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  1. ET38 Std suspension, no spacers and no rubbing. Good compromise for the winter. very easy to curb though.
  2. Have these on my car at the minute - all square set up 10x19 in silver with 255/35 winters all round. d. Look good, very similar to the bolas you're looking at.
  3. If the shoe fits...... Anyway, after a bit of digging and a call from our resident database oracle (thank you again @Big Rat) all is not what it seems with this particular GSF. It seems to have had a very hard short life so far, and consequently not for me. I may nip down and check out the car for size, if I like the interior etc, at the weekend as I have family 5 minutes away from the dealer and I've not actually seen one in the flesh yet. I'll leave it there and the hunt continues! Regards from God's Own Country Newcastle Upon Tyne!!
  4. I've got itchy feet. A sensibly coloured GSF (sonic silver with black leather) has appeared in the dealer network not that far from home, at Lexus Teesside. Seems it's come straight from Lexus UK, one owner and low miles. I realise that others are for sale at other dealers in the effluent south but realistically its a days travel there and back to see any of them, then the same again to pick up, don't really want the hassle..... I've had my ISF(2011 facelift) coming up to 2 years and 17,000 miles at the start of the summer and it is a great car. Utterly dependable, reliable, comfortable, quick, effortless on the motorway, rare and remarkably better on fuel than the M5 touring (known to friends as George, as in Best as it liked a drink) that came before it. And like the M5, depreciation is / has been glacial, but fortunately unlike the M5 though, I'm not on first name terms with the service department at the dealers! The reliability of the thing is the main attraction of the GSF over all of its rivals - and to be honest it was the same for the ISF.I looked at all the options before I decided on the ISF - M3/4/5, RS4/6, C/E 63, Jaaaag XFR/F-type. But it came down to the reliability, the same questions over the potentials on the list are still there now. A mate has owned a RS3 from new (its now 2) - has been in countless times to Audi, one 10 week(!!!!!!) period for a misfire, and is onto its 5th set of front brakes due to squealing and juddering of the front discs. I couldn't and wouldn't put up with issues like this. Maybe I've had my opinions of the other manufactures cars clouded by this friends experience , in the same period my ISF has been to the dealers twice - once for a service, the other time for the airbag upgrade. I'm not the most tolerant when it comes to the incompetence of dealers and their shortcomings, so keeping away from them is only good for them as well as my blood pressure! I'm off to see the GSF over the weekend. The opinion of the OP and another poster on the thread is that it's been a positive experience moving to the GSF, has there been any downsides yet, any problems raised their ugly heads? My concerns are it's size and depreciation. Size wise the ISF is spot on. We very rarely as a family use the car, but if we do, its big enough, if a little tight. The GSF is a class up - it may too big. My wife has a company e-class estate that does the family/dog stuff, the question to myself is do I need another big car? I've been lucky with the last half a dozen or so cars I've had where depreciation hasn't happened or been very slow (except for a ruinous Merc estate). I realise that its part and parcel of owning a car - and as with all the GSFs up for sale its taken a huge hit to date - but as I'm tight I'd hope that the rate of decline in the value has slowed somewhat to make the depreciation more palatable. Against the GSF the first offer for the ISF is quite encouraging certainly in the right ballpark. Its unlikely that the GSF in 2 years time would achieve the same level of depreciation! So, that's where I am, anyone who has made the change to an GSF your opinions will be gratefully received, and I'll let you know how I get on at the weekend!!
  5. Don't know if the video has upload properly - here's a couple of screen shots
  6. Very happy with the results. Full detail with gtech? Serum. Paint was dull was badly swirled. Guy who did the job said the paint was also extremely hard and hence difficult and time consuming to polish - he was expecting the paint to be quite soft being a Japanese car. Pity the weathers not a bit better, don't know how I'm going to teleport it home in the morning to prevent getting it dirty! IMG_1838.MP4
  7. I had the recall work done on my car today - received the letter middle of last week. cant fault the work done. Car came back clean and hoovered, with the bonus of £25 of petrol in the tank! Result. well done lexus newcastle.
