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  1. My experience is the same as @darrude if I'm coasting down a hill below 45 the engine starts when the battery tops out. I wonder if it's to provide engine braking in lieu of the regen?
  2. I've only managed a few times in my CT on long downhill runs and its the same - the engine starts, but how does this help?
  3. That's what I was hoping, I find the ride on the CT a bit fidgety on anything that's not perfectly smooth. I had a IS F Sport as a loaner last year, and found the ride fine, but it was only a couple of hours to work and back, so difficult to judge overall, and as I probably wont buy from a dealer I'd feel a bit cheeky trying for a longer test drive Mrs B hated a Volvo V60 R-Design I had as the ride was to firm, but to be fair it was awful - I used to change my route to avoid certain roads as it was so bad, so she is quite sensitive to me looking at anything that looks sporty!
  4. I'm looking to change my CT for an IS - I really should have just bought the IS first, but they were a bit out of budget at the time. I love the look of the F Sport and that would be my first choice, and I appreciate that this is really personal and subjective, but how different will the ride quality be? CT ride is pretty poor IMO, but I'm only running 16" wheels so that helps, but would an F Sport IS be noticeably worse?
  5. You can just renew the breakdown cover - they will write to you as it runs out. £125 a year. When I looked around I found it very competitive if you look for like for like cover
  6. The terms state "all brake components excluding brake pads:" I imagine the number of Lexus's that are still under warranty and main dealer serviced but have knackered discs resulting in an MOT fail are few and far between so the chances of invoking it are pretty small though I agree
  7. I think there might be some coverage in the MOT cover part if that helps Section 5.7 https://d3rvezpmgp265q.cloudfront.net/lexusone/lexgbenv11/Lexus-Extended-Warranty-Terms-and-Conditions_tcm-3157-1184113.pdf
  8. Registered in Feb 13 - it was just 2 years old when I bought it as a used approved so I doubt it was fitted as an aftermarket mod
  9. My 2013 Luxury has the auto dimming rear view mirror. I've also got Premium Nav so you get upgraded 10 speaker stereo, and DAB, but not ML Mileage wise I wouldn't worry, I'm on 144K nw with nothing other than servicing
  10. I bought my CT at 26 months old with 100K on it - I'm now on 141K and its cost nothing other than servicing and a set of tyres.
  11. As your is a 2013 I assume its the Lexus extended warranty so taking it somewhere else will invalidate this. Its an extended warranty, not the original manufacturers warranty so they stipulate it must be carried out by their technicians / dealers, but having said that,if you are 2K overdue I think its already invalidated as its 1K leeway from memory My 2013 is now due its 140K service but its going to my local indy for about £180 - the extended warranty is out in April. and I'll chance it with the hybrid warranty
  12. Not in line with the data on Fuelly http://www.fuelly.com/car/lexus/is200t/2016
  13. If you had an intermediate last time it will be due a full now. The servicing is based on time / distance, whichever is first, but full always follows intermediate
  14. Yep, mine does it to - first time I noticed was when I stopped and opened the bonnet to top up the screen wash - made me jump out of my skin. I assume its the servo releasing brake pressure?????