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  1. Happy Birthday Nodstar!

  2. Nodstar

    Absolutely Gutted

    The licensing authority in Hyndburn have strict rules about the age of cars.. Older than four years and you can't plate it.. I've looked at the sportcross option but they're too expensive at the moment... I'm getting the vectra on Tuesday....
  3. Nodstar

    Luckiest Person Ever!

    Holy *#@! I've never seen one that bad ever! I wonder if the belt has been put on too tight and it's pulling down on the cog then forcing the belt off?? just a thought mate... Glad you found it..
  4. Nodstar

    Absolutely Gutted

    The summer period in taxi world starts now and ends in September.. It's our busiest time of the year apart from Christmas.. We have contracts with Robinsons coaches and the local Airtours.. It's possible that I could do upto 6 or 7 airports a day if the returns fall in with the outgoings.. At 40 quid a throw I don't think I can afford to be struggling... I've seen a new vectra 2.0 litre turbo diesel and the boot is HUGE.. it's got 12,500 miles on the clock and it's ten grand..53 plate... My contract that I do every day for the Local authority is worth 250 quid a week and in the summer holidays I do airports to make up the loss of 1,500.. I'm screwed up at the moment.. I really want to keep my IS but my business head has now took over from my I WANT IT head..
  5. Nodstar

    Absolutely Gutted

    Cheers Aido.. The roof rack was an option but I just can't see it :o Doesn't strike me as the best looking thing in the world... And yes the hybrid is definately an option but for my job it's gonna have to be a sportcross hybrid (I don't want too much).. The IS in 12 months will be a private car for Mrs B so I shouldn't have too much trouble gatting hold of one... Just got to convince Dawn that she doesn't want a new Mini
  6. Nodstar

    Where Would You Go?

    Mrs B and my good self are of to Lanzarote in eight years.. The kids will have done the college thing and hopefully both in the RAF. I'm gonna be a semi-retired barber and club singer and Dawns gonna do Nursey stuff!!! Sell house for as much as poss and buy a cruiser.. May have to pay someone to pilot us back to Blighty if we want come back on hols though.. Not too keen on the open sea
  7. Nodstar

    Where Would You Go?

    I've got access to an eight berth caravan in Haverigg.. About 15 miles from Lake Coniston mate... Get up there for most of the school holidays and it's MAGIC.. IF you fancy a weekend this summer we would be more than happy to accommodate you Ian.. Just let me know and we'll sort something out.. Nod
  8. Nodstar

    Absolutely Gutted

    I'm gonna have to sell my IS. The logistics of getting four passengers + luggage and other stuff to the airport was a nightmare today. Upto now this year I've not done many family's to the airport; mainly just business men and suchlikes.. But I lost out on Eighty Quid today and I just don't want to think about how much I'm gonna lose over the summer period.. I gave 11,400 in Jan for her And I've put 20,00 miles on since Currently got 72,000 on the clock She's a 2000 W reg so any body out there who's interested or got some idea about how much I should ask for her then please let me know.. I'm gonna miss her a lot but when Mrs B gets her quals next year I'll buy another... (I'LL BE BACK)!!!! :winky:
  9. Nodstar

    Do You Think Cars Effect Attraction

    Next time I ask you for a picture of your supercharger I expect you to be sprawled accross the wing Mr Shipley... The women that I've shown the pic to aren't interested... They just want the horny pics of the owner
  10. Nodstar

    Do You Think Cars Effect Attraction

    I also get offered money to drive girls around but then that also happened when I had my "BIRD NOT PULLER FIAT BRAVA" quite possibly something to with the taxi plate but OH MY.. There is a definate difference in the way people are with my Lex.. "Have you won the pools" "Posh aren't we?" erm NO!!! "What the :tsktsk: are you doing using this as a Taxi????" Again Erm... Earning a living... ( You get the idea..) It bugs me sometimes that people think I'm "posh" because I've got an IS.. I'm still me and yes it is nice to get paid for driving my dream car around but at the end of the day it's a CAR... (Which I luuuurve)
  11. Nodstar

    Actual Court Conversations

    :duh: ORAL :duh:
  12. Nodstar

    Next Generation Lexus Is

    Looks very nice but how do my passengers get in and out of the back??? :D
  13. Nodstar

    Ammended Northern Mini Meet

    Nods is confirmed Ken.. Bringing the whole family along with me as well.. Dear Mrs B and the "orrrible" kids will be tagging along for good measure.. Book us all down for ten pin Matey(the kids aren't too good but I've gotta give you all someone to beat haven't I?).. See you then,then
  14. Nodstar

    Rod Millen Is430

    Anyone on Sky that wants an extra hour in bed can watch it on Discovery Plus.. I know it means getting up at ten to five but it's better than ten to four surely...I'm no rocket scientist guys.. had already set my alarm but good old Mrs B reminded me of the Plus one hour discovery :winky:
  15. Nodstar

    Long Time No Speak To U All

    Welcome back Andy, Gayden was fun.. Just ask my lad when you see him.. I spent more time in the museum and on the off road track than meeting people.. (The joys of parenthood)... :D Are you going to the Humber Bridge meet on the second of May???? If you can make it I'll be going up with the family and any form of convoy will be better than a lonely drive with Mrs B telling me to slow down :winky: