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  1. Yep, go for panoramic roof. I also think the heads up display is a great feature.
  2. I’ve never managed to get those things to cooperate either.
  3. This can be activated. I have it on mine. Dealer can do it for you or you can get it done with the appropriate diagnostic tool.
  4. My 2019 RX f-sport has averaged 31mpg real mpg, but that’s early figures as it doesn’t get used very often. In fact it’s only had 1 decent long run but even that was with a lot of stop start traffic. I’ve still not put 1000 mile on the clock yet. Time will tell, but, I’ll be happy if it remains at/or above the 31 I’m getting at the moment.
  5. A friend of mine was showing me his faraday pouch a few month back. It just so happens it was the same brand as the one you’re advertising. I’m sure he told me he paid £25 for his, so very good price. 👍
  6. Brilliant, great part of the uk. The scenery is awesome. We did it last year in a load of land rovers and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It looks like you had a fair bit of snow at the top too.
  7. Changing to 18 inch wheels will massively soften the ride, but, whilst it’s under warranty you may as well take it in to get it sorted.
  8. Yes, I've done it. It is tight. Flexible head ratchet spanner and ideally an m8 star stud socket.
  9. I posted the instructions above, a flexible head ratchet spanner is needed to remove the two m8 exhaust nuts. They're the nuts that you need to loosen blind.
  10. Yes, what you can’t see though is where a friend of mine who also does paintless dent removal, had a go first with his glue puller and removed about 50p coin size worth of paint. I never took a photo of that bit. Wheels are a set of aftermarket 16’s with winter tyres on. I stick em on for the cold. Also have a set of 18’s with winter tyres for our white IS. They make a hell of a difference in the cold stuff. Here’s the blue one on its winters. And the white one on its winters.
  11. I’ve just found the bill. It was £210 inc vat and courtesy car was also included.
  12. Came back to a small dent on our azure blue, photo doesn’t look as bad as it was, needed pulling, filling and repainting. Dropped it off at lexus for them to give to give to their local smart repair co. They did a great job of matching the paint.
  13. I think I’d rather they Relay my keys from outside, rather than break down my door in the middle of the night and demand them from me.