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  1. tayaste

    This happened!!

    Yes, what you can’t see though is where a friend of mine who also does paintless dent removal, had a go first with his glue puller and removed about 50p coin size worth of paint. I never took a photo of that bit. Wheels are a set of aftermarket 16’s with winter tyres on. I stick em on for the cold. Also have a set of 18’s with winter tyres for our white IS. They make a hell of a difference in the cold stuff. Here’s the blue one on its winters. And the white one on its winters.
  2. tayaste

    This happened!!

    I’ve just found the bill. It was £210 inc vat and courtesy car was also included.
  3. tayaste

    This happened!!

    Came back to a small dent on our azure blue, photo doesn’t look as bad as it was, needed pulling, filling and repainting. Dropped it off at lexus for them to give to give to their local smart repair co. They did a great job of matching the paint.
  4. I think I’d rather they Relay my keys from outside, rather than break down my door in the middle of the night and demand them from me.
  5. tayaste

    Best polish?

    Or a Land Rover discovery
  6. tayaste

    Car Polishers

    Well done. Looks like you've done a great job, especially considering you haven't used a machine
  7. I quite regularly seem to be underneath my Land Rover, fixing something because it's broke again.
  8. tayaste

    Cruise control and slowing down

    You can try this by setting CC at say 30mph and hitting cancel. Accelerate to 60 and allow the car to slow under no throttle, hit the 'resume' CC switch to re-enable cruise at 30. You will feel the car decelerating more rapidly.
  9. tayaste

    Cruise control and slowing down

    CC actually uses the hybrid regen system to assist in slowing the car down to the desired speed.
  10. tayaste

    1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Very nice... happy driving
  11. tayaste


    NX and IS have different pistons, camshafts and a different cylinder head to support direct and port injection. Other than that it is the same engine which is a 2AR
  12. tayaste

    meguairs polish

    I regularly use meguiars correction compound with meguiars finishing wax. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/meguiars-da-microfiber-correction-compound/prod_962.html I use it with the meguiars microfiber pads. Depending on what you're trying to achieve it works well. I like the Meg's stuff.
  13. The ct200h is basically the same drive train as the Prius. Not the 300h. But, great advice and good write up how to improve mpg.