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  1. Really sorry to hear about the mate!!! :tsktsk: This country is getting worse! At least the insurance paid out ok.
  2. Bu**er!!!! Thats just round the north circ!!!
  3. Take one Bmw 116i, A lexus IS200 and a tube of superglue..........
  4. immx


    i've been known to make an appearance at southend / baisldon now and again :ban-em:
  5. All Done! Every year around here the Police do random road side checks, pulling over every other car and I always get pulled in at least once during xmas. It's The only time I don't mind in the slightest!!!!! :D
  6. I've fitted this in my car whit the converter I tried to start a GB on. The only thing is that you do have to get a bit friendly with the wiring loom and a soldering iron!
  7. Make it RWD Mk2 escort and have some FUN!!! :P
  8. Funny that! Mines gone too. I wonder why the TRC one goes more often than the others??????
  9. OI!!!!!! LOC's resident estate agent!!!! :D
  10. Is that fitted or just the part? ← Thats fitted. Parts are about £185. But the last clutch I fitted was on a MK2 escort and I'd bet that the Lexus will be a tad hader than that!!!!
  11. Just had a quote from woodford................ £450 inc discount!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all! My clutch in my '99 IS200 sport is starting to slip and I was wondering what are my options? What are the prices like on an uprated cluth as opposed to OEM? Money as ever is tight so I'm looking for the cheapest option really! Thanks Ian
  13. Right lets see if I can remember... In the order I had them Mk 3 Ford Escort 1.3 W plate MK 2 Ford Escort 1.3 Auto V Plate ( I've still got this one in a lock up, Now with a tuned pinto & manual box) Great fun :D Mk 2 Fiesta 1.1 A plate Mini A plate Mk 1 Orion 1.6 ghia C plate Mk3 Capri 1.6LS Sierra Sapphire 2000E G plate (FULL Leather hmmm B) ) MK 6 Escort 1.8si Cabro (I loved that car! tarts car I know! ) Lexus IS200 Sport 1999 :D :D :D
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