem. I had both condensers replaced at 2 years and a centre rad at 3 years on one car, due to leak pick up and the debris rotting and causing the rads to corrode and eventually leak. The only way to access the areas was to remove the font bumper. So has anybody else seen the problem? Is there a quick and easy way of removing the grills without removing the bumper to get access to clean??? maybe it’s nothing here.... but on past experience it’s a big expense to fix if left unchecked. As ever any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Beggars belief. however there might only be 70 gsf’s but how many GS’ are about? A couple of 1000? my bet is there’s someone with a lesser GS wanting a GSF look and this is the start of it - unfortunately.
  4. If you’re not happy with the warranty conditions - buy something else. Easy. It won’t have a full Lexus service history if you service with Toyota and consequently be worth less when you trade it in - your win on servicing will be lost. Theyll have your money either way. Independants have their place - my defender - main dealer serviced - no. My 911 and 968 - main dealer serviced - no. Why ? They’re not new cars and Because the specialists know the cars better and they can’t be plugged in for a computer says no. And with the type of cars they are and their age, an independent service history is as good as a main dealer one - and in the case of the 911 probably better, due to where it goes. My s2000 - main dealer serviced - yes. This next year no. The Honda warranty is no longer valid. So it’ll go to a local type r specialist, and the car is 10 years old. My car The kids and the wife’s cars - main dealer yes because they are still within warranty and will be moved on when they’re 3/4 years old. The main dealer history helps preserve the value and is generally the first question asked when people buy a car. Forums are littered with “can I have my lease car serviced at an independent, do I have to have it serviced before it goes back, do I have to put approved tyres on can I get away with ditchfinders to save £1” - my opinion is if you can’t do it properly, don’t do it all all.
  5. How many other manufacturers that Lexus compete with offer warranties longer than 3 years??? Merc, BMW, Audi, Infiniti? None of them. When you buy new you can add at cost warranty extensions. The £500 a year lexus charge for the extended warranty is cheap at the price point Lexus sells at new. £42 per month for a £70k car - peanuts. As I said in my previous post my M5 was £140 a month, and I paid £65 a month for my sons previous 114i. Now ask the same question for Toyota - totally different market sector and demographic. hyundai and Kia offer up to 7 yr warranties hence Toyota must offer the same to maintain and help sales.
  6. The original warranty conditions contain T+C’s that contain terms defined by our friends in the EU. I.e allowing others to service the car as long as manufacturers original parts and schedules are used and adhered too. the additional warranty is your choice, you don’t have to buy it, it doesnt come under the rules in place for new car warranties and hence they can impose whatever contractual conditions they like. The reason why the warranty is cheap and so restrictive on maintenance (£450 a year? - I paid £140 a month on my M5) is that the cars don’t go wrong, and also to push cars through the dealers and continue to generate revenue for them. Speaking to my local dealer they only exist due to the significant contribution from used car sales and servicing. New car sales alone won’t support the dealership.
  7. At the end of the day you pays your money and take your chance. if at any time in the future if you decide to sell and there’s a similar car in similar condition with a lexus SH - it’s very likely that the LSH car will sell first, or if you trade it in you’ll get more with a Lexus history. Also remember the RCF and GSF when new were expensive cars - and as such running costs should be expected to mirror other cars in their market sector - but they don’t. From what I’ve seen servicing as others have commented are cheaper than those of lexus’ competitors. For comparison my colleague had his year old RS5 services today. First year service, after 6000 miles. £560. For essentially oil, filter and pollen filter. As for the warranty - the most important point is it’s manufacturer approved. You’ll find that most extended warranties- I.e those paid for after the new car warranty expires are provided by a 3rd party. I warranted the M5 I had before my ISF. It was BMW branded, all the paperwork and booklets were BMW, but cover was provided by Mondial. In the time I had it - no claims were knocked back or rejected by the warranty company. Claims in 2 yrs - £9200. I took out the extended warranty when I bought my ISF. Never used it. It was there for peace of mind after the M5. Don’t expect to use it on the GSF either. Fingers crossed!
  8. Have to disagree - even though it’s a bigger car In the twisties with the wick turned up on the TVD, the GSF drives much better than the ISF. Feedback through the steering and the confidence it gives you is far superior. day to day there’s no competition the GSF is more comfortable and eats the miles easier than the ISF. The ISF was more sneaky and slipped under the radar, didnt attract any attention.
  9. Here you go. Pics of the front spoiler and the dark chrome surround
  10. Initial bite and feel is better than the originals. they seem to produce less dust too, which is great as the std wheels are a pain in the bum to clean!
  11. I might be wrong, but servicing on Lexus is mileage related (10000 / 12000 can’t remember which) or yearly - whichever comes first. Lexus (and Toyota) don’t have the extended mileage or mileage dependant servicing like the VAG group. Because the car doesn’t seem to have the history the age requires i’d check the t+c of the warranty..... My lads gt86 has to be serviced +\- 1 month or +\- 1000 miles of the requirements to maintain the warranty (5 years) so I would presume Lexus would be the same. Pragmatically it makes sense to ensure the car is seen regularly and checked to allow them to offer the long warranty period. I stand corrected if I’m wrong. Getting back to the blue GSF, taking a step back why spank £60-70k on a car and not service it to the manufacturers recommended intervals??? like someone has already said move along - there’ll be another one for sale soon, that’s been looked after and cared for.
