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  1. I also used a long length of electrical cable to push through the pipe... ( Not plugged in of course! )
  2. Other milk cartons also do it now. I generally need a bath and the kitchen needs a deep-clean, after doing-battle with one of these... Milk; mug: milk second, tea cup: milk first. Though I generally let my butler decide.
  3. "Lowering springs from RS-R who enters them in Germany?" "Who lowered their ES 300h?" ( I think ... used Google Translate. )
  4. I'd be asking the main dealer... maybe something has been knocked out of where it should be?
  5. Has a good MOT history... But the warning lights would worry me...
  6. Sad. I try... to 'do' due diligence but it's hard... A pox on them!
  7. All Seasons... ( Lots of threads here on such tyres ... )
  8. FreeCycle: ( Giving away things no longer needed to others. ) People who say that would like the thing you are offering... you wait in... they don't turn up. Just rude.
  9. PCM

    Nav Update

    My trusty, cheap Garmin got me from Herts to Mayfair in London yesterday. Perfectly. I wouldn't trust my Lexus satnav for two reasons: 1. It always wants to take me some illogical way. 2. It's stopped working - dead.
  10. PCM

    RX300/350 WANTED

    Perhaps they are getting rare now... There was one for sale on here I recall.
  11. Thank you. A great update. It sounds like quite a job. I hope it all goes well.
  12. Hmmm. I've bought from Camskill many times. Always been excellent... Hopefully others here will have some words of wisdom.
  13. I refilled my RX with E10 for the first time. MPG is usually about 23-24. Which is good for an old RX. With the E10 it jumped to 27mpg. Then, 26. Then, 25. Then... Time will tell!
  14. ... and not switched off with the tiny button, low down in the driver foot well?
  15. ... TV advertisements that have Ts&Cs that are too small to read, and that try to tell me what to think, what to do and what not to do - social engineering? ☹️
  16. Looks very nice! Enjoy. Nothing wrong with a mid-life crisis.
  17. Drivers and cyclists... who don't indicate! Especially when they are turning left at a roundabout...
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