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  1. Silicone Hoses

    Hi guys, Sorry to open an old post (if it needs moving I will) I'm after some purple silicone hoses can anyone point me in the right direction samco don't do them in purple in UK and don't do 1gfe coolant hoses Abroad. Or maby there is another Lexus engine that has same / very similar routi ng. Thanks in advance
  2. Is200 Coolant Fans Wont Start

    Thanks mate used one of the wife's hair grips rubbed down, jumped wires fans kicked in. New switch ordered along with a new radiator and water pump as leaking from these areas is present.
  3. Hi I would like to introduce myself I'm Chris I have an 04 plate is200 which has ran great for about 5 years until recently my cooling fans stopped working causing my engine to overheat. I ha've tried several different things to get fans to kick in so hopeful someone with Lexus experience can highlight what is probably a simple issue. My fans kick in when ac is switched on so I know the fan motors run. I then used then disconnected the fan switch and nothing (I'm under the impression this is supposed to start them up) so since I knew the ac circuit was operating correctly I used that to check the other fan relays 1 & 2 which both worked fine I ly one I couldn't test this way was a brown one And now I'm stuck any help ideas hints even if it starts with what an idiot you never checked...... Lol thanks in advance
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