  12. Changed to EBC reds around 2000 miles ago - since day one brake squealing has disappeared.
  13. Done nearly 1000 miles over the last 5 days - including some very “spirited” driving in the highlands. Must admit impressed with the performance of the EBC reds, now they’re well and truly bedded in, bite is much better than the std pads and dusting seems to be less. And no squealing. Had a cracking drive today, from Dornach via Bonar Bridge to Kylesku. Spot of lunch at the Kylesku Hotel - very good very fresh seafood, then headed north up the coast and back over the tops via Loch Shin and Lairg back to Dornach. Some absolutely amazing roads and stunning, take your breath away scenery. Class.
  14. All done and dusted. Old pads had about 3mm left on them. Just above the wear indicator. Were a cinch to change, thoroughly cleaned callipers while the wheels were off. First impressions are good, initial bite seems to be better than the OEM pads. It remains to be seen if this continues.....
  15. 33,000. Pads arriving tomorrow. Will get them fitted thurs or fri.
  16. Noticed my front pads were looking a bit thin.(like the top of my head but not like the rest of me.....) Ordered a set for mine today. Good to hear someone having a positive experience with alternative pads. Pad kit was £493 and change from Lexus. However this Includes wear indicators which are £140 each if bought separately. EBC redstuff were £112 for the pads only. looking at the us forum, they suggest the wear indicator flags at 2mm of pad left. So will whip them off and change them as soon as they arrive from EBC, so I can reuse the existing wear sensors. i let you know how I get on!
  17. Prices and demand for GSF seem to be on the up!! this last one was 6 months older, ok 5k less miles (and a red interior uuuurrrgggh).....than mine and advertised for £6k more than I paid 7 months and 5k miles in and I’m really happy with the change from the ISF, which was a Great great car. As with the ISF, I normally get itchy feet within 6 months and start thinking of what’s next. The logical choice after the ISF, which I kept for 2 1/2 years, about a year longer than usual, was after considering all the usual suspects a GSF. The GSF is a proper car. Quick (not mental but quick enough), handles and rides well, bank vault build quality, 2wd which means that the steering is uncorrupted by not having to drive the car too, and so far been totally reliable. And service at the local dealer has been faultless. im lucky I’ve got other more focussed stuff I can drive, but I still get a buzz taking the GSF for a blast up the A696/A68 early on a weekend morning where I run out of talent way before it does! I’m off on the north coast 500 with my son in a couple of weeks and we’re taking the GSF, rather than one of the other cars, as I’m so convinced of it’s abilities. It is a cracking bit of kit. I know that the competition from the Germans will cover the ground a lot quicker and have more visceral performance (my colleagues RS5 carbon is nuts off the line!!) but I’m convinced that as an overall package the GSF offers more to the driver. long may the Deserved demand for the cars continue, especially while I’ve still got mine!!! and hopefully depreciation remains at the glacial level I had with ISF...... but what next......?????
  18. Spotted today at the IWM Duxford. Anyone on here ?? Was down there “working”. Incredible day watching the WWII war birds practicing for the air show at the weekend. What a place.
  19. Not the usual transit diesel rattley old tat under the bonnet. This goes quite well with a tuned crate LS3 V8.....and a manual gearbox. With Around 525hp, it gives the odd hairdresser a fright.
  20. Think the Lexus Newcastle car has sold, or one of the sales team is using it to run around in..... Just seen it tootling around town. Looks good in titanium.
  21. Like all dealers they’re there to make money, first and foremost. They have “customer service” staff and complimentary coffee to pay for, marble to polish and acres of glass to keep clean - all this doesn’t come cheap. however the prices especially for the brakes are unbelievable. Even here in the impoverished north I’d like to wager the hourly rate charged is at £130+ per hour plus vat. Certainly the useless bastards at the local Mercedes dealers charge that for a std non-AMG car. I don’t see how they can come to those prices even considering you’re in the effluent south. the price of the parts must be through the roof. One other point to remember is that all of the ‘F’ cars when new weren’t cheap. The ISF when launched cost £55k+, GSF’s were listed at £70k+, so running and servicing costs should be expected to be in the order of other cars in that price bracket. Also they’re pretty rare, so parts availability (and the number of parts made) when compared to more mainstream models will be less. Market dynamics will consequently push prices up, and I guess that’s what’s happening here. I wish you the best of luck to get the problems sorted as quickly and in the most cost effective manner for you. As others have said - dealers for servicing (the important stamp in the book that everyone wants....), recalls and warranty work, anything else use a trusted independent.
  22. The issue was for me, that if anything did go wrong, was it or could it be attributed to the cars former life, and would it have been covered by the warranty. There was videos online of the car doing donuts and burnouts. Ignorance is bliss. Id rather not know, if I had bought it any little noise I’d worry about, and the dealers life would have been a living hell (a particular speciality of mine). There are always other cars, and the right one will come along sooner or later. So that’s what i did.
  23. Was sold out of Lexus Teesside late 2017. Was put off by Ratty’s pics of the spirited driving by the previous owner.....
  24. Nearly passed out tonight - followed a black ISF through the evening traffic in Gosforth tonight. Pre facelift car, just wondering if it’s anyone on here? First time I’ve seen the car, never mind another F car in these woods. as you can see I shouldn’t give up the day job to become a paparazzi.