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  1. Happy Birthday petejenkin!

  2. I used to get a few things from him with no problems at all.
  3. Well, Im now passing back through again, on the way back to where i came from in the first place before i passed through here on the way to where ive been..... Things are great thanks guys.....and yes I will be going to JAE, but only on the Sunday, so I will pop and see you all. Yes, ive been tinkering with the Zed, but not much...just a straight through true dual DC Sports Exhaust, HKS Racing Suction Kit, Plugs, Carbon Air Diversion Plate, Carbon Engine Cover, Greddy Informeter, Brembo Discs and DS2500 know, just the basics (thats where it starts ) Ive got myself a Skyline
  4. Hey strangers.... Just passing through, thought i would stop off in here and say Hi to a few folk who remember me...... HI Pete
  5. the quoted BHP figures were actually at the rear wheel. These figures were achieved using a downhill dynomometer with rear wind stabilisation, a HKS F-Con Pro V (mounted in the dash basket) and weetabix :D :D :D
  6. Ive been asked to post a pic of my motors, which one do you prefer? 12/2001 Lexus IS200 Supercharged. Rear Wheel Drive, about 250 odd BHP, nice car...I miss it cos its now nearly standard...... 11/2003 Nissan 350Z GT. Rear Wheel Drive, about 300BHP, V6 3.5 litre Beast.....I Love it ! - Drifts Easy ! 06/1969 Opel GT - Restoration Project - gonna be a sweet ride by end of summer, Rear Wheel Drive, 180 BHP in NA mode with basic carb setup (Weber 48 side draught/blueprint engine, loads done so far....) My First Runabout. 1970 Rear Wheel Drive, 0.00152 BHP, cornered and handled very
  7. I will be there as usual, but with the 350z Owners Club. Im sure I will find some time to come over and say hello and annoy you all at some point in the proceedings. Save me a sausage on the barbie please.
  8. Hey Jim, sorry mate, I was called to Coryton for a few days.......will sort it for Monday !
  9. There are still a few items left, the list at the top of this thread has been updated....some prices reduced
  10. Not Normal !!! My Nanna's Bingo Wings were bigger !!! :D :D :D
  11. Front and Rear Bumpers have gotta go too. Ideally I could do with a pair in exchange which should really be in the same colour. I would sell them for 150 quid exchange for the pair. The side skirts could be a little bit problematic as the body shop bonded them on with something unbelievably strong, so im trying to work out a way to get them off without damaging them. If I can get these off, i would just chuck em in with the bumpers.
  12. Heres something else I forgot about. 1 pair IS200 Smoked Rear Lights, proper Toyota parts, not council ones :D . £120.00 including postage and they are Immaculate. heres a pic
  13. Ive got loads of spare stuff if you need anything. Everythings gotta go. I have a full engine in pieces if you still need the valves etc.
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