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  1. Hi Colin, Good to see you're still here :) Yeah apparently only the dealers can recalibrate it. Apparently it's common for this part to fail, it's around £700 though :/ Some have said its only a matter of time before it failed... Not sure if it's worth trying to source a second hand part?
  2. Hi guys, hope everyone's keeping well! I was driving the other day and the Check PCS light has permanently come on the dash. There are some old topics which point to the radar cruise control module, but I can't find any recent DIY or any other checks I can do on this before taking to a dealer. Can I clean anything on the module itself? Naturally the cruise control won't work either while this error is up. I tried to remove the negative on the battery to let it reset but doesn't seem to have cleared the system as the radio stations etc are still set. Any advice or help would be gratefully appreciated!
  3. The new 12 plate I have auto-locks after your drive the car, can this function be enabled on the 2007 models?
  4. My local Lexus dealer sent me out a voucher booklet and my minor service only cost me £159 They now also use Castrol Edge Professional oil which is really expensive to buy separately!
  5. As long as nothing related to them fails, you'll be fine. Also you can always just switch the bulbs back if you need to aswell.
  6. It was EPIC, especially as I was not even supposed to be driving it :) Andy Thanks for sharing Andy! Looks and sounds like you had a blast! Nice driving!
  7. We used to have meets down at the Grasshopper Inn. Massive car park out the front...
  8. I must have missed a previous thread on this, but what does this do over and above the standard adjustment, is it not sufficient?
  9. Being the top of the Topgear leader board got to his head
  10. Gents I appreciate everyone has their own thoughts/views on setting the satnav up on the move etc. But once one members has said the cons of it, lets just try and keep on topic, answer the question if we can and go from there. A separate thread can be created for driving no nos' and pet hates etc :winky: Back on topic: As knitware mentioned, a new disc maybe worth enquiring after.
  11. Definately cut it to make it flush, especially if your happy with the new exhaust note :)
  12. That is quite a find! Even with a retrim to match the leather it would be far cheaper than an OEM one. Well done than man B)
  13. There a new design with plastic covering the bulb at the back. It's stops the corrosion and misting as you mention.
  14. They can most probably arrange for a mobile repair to be done on the day whilst it's having the service done.
  15. What's the price tag of that alone, come on.. you know the price of it! :P
  16. You really want this car don't you, just pay the god damn £25k deposit and let her riiiip!
  17. I know a great independent Lexus Specialist in Sidcup called Tech-One who look after all the Lexus/Toyota cars in the family. You also get a Lexus stamp in the book aswell.
  18. Nice review mate! Will certainly have to get myself down to one of these next time. They were scared once they'd fired up the LFA you'd open your wallet and insist on a test drive!
  19. Yeah and the mileage will be six figures... but maintained well would be no sweat for it.
  20. And in terms of rarity, IS-F wins hands down. Go for it! B)
  21. thanks for that wendle. Im used to the poor boot space with the IS, so wont be an issue. Usually end up taking the wifes car, which is some MPV or another. Im in no desperate rush, as i said more than happy with my IS, so will take my time. Ill look out for yours when it on. Cheers The IS boot space is so much bigger than the 450h's, you can litterally just about fit a set of golf clubs in the bag. Dissappointing for a car of that size and the only reason why I won't be buying one.
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