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  1. You do indeed. I purchased these exact parts from you a week or two ago. Not managed to get them fitted but have arrived safe and sound.
  2. Yes I wonder if that is really the case as well but the machine don’t lie (allegedly). I’ll buy new kit but I know Stuart will check things out before replacing.
  3. Hi guys, FYI I replaced my front and rear discs and pads in July 2017 with Mintex discs and pads (used them before and have been happy) but less than 10000 miles later am having to replace them again as these ones are warped. MOT tester has confirmed after putting it on his brake tester. I actually believe these have been warped for a long while but I have also been dealing with a knock on the front suspension which has taken an age because I basically replaced every bush and balljoint there is over the last 6 months of so. I have contacted Mintex to advise them as either they have a quality issue or the supplier I dealt with is supplying knock offs. As they are two years old I am not expecting them to do anything but it is disappointing none the less. I know the calipers are and have been working as expected so not sure what else might have caused the issue. I am now looking for replacements. Suggestions (based on established experience please). Can you still get OEM?
  4. Was a mate that fitted them. I’ll get them off and give them a good clean and see if it helps.
  5. Well service wasn't returned to normal. Ended up having to replace every bloody bush on the front end to stop the knock. I now have to deal with vibratration from the discs. I put Mintex Brake discs on the front a while ago and expected them to be fine as I have used them many times in the past on various cars and always found them to be solid performers. Is the issue likely coming from sticking calipers or warped disc? Anybody tried the EBC performance discs?
  6. Well here’s the breakdown droplinks - slight movement in both enough to be a problem upper control arms. - 1 ball joint shagged and all bushes knackered. New stuff on and service has returned to normal.
  7. Thanks Malcolm. Unfortunately didn't see the previous. I had replaced the uppers about 50k miles ago and they may very well have failed. I'll put these Blueprint ones on and when they go next time get the Amayama ones. Not even sure the ones on their have failed. As I said I've had two different garages try and find the failed part and neither could find movement in any of the joints.
  8. I've purchased Blueprint upper arms and drop links. They are being fitted tomorrow so will update you. I'll get the garage to keep the old ones and see if they can spot anything else with the suspension apart.
  9. Hi guys. Got a Mk3 95 LS400 - I have had a slight irritation for a while now. When I brake I get a knock from the front end. I replaced the discs and pads with Mintex stuff and it was fine for a while. I have also had the upper wish bones and the lower suspension arm ball joints (July last year). I did have a knock when I wasn't braking as well but this turned out to be a couple of bolts that needed tweaked by 3/4 a turn. So now I only get knocking when braking. I don't think the discs are warped. That feels different (more of a pulse through the pedal). I've had 2 different places check the suspension and they can't spot any movement or issues. Anyone else experienced this? Ideas. The car is a joy all other times.
  10. 5 litre. Had a drive of it whilst down there. The Lexus felt lighter and more planted.
  11. My 95 LS400 goes up against the Merc W140 S Class in the September Issue of Modern Classics Magazine - Guess which one wins 🙂
  12. Yes. I only had a few caps to replace and if I remember correctly I was quoted £80 or more but it was an easy job and took them less than an hour and the caps were pennies. I just checked and looks like I didn't record the cost in my log (I keep a log - yeah I'm a geek) so I can't tell you exactly how much it was but it wasn't expensive.
  13. Chaps, Trying to buy a leather colour kit to fix a mark on the centre console however Lexus cannot tell me what the colour is. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the colour of leather is? I am guessing I am not the only one who has ventured down this path.
  14. They will source what’s needed. I thought I had the erratic rpm’s but turns out I just had the air conditioner on. The car is so quiet that I would pull up at the traffic lights with the air conditioner on and the clutch would engage and rpms go up then would disengage and rpms go down. You wouldn’t normally notice it on a less refined car but the LS is so silent you do.