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  1. Thanks John Isn't the switch built into the door latch? The interior lights should come on when a door is opened, but mine don't (most of the time) and neither does the door open warning on the dashboard
  2. Bit of an update... The door open warning and interior lights have worked intermittently from the drivers door, and I've managed to reprogramme they key :-D The door open and interior lights still dont work most of the time from the drivers door, and have never worked from the other doors. While I can live with this, there is a risk of the car locking itself, so I'd like to get it sorted. Is my problem most likely to be with the door switches or a body control module? Cheers
  3. Hi all I've just got myself a 1998 GS300. I bought a spare key and have been able to program it so it starts the engine, but haven't been able to get the car into reprogramming mode for the remote fob. I think this is beacause the car isn't recognising when the doors are open. The door open warning light on the dash comes on when the boot is opened, but not when any door is opened, which means the dome and puddle lights dont come on either. Ive seen other posts where the door open warning hasn't worked for one door, but mine isn't working for any door. Can anyone point me in the right direction!? thanks
  4. Thanks John The roads around here are awful! My winter tyres were much quieter though, and they were a budget brand! The only real diffenrece I can see is that the winter tyres were 94 and the summer tyres are 97 extra load. Rich
  5. I've seen a couple of old posts saying Michelin primacy are quiet, anyone got them fitted at the moment?
  6. Hi everyone This is my first post here. I'll get around to some proper intorductions when i've taken some photos of my new 1999 GS300, but I'm planning a long trip with it soon and need some quick advice! The car was fitted with winter tyres when I bought it a couple of months ago, and was the definition of 'whisper quiet'. I've now put the 4 summer tyres (also came with the car) back on the standard 17in wheels and is feels like i'm driving inside a drum now! I've had a quick look around the interweb, but most views on what replacement tyres to go for seems a few years old now, so I wondered what tyres you have on your car if you think they're very quiet? Thanks Rich
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums überRich :)

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