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  1. I got roof bars which fit on the roof without rails. Does the job pretty well.
  2. The same issue on my 12 plate RX. I have mentioned to a dealer and they were going to investigate. But before i got there i put child seat in and it stopped. Can live with it because it does not exist as long as there is a load on that seat. Might investigate this 'plastic handle and a cord thing' once the child seat is out and i still want to keep the car. Thanks @Mark Triathlete
  3. I was in the same shoes a year ago. My main criteria were light interior and radar cruise control. After some search bought 12 plate rx450h Premier with only 27k miles on a clock. Bought it privately for 21.5k with 8 months of extended warranty. Now extended it for another 2 years. Ride is a bit choppy sometimes but economy and the reliability is really good. Buy it - you will not regret it. Get extended warranty and you're sorted.
  4. gidrazas

    Hybriid System Mulfunction

    You should send it. You might get your money back. Not sure where are you in London but I've used Guildford and Tunbridge Wells branch and they were good. Especially Guildford. I've got techstream myself so I do not need to pay money for "diagnostic". Sent from my R7plusf using Tapatalk
  5. gidrazas

    Hybriid System Mulfunction

    Well done sorting it all out. I had bad experience with Sidcup branch a while ago. I would love to know if they're still at it. Sent from my R7plusf using Tapatalk
  6. I'm still thinking about GSF to be honest... Just need to justify it. Just had another child so once the prams are out of the way I can see my family in it. Sales person was a little surprised when I said to him that it's going to be a family car and mostly driven by my wife doing school runs :-) And I agree: they should be more proactive from sales point of view. All they need to do is have a casual chat when you're dropping the car for a service. And you never know...[emoji12]
  7. I thought about it but the CT they gave me wasn't even close to my GS. I was glad to be back into my barge:) If they've given RX that would've been different :-)
  8. Hello all, I've used Sidcup for a recall work on my former gs300. Because I live in Brighton I had it all arranged and dropped the car off in the morning. They gave me courtesy car and off I drove home. The same afternoon I got call that the replacement part is faulty! So they advised me to pick the car up and wait until they get the part. Given that I had to travel from Brighton in a first place i wasn't happy. So I booked the work to be done at Tunbridge wells garage. Tunbridge wells Lexus were good. Job done in time and no issues. They've done checks too with few advisories. The only issue was- it's really awkward to get there from where I live. Next I have spotted new shape gs450h at Sidcup branch. Done the test drive and were prepared to buy it on the spot but they were not flexible enough on a price. Couple weeks later they offered it to me for even less money then I have offered. But at that point I've had my mind set on Rx450h. So wasn't sure about their competence in both servicing and sales. Got my RX privately which needed servicing no so long after. Called around and Guildford Lexus was the cheapest. Dropped the car off. And got into GSF for a test drive. What a car! After the test drive went for a bit off negotiation but could not get it to the price I was comfortable. So got into courtesy car and went shopping in Guildford :-) Around lunch time got call that it's all done. The whole experience was flawless. I see myself going back for service, etc. Of all three the Sidcup Lexus was the worst and the Guildford Lexus was the best in my experience. Sent from my R7plusf using Tapatalk
  9. Hello all, Had to get into RX450h as family increase requires more space for pram and GS300 was not spacious enough. Loved the GS, not sure about RX. Still, does its job. Whilst at dealer servicing RX had a chance to test drive GSF. WHAT A CAR! As soon as pram goes so will RX and GSF will arrive. RX spec wise is Premier with radar cruise control and air suspension. Ride is a bit choppy, performance is good, quite economical, and has decent boot space, 27k miles. Perl white with a light brown(tan, beige?) interior. Good car overall. Hope there will be no issues, as, in my books, it is a new car.
  10. Apologies, my previous post was meant to Gareth1902. You bought the car i looked at :) Glad you enjoy the car. It's a lot of a car for the money. It just did not feel right to me.
  11. tonyricha, have you test driven it before buying? I was in a market for Premier GS450h too. When i have tested it 2/3 weeks ago radio was not working and it had some cables behind the rear view mirror (dash cam?). And it felt like it had more miles than it had on a clock for some reason. Initial sale price was 19.7k. When i walked in to test drive it they said it is 19k. All that in mind i have tried to negotiate the price but they wont budge. My final offer was 17.750. Then they took deposit from someone else but sale fell through when buyer saw it. And they have dropped the price even more to 17.7K I hope you have negotiated a bit more off. Given all of the above - i did not want to buy even at reduced price. I might be too paranoid but never know... Hope you've got a good one. They are lovely cars. I've got myself 2012 RX 450h and already missing my GS300.
  12. Hello all, I have 2005 GS300 MK3 with 128000 miles. Since i've bought it there was some sort of 'looseness' when shifting from P to D or D to R or vice versa. After reading about oilchange in a transmission and rear diff i've decided to do it. Popped into garage and asked them to check transmission fluid if it's any good. They have looked under the bonnet and after not finding dipstick concluded that it's a reeled unit and can not be done. So i have decided to just do it my self. Changed the diff oil yesterday as it arrived first. What a difference - all the noises from the rear and the 'looseness' is gone! Car feels much tighter. Article i've read to do it: I had ramps but no axle stands so ended up lowering the car, taking the rear right wheel off and topping up as needed. In summary this is what i needed: 2x Red Line 75W90 Gear Oil 946ml Fully synthetic - done a research and it is supposed to be good. - £38.00 DELUXE SIPHON PUMP FLUID EXTRACTOR - a must. Saved me loads of time and made job not messy at all. - £7.00 10mm Allen Key - Part of set - £4.00 Car jack - had one Ramps - £5.00 - boot sale Paper towels, empty bottle for old oil, oil drain pan, funnel, piece of cardboard to put underneath when working. All in all - job worth doing. Word of caution - try to undo filling plug first. As you might get stuck if you drain the fluid and can't fill it up. As you can see it is not a difficult job and it took me around 90 minutes to do. Most of the time spent jacking up the car and lowering it as i had to put rear wheels on a ramps. If you have access to the garage – a lot easier. Hope it helps, Giedrius
  13. In my books it will be a perfect excuse to buy some nice tools... Unless time is an issue, that is. Maybe pipe would be a garage job. All the others - should fairly easy. Giedrius
  14. Hi, had the same problem. used big washers. unscrewed the old retainers using pliers. they are made of aluminium. fiddly job - had jack up the car on a side i'm working on and unhook the exhaust at the very back under bumper. couple months ago i've done it. seems to be fine. both sides fallen off on mine - so check. regards, Giedrius
  15. Hi, currently have GS300 but starting to look around for somethin' more spacious - so to say. Spotted this one on a bay: From NI so a bit of a gamble i guess? Was looking at GS450H from NI when buying my current GS300. Was a good value for money too. Anyone has any experience, any advice on the subject what to look at? Thanks in advance. G