  8. Think I bought the wheels off @effordoff last year and use them for my winter wheels. i used 255 / 35 / 19 bridgestone blizzaks all round , can't check as I'm on my hols!( but the same as the std rear) probably a size too small for the 19x10 but had not rubbing issues at all. Didn't have to roll the arches. look great on the car
  9. Ok here's my go at this and you'll see a similar theme.... when I bought my porsche 993 c2 in 98 there was at the garage a 993 RS for 3.5k more and 964 RS for 10k less. They only had 2 seats and "we" needed space for the baby seat. The c2 it was. Both rs cars big money now £200k+ for the 993, £150k+ for the 964 move onto 2004, my brother bought a 924 carrera gt (to use as his daily, still has it now and being restored at porsche leeds) and the same garage had a 924 carrera gts. One of 59. Same guy had owned both, at the time the garage auto classica in knaresborough, were struggling to get shot of it and offered it to me for just over 20k. "We" were looking to extend our house, so the extension took priority. An extremely low mileage example from japan sold late last year for just under $500k....... Onto late 2008, the economic downturn, car prices took a hammering, started looking for another 911, but because of the market conditions my budget could stretch to a gt3/gt3 rs or a turbo / turbo s. Saw a lovely gt3 rs with blue wheels and decals, for the same money as the turbo s "we" bought - as "we" needed 4 seats for the kids. Think they were used twice in the 4 years I had the car. gt3 rs - now £170k+ Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  10. +1 for eurocarparts have replaced front and rears recently with brembo discs and pads. Dead easy to do even a cack handed oaf like me can manage the change. Check out the guides on youtube if you're unsure. cost was pretty good too, had to have the fronts ordered in - beat the 30% off discount code price........
  11. chevette HSR - if I remember correctly Vauxhall only did 7 road going cars..... with the 2.6 motor must have been unique!!
  12. Love the chevette, and the cavalier sri130. My dad had a black one as a company car in the mid eighties. at the time we thought is was like Concorde!!
  13. Ok here's my two pence worth Mini 1275 GT 74 Mini 1275 GT 80 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 80 Mini 1000 82 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 77 Rover 216 GTi 92 Citroen ZX Volcane 94 Citroen Zantia TD 95 Golf GTI 16v mk3 96 MGF 96 MGF VVC 96 another xantia Porsche 968 Sport 94 Porsche 993 C2 95 Porsche 993 C4S 97 Renault Laguna estate "the skip" 99 Morris Mini Cooper s 67 built the day before I was born Nissan Primera GT 00 Range rover vogue 3.9 manual Saab 9-3 turbo SE Porsche 996 C2 Cab 01 Peugeot 306 Gti6 01 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 RSII 02 Seat Alhambra 02 Golf R32 5dr mk 4 04 Volvo xc90 d5 03 - complete with telly's and play station for the kids Ford Focus mk1 1.6 04 Saab 9-3 cab auto 07 - possibly the worst car I've ever had Ford Galaxy zetec 07 Mondeo titanium x 07 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 76 - still have this 180hp flies! Peugeot 205 Gti 2.0 16v 87 Porsche 996 Turbo S 05 Porsche 968 Clubsport 93 Mazda mx5 1.8iS 04 Mercedes e350 estate 11 Volvo v60 d4 11 Nissan Leaf 14 BMW M5 e61 Touring 07 Honda S2000 09 - about to be supercharged Mercedes c350e estate hybrid 17 Lexus ISF 11
  14. I would wait a couple of weeks yet..... According to the Met Office - we have more chance of snow at easter than we do at Christmas. In the past couple of years I generally take the winters off during the first or second week of March. You can generally see the weather trend for a fortnight ahead - so at that time you can see through to the end of the month. Temperatures then generally will be high enough, and any cold spells wont last.....
