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  1. Poly Bushing Is It Worth The Cost ?

    Priced up a full kit online came to over 500 notes worth it guys ?
  2. Making Her Breath Better

    Thanks buddy all the best.
  3. Making Her Breath Better

    Right cheers guys really appreciate it mite just stick with standard air filter and fit exhaust system on it. **** the power gains. sounds impossible without spending 2000+
  4. Making Her Breath Better

    Yer just better throttle response nicer sound I don't really want to charge the engine just abit more power. Any suggestions on tuning firms to go to ? Thanks
  5. Cheers Chris just picked a is200 up and wondering what I can do other than bolt a t-charger or s-charger on it to give it a few more ponys out of her + 20 or 30bhp would be really nice it just feels like she could handle more than she's got you no what I mean mate.
  6. Making Her Breath Better

    Looking at what 25bhp for both mods ?.. What else can I do to strain abit more out of her.? Any advice ?
  7. Making Her Breath Better

    Has anybody installed an induction kit or manifold back system ? What sort of power gains can you expect from it ?
  8. Remapping

    I'm new to the Lexus world and what I have read you can't remap the standard ecu but surly you can get aftermarket an replace all the ecu ? Any thoughts guys ? Or am I dreaming ?
  9. Alright fellers was thinking bout dropping a new motor in my is200 how big a job actually is it ?
  10. Alright fellas I have just bought a 05 is200 LE Where can I buy supercharger kits in the uk ? And would you consider buying a preowned kit ?. Really would appreciate any help cheers
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums Furby-lexusnewby :)

    If you need help posting a question on the forum then please check out our guide videos: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum-124/announcement-27-how-to-use-our-forums-video-guide/