  15. I changed front discs and pads last week, and noticed that there was quite a bit of fading / lacquer peel on the Calipers. Anybody had the same problem? Did you have the Calipers painted or powder coated? If they were painted were they on the car or off? Any advice on which is best and why? And finally any ideas where to get them done? I need to get them sorted as they're making my teeth itch!!!! cheers
  16. Dec/abs unit and abs sensors (unique to the touring) - £3500 front springs - £700 throttle actuators on both banks and coil packs - £2750 wirng on the tailgate (and disgnosis) and new battery - £1000 car was an 07 - bought in March 2014
  17. I ran an e61 m5 as a daily before my isf. Epic epic car. What you have to remember is that when new they were £65k+ and like any other 500hp performance car in that price bracket - bills are substantial. i bought mine with just under 35k on the clock and did 20k in 2 years. servicing costs were the same as the isf, a major around the £900 mark, brakes £750 an axle, fuel consumption 11-13 in town, no better than 24 on a run. its the extras as big rat says that could be a potential nightmare. Mine had £8500 of warranty claims in time I had it. The warranty was around £130 pcm, and allowed me to sleep at night! would I have another - yes, in a heartbeat, if I could find the right car, and the only with the full warranty. Don't get me wrong, my isf has been a revelation, and to some its appeal is not immediately apparent, but it is a great car, and hasn't spent a second longer than necessary off the road than recommended by Lexus, which is a big plus over the m5. However, there could be a replacement on the horizon, drove the new Alfa guila quatrofaglio today - wow. It's on another level. Even the OH was impressed. Performance wise I was very surprised - it was extremely quick, the OH thought is was on par if not quicker than my old 996 turbo s. havent decided 100% if I'll change but if I do - the Alfa will be the car pics below of the m5
  18. 1. And in this order.... Reliability, Rarity, Size 2. Sharp VCR clock, more grunt, more noise (switchable exhaust would be nice) 3. Alfa Guila cloverleaf (test driving one tomorrow......), GSF, M3
  19. It's mine! Bought it earlier this year and gets driven like it was designed too as much as possible. If it did have a tough early life - it doesn't show, cosmetically or mechanically!! It's Only done 30k miles, and has a impeccable FLSH. I'm very pleased so far with the isf - it is certainly a grower, bags and bags of character.
  20. As said in the other replies I'd try another dealer. I bought my car from an independent dealer earlier this year, contacted Lexus warranty to see if there was an used car warranty still active - there wasn't. So I went to the local dealer, Lexus Newcastle, with all the service history (it has a full lexus sh) etc - bought the warranty there and then no problem, couldn't have been more helpful to be honest. From what I've read though - I'm not expecting to use it, I only bought it for peace of mind, unlike the one on my previous M5........and much cheaper too!!
  21. Rubs a little - only on full lock and on the side where the rear of the wheel is nearest the inside of the wheel arch and is under load. Not enough to be a concern. Bought the wheels 2nd hand, the guy who had them before me ran 265 width tyres on his isf without rolling arches etc.
  22. Had mine fitted today - quite like them!! 19"x10J Linea corse 818, with 255/35 19 Bridgestone blizzaks on all wheels drives really well.
  23. I've ran winter tyres for about the last 10 winters or so - all on rear drive cars, the last one being an m5. When the temp drops, and if the white stuff doesn't arrive they still make a big difference. Grip, ride and braking feel is greatly improved over summer performance tyres. my last 2 cars, the m5 and an e350 merc ran michelin super sports and conti sport contacts respectively - great tyres for spirited driving in the spring and summer, but in the very limited experience I had in both in the snow were pathetic. Looking at the tread pattern the grooves in the tyre primarily run radially, great for shifting water, but offer no purchase in snow or slush. the winters on both were conti winter contacts - lots of tread blocks, radial and lateral tread, and little chines on each tread block that are supposed to grip the snow. Whatever they transformed each car - the merc I ran through the winter of 2011-12 travelling daily into the middle of Northumberland for work, and it never once felt as if the car was out of control. I used the tyres on the car for 3 winters, and they still have enough tread (5mm+)to be used again - probably did 18-20k miles on them changing back to summers in late march. So for me they are a absolute no brainer - I've already got my wheels 10 x19 linea corse lc818 rims and 265/30 Bridgestone blizzaks all round to go on. Should not only be able to handle anything the winter throws our way, but should look